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A Good Flick for Cyclists: Premium Rush

Have any of you heard about this film? Probably not because movies about bicycle couriers in New York tend to fly under the radar only to magically appear in Redbox. cyclists you pretty much have to watch EVERY movie ever made about cycling, just because we're the market, and if we don't watch movies like this, they aren't going to keep making them.

Besides, how many times can you watch Breaking Away or American Flyers or the terrible Quicksilver (with Kevin Bacon no less...I remember it being terrible, but maybe it's secretly awesome).

For my money, Breaking Away remains the best cycling film, but Premium Rush is actually pretty fun. However, I don't want any CyclovaXC people to go out and attempt any of the tricks this guy pulls on his steel frame, fixed wheel which he likes to ride the wrong way through traffic without any breaks (he keeps saying something like "brakes mean death"...which is the type of thing I used to say when I was 19 too, but I've hit a lot of walls since then and the one remaining brain cell I have left is now more inclined to say something like "going slow means I can survive long enough to drink a beer later").

I would like some of you younger guys on our club to watch this film and tell me whether or not the tricks this guy does are even possible.  But don't get me wrong, this isn't a "trick biker" film, there's a plot and a corrupt cop and a love triangle and everything a modern movie needs. The bicycle trick stuff is just thrown in there to show what a reckless and talented dude Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is. I especially like how he comes to a halt just by throwing his fixed gear into a sideways skid.  Again I ask, is that even feasible on a paved road at like 25 mph?

There's plenty of "steel fixed gear" versus "18 speed carbon fiber" nonsense, which even includes a mini "race" where one character cackles at the other one because he actually has gears (yeah...that sequence is kind of lame as they zoom in dramatically to show the guy shifting...LOOK, I think if you've rented this film you know about shifting gears on a bicycle and how that helps you going up or down hill). They also blow by a bunch of fat old guys in fancy uniforms which made me think of myself of course...but even that didn't totally destroy my enjoyment of the film.

As an added bonus, Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks a whole lot like a guy on CyclovaXC, but I'm not telling you who (should that be 'whom,' there's only like four modern usages for 'whom' and I think it's optional).

Oh...and not to be left out, there's even a pretty rockin' scene when JG-L (that's "cool" for Joseph Gordon-Levitt--you know him from the last Batman movie and from Inception by the way) gets on a Mt. Bike that he steals from the police impound lot and bounces up a couple of walls, over a couple corrupt police detectives, and out of a building.

Look, it's not the greatest movie ever made, but for a dollar one night it's fun, especially for those of you who don't like to ski yet and are craving a bike fix.

But seriously folks...don't fall into the Quicksilver trap (and this is from a guy who actually RECOMMENDED American Flyers..."Enough of this Sunday stroll...Let's HURT a little bit" the way, the bad guy in that looks like Tommy K!).

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