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Cyclova XC Winter Opener Event - December 15, 2012

Join us on December 15 for a celebration of Winter!  Events to include presentations on Winter Cycling Adventures & Technology, Snow Bike riding, and a hike (or xc ski / snowshoe - conditions permitting) into the new St. Croix Falls XC Ski Trails in the Wert Nature Preserve.  Photo Credit:  David Gabrys of Cycleture.com.

Winter holds a special place in our hearts, and is our favorite time of year - and so you're invited to join us in celebrating the coming of Winter at Cyclova XC on Saturday, December 15!  RSVP and keep up to date on the event EVENT FACEBOOK PAGE.

Join us for the afternoon / evening on Saturday, December 15 to celebrate the splendor of winter - and some of the greatest ways to get out and enjoy the season!  We have a spectacular line-up of events for the evening including Salsa Fat Bike Demos, guided tours of the Woolly MTB Trails, Winter Cycling adventure presentations, Winter cycling tech presentations by 45NRTH, and a spectacular night time hike to the little known ruins of the original St. Croix River Valley Ski Lodge - in the Wert Nature Preserve (right next to St. Croix Falls' new ski trails).

Following is the full schedule for the afternoon:
2PM - 5PM:  Snow / Fat bike DEMO & RideJohn Gaddo of Salsa Cycles will be at Cyclova XC with a demo fleet of 2013 Salsa Mukluk (and perhaps Beargrease) fat bikes which will be availbe for free demo rides.  Bring your mountain bike / fat bike (or use a demo) and join us for a ride on the Woolly Trails here in St. Croix Falls.  Once you go Fat (bike), you'll never go back!  A guided group tour / ride of the Woolly trails will roll from Cyclova XC at 2:30PM. 

2PM - 5PM:  Northern Lites Snowshoe DemoMike Lundeen of Northern Lites Snowshoes will be at Cyclova XC with a demo fleet of 2013 Northern Lites Snowshoes - the lightest snowshoes made (!AND MANUFACTURED IN WISCONSIN!) which will be available for free demo.  Pick up the snowshoes at Cyclova XC and take them out on your favorite hiking trail - or the Woolly Trails here in St. Croix Falls!

4:30PM - 5PM:  Snow Biking Basics and Q & A: - by John Gaddo of Salsa Cycles:  John will talk about the roots of Fat Biking, why, how, and answer any questions from the audience.  Fat Biking is one of the fastest growing segments of the bicycle industry for very good reason.  Come and learn much more about the true all terrain bicycle!

5PM - 6PM:  Winter cycling stories & tips - by David Gabrys, Brand Manager of Winter cycling accessory brand 45NRTH:  Renowned bicycle adventurer & racer - as well as bicycle industry veteran David Gabrys will open up his presentation by sharing some of his favorite Winter Cycling photos (as seen on his photography website Cycleture.com).  These photos will likely include images from Winter Bicycle adventures on Lake Superior, in Alaska, and other epic places.  You're sure to pick up valuable tips while enjoying his tales of Winter Adventure!  At 5:30PM, David will present several new products that will help you to be comfortable, warm, and safe while out on your bicycle in the Winter.  You DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS!  Quality beverages will be provided.

6PM:  Drawing For 2 American Birkiebeiner Guaranteed Entries:  That's right, come to Cyclova XC to win entry to the 2013 Birkie - which filled up some time ago and is impossible to get in to (unless you win one of these entries).  Thanks to Cyclova XC's newest vendor Seger - an amazing new high performance Swedish xc ski sock that we are thrilled to be carrying!  Rick Thompson of Seger Socks will  draw 2 lucky winners from a hat, for two 2013 Birkie Entries!  Drop your name into the hat anytime on Saturday, December 15.  One entry per person, must be present to win.  

6:30PMNight xc ski / snowshoe / hike to the Hike to little known Wert Nature Preserve Ski Lodge.  This will be a wonderful excursion on the Midwest's newest XC Ski Trail!  The destination will be the remains of the original St. Croix Valley ski lodge on the Wert Nature Preserve in St. Croix Falls.  This is a magical place and piece of river valley history that very few people know exists!  Meet at the NEW St. Croix Falls XC Ski Trailhead at 6:30PM at the north end of Day Road.  Depending on snow conditions, participants will have options of xc skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking to this little known lodge and piece of skiing history.  We will light up a blazing warm fire in the old lodge fireplace - which hasn't been used in many decades.  Bring with your headlight, cozy clothes, and a favorite warming beverage - we will provide fire & makings for SMORES! 

7:30PM:  It's a Wonderful Life (live theater show) at Festival Theater in downtown St. Croix Falls
The night time hike out to the historic ski lodge in the Wert Nature Preserve - off of the new XC Ski Trails / Ice Age trail is sure to be a highlight of the evening!  Be a part of the first few people to re-discover this major historic piece of skiing history in the St. Croix Valley!  Photo Credit:  Keith Velaski

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