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Let it SNOW!


There was actually so much snow today that I started to get nervous about driving around with my two infant daughters in the car. Then again, it's not like this is my first time dealing with snow...although I have to admit that only one out of 10 of the idiots I flashed my lights at on the highway figured out I was telling them to TURN THEIR LIGHTS ON in response (it's always somebody else's first time isn't it?).

Anyway we're quite obviously PSYCHED about this massive snow dump! Hopefully this will signify a change in skiing fortunes!

As you can see in the above photo, Sofia was pretty excited about the snow. I had to hold her back as she wanted to go tearing into it!  Incidentally, that little puppy in her hand caused quite a scandal the previous night at the Edling Christmas party. The girls were kind enough to allow us two hours of socializing before they decided it was time to go to bed. Right about then, Sofia revealed that she had hidden her puppy somewhere on the premises, and she gave us exactly ZERO seconds to find it to avoid meltdown.

Thankfully, Mary and Steve marshaled the troops and the puppy was recovered, I think the only casualty was a glass of wine.

Is this the kind of thing that has to happen to everybody? It seems like I remember being the guy who lost his puppy or his Luke Skywalker action hero or whatever and being the cause of the disruption that forced everyone to stop what they were doing and start searching madly. My question, however, is...are there people out there who have NEVER (themselves nor their children) lost a toy at a social gathering and freaked out? Are they standing around going, "MAN...I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS!!!"  My assumption is that losing things happens to everyone, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, lots of new fun news, the Bjorn Daehlie pants are in and I'll post a picture of them tomorrow. Also, you'll see the background image is officially back at the perfectly groomed tracks image...I love that thing.

We're SKIING now my friends! See you on the trails!

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