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Zulma Rocking Her Cyclova Gear!

Here's a photo of Zulma out skiing! My wife is an excellent dancer, but she's still finding skis on her feet to be a little "slippery." She's taking to it very well though, and I think she might be ready to tackle a Kortelopet in a year or two.

We had another great weekend at the shop. I got to do a couple of skis with Jeff Wolf (he won a Birkie entry so we're giving him the crash course on he has). I watched Premium Rush with Jeff and Ben (it didn't have enough axe twirling for Jeff), and I got to talk skis with a ton of people who came in to the store.

I had been planning on skiing today, but I think a scratchy throat is going to keep me in bed until the Packer game. I've been fending off this cold with Zinc for a week, but I think the combination of exercise and lack of sleep is finally catching up with me. I need to gather my forces for upcoming New Year's celebrations!

All the best to everyone! We'll talk to you soon!

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