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What Does an Entry Level Skate Ski Package Cost?

A lot of people have been asking me what an entry level skate ski package costs, so I thought I would throw up an article on the blog and let you know.

We recommend the Rossignol Zymax skate ski for starters (seen above). This is an unbelievable, high performance ski which retails at $234.95 (as opposed to $599.95 for the X-ium). The major difference is that the Zymax has a wooden core construction that makes it a little bit heavier than the X-ium, but it's not as if it's a major downgrade. We've been selling a lot of these skis to high school teams, and they absolutely love them. Plus they have some great decals!

For boots we recommend the Madshus Hyper U Combi boot. This is a great boot which can be used for both skating and classical technique. Don't be put off by the fact that this is a "combi" boot, there are now world cup races that involve using both techniques in the same race, and boots like this are the choice of world cup skiers.  This boot is a very affordable $185.

If you'd prefer to have a skate specific boot (the main difference is a skate boot has a hard sole), you could go with the Madshus RPS which looks almost identical to the Hyper U Combi boot and retails at $229.95

The entry level binding is the Exercise Skate binding which retails at $70.

The total price is:
Skis: $234.95
Boots: $185
Bindings: $70
Subtotal: $489.95 + Tax

Additionally, we have a wide variety of poles to choose from. Come on down and talk to us and we'll put together a package deal for you for an additional discount!

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