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Pre-Order your CyclovaXC Team Warm-Up Pants!

Hello Folks!

The other day I mentioned that now's the time to place your order for the CyclovaXC ski suit!  Check here for details.  Well, we have another special team offer for you, a pair of CyclovaXC team warm-up pants!

These are a great pair of pants with a full-length zip.  An item like this is pretty much a vital piece of equipment for doing any kind of ski race since it allows you to stay warm right up until the start of the race before stripping down to your ski suit.  Anyone who has ever tried to get a pair of warm-up pants over a pair of ski boots will recognize the advantage of a full-length zipper.

These pants are also great for going on casual skis or for cold days.  I end up using mine quite a bit in the summer on things like camping trips because they're comfortable and convenient.

The pants will look exactly like those above, but we're also going to have a CyclovaXC decal on the leg (yet to be designed).  For Pre-Order only I can get these at the fantastic price of $100!  Do not miss this special offer, these pants are tremendous!

There is currently a size kit of these pants at the shop, so stop by and get your size, then send me a pre-order email at  Again, the deadline is October 12th since I need to get this order in.  You can pay upon receipt of the item.

See you at the shop!

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