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The CyclovaXC Ski Suit Re-Order is IN!

Hey Everybody!

Great news! We just received the shipment from Mt. Borah containing our CyclovaXC ski suit re-order!  For those of you who are psyched to be pulling on the CyclovaXC colors this race season, your wait is over!

We don't order too many extra ski suits, but I believe there is a small and a large at the shop that are not yet spoken for. Otherwise, if you're interested in getting one of our suits just let me know and I'll put you down for the next order. The price is $165 but it's worth it because the suit is beautiful and the fabric is the best you can get (they're warmer than you'd imagine is possible).

We'll be looking forward to see those of you who pre-ordered at the shop, and we'll also be looking forward to seeing the whole team out on the snow very soon!

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