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Custom Cyclova XC Logo Wear IN STOCK! (Ski Hats & Fleect Tops)

You've asked for it!  Just in time for the Holiday season, there is a wide variety of customized Cyclova XC logo wear (Ski Hats & Fleece Tops - in addition to ski suits, etc) now in stock at Cyclova XC - with more to come soon!

We are constantly getting requests for more ski gear with Cyclova XC logos on them - so we recently brought a big batch of product down to our embroidery shop to have customized - 5,487 stitches worth to be exact - and it turned out great!

Just in are a wide variety of Toko ski hat styles & colors with the Cyclova XC shield logo on the forehead area.  We have about 30 of these, but they're already going fast.

Additionally, we got our hands on some really sweet Yoko Fleece Tops.  These are perfect as a casual every day piece, but also work superbly for a mid layer on a cold ski.  These Yoko tops feature the Cyclova XC shield logo on the front crest & on the upper back (see below photo).  These tops are available in both mens and ladies specific sizing.  

All of this just in time for the Holiday Season!
Also just in:  Amazingly cozy, stylish, & sporty Yoko fleece tops, with the Cyclova XC shield on the front crest and back - mens & ladies specific!  Come get yours while the getting is good!

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