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CyclovaXC Wool Jerseys are IN!

Hey Folks,

Just wanted to let you know that the order of CyclovaXC custom wool jerseys are in. If you ordered one of these, you can come and pick it up at the shop anytime!

I found it just a touch difficult to work with the supplier of these jerseys because they didn't communicate well about what sizes they had in stock. First they would tell me they had certain sizes in certain styles, then they would call and admit they had run out. At first, I attempted to contact people who had done pre-orders and tell them that the jersey style they wanted wasn't available in their size, and give them an alternative. But it was happening so much I ended up just filling the order with the brown jersey you see to the right. Therefore, if you pre-ordered a jersey, but I ended up having to fill it with the brown jersey, you're, of course, not obligated to buy it.

Still, come by and check them out. They're pretty cool and we have a couple extras for people who didn't pre-order. Cost is $100 (those of you who pre-ordered received a special discount depending on quantity).


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