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CyclovaXC Team Warm-Up Pants

Hey Folks,
Here's a shot of Frank modeling the new CyclovaXC warm-up pants by Bjorn Daehlie. As you can see from the image, they have a small, CyclovaXC decal on the left leg (you have to check it out, it's this awesome, washable decal that Bjorn Daehlie has just made available).

What's fun about this is that it opens Bjorn Daehlie up as just another product line we can use to get our (CyclovaXC) brand name out there.

The space on the leg is actually quite a bit bigger than the decal graphic I sent. Perhaps in the future, I'll do a warm-up pant with a 4 inch by 20 inch logo, which would look pretty cool.

I also like these warm-ups because Bjorn Daehlie stuff is the best in the business.  Here's a close up of the logo:
Looks sweet!

Also, the Bjorn Daehlie line makes me remember the old blue Riverbrook warm-ups that Frank and I did all those years ago. I still go in a run in that stuff from time to time. It's awesome!

We did these warm-up pants as special order only, but I can always put in a new order. They retail at $140, so if you want them, let me know at!

Happy skiing!

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