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It's Time to Plan for the Sisu Marathon

Hey Folks!

The fee for the Sisu Ski fest is set to rise on November 30th, and there's nothing like signing up for an early season ski marathon to get you dialed in for ski training!  To register click here!

We had a blast up at Sisu last year, you can check out the write-up here!

A couple people have be asking me about pooling together for a place to stay and/or carpooling up there. Honestly, the drive to and from the race is the best part of the ski season! On the way up you're bursting with excitement and energy, and on the way back you're exhausted, relieved, and content with your effort (even if you weren't as fast as you'd hoped--which is happening more and more often for me).

I know that some of you are doing your first Birkie this year, and Sisu is your first chance to improve your wave placement. Believe me when I tell you that it's worth it to do a qualifying race, pay the fee, and move up a wave--even if it's only one wave.

If you're on the team and you're planning on heading up there, send an email to me at bj at, and I'll set up an email list for some internal communication (I'd prefer not to publish the emails of people who've already said they're committed to going just to help cut down on spam).  I've heard from Dallas, Micah, Ben I and Ben II so far, and it'd be nice to have a full contingent of CyclovaXC skiers up there!  So sign up for the race and get in touch with me (I'm glad Ben sent me an email about this so we can hopefully avoid staying at the same horrible hotel as last year--I took pictures and decided I couldn't publish them because they were too nasty, we can avoid that by planning ahead).

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