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Classic Trail Forerunners Needed for the 2012 Birkie!

Here's another critical announcement from the Birkie office.  If you were late getting in your registration, this might be the ticket for you!

Classic Trail Forerunners are needed for the 2012 American Birkebeiner. We need four classic skiers to ski the Birkie Classic Trail from the Birkie Start line on race day, at least as far as OO. These skiers will start at 6:30 AM and must be able to reach OO (27K) by 9:00 AM. These skiers are welcome to continue on to the Hayward finish line.

Two forerunners are needed to ski from the Birkie start line to 9K and then return on the Kortelopet Trail to the Telemark Korte finish line (23K). These skiers will start at 6:30 AM on race day and must be able to reach the Korte finish line at Telemark by 9:00 AM.

Two additional classic forerunners are need to start at OO at 7:30 AM to ski in the classic tracks to the Hayward finish line (27K), and able to complete the distance before 10:15 AM.

Forerunners will wear "Birkie Forerunner" bibs identifying themselves.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in being a forerunner. We will work out all logistics in the near future.

Ned Zuelsdorff

Volunteers Needed to Help out at the Birkie!

Birkie Volunteers are number one in our book!

William Johnson just sent me an email asking us to give a shout out for Birkie Volunteers.  I've done this a couple times, and let me tell you it's a blast.  This is without a doubt THE best way to spectate the Birkie.

I used to hand out drinks back at gravel pit.  The elite guys would come through so fast you hardly had a chance to mobilize.  Even the first wave guys hardly took any drinks (and you had to kind of run along beside them to hand something off).  But bit by bit the skiers become more and more casual, to the point where they're taking off their skis and hunkering down by a fire for a while.  For anyone who is a sporting enthusiast, handing out drinks at the Birkie is a must-attend event!

For more details, contact William Johnson at: william.johnson@co.polk.wi.us

Those of us skiing would like to offer you a sincere THANK YOU in advance!

Photos From the 2012 Marine/O'Brien Cross-Country Ski Race

Sofia Models the Landgraf Hat

Here's a little series of photos of Sofia modeling the "Ski Like Landgraf!" hat. I wish I could make it look this good :)  She's got the eye of the tiger in the above image!

Beyond Birkie Fever Author on Blog Talk Radio

Click here to listen to a one hour interview with "Beyond Birkie Fever" author Walter Rhein as he discusses cross-country skiing, the Birkie, and living in Peru.

Marine/O'Brien Race Good to Go for Sunday, January 29th

I found this announcement on Facebook and thought I'd pass it on.  This race is home field advantage for CyclovaXC, I hope to see a lot of you out there!

We are excited to announce the 41st Annual Marine/O'Brien Ski Race will be held on natural snow at William O'Brien Park in Marine on St. Croix on Sunday January 29th. The snow that fell Monday morning was packed on Tuesday and set up well overnight. We skied the entire course on Tuesday and Wednesday AM and are very pleased with the additional 1 inch top coat that fell this morning.

Randy has done an excellent job making sure the snow is groomed and packed. It will set up even more with temps in the low 30s during the day and teens and 20s at night the next couple of days.

If we don't get anymore snow the race will not include the "Hardwood Hills Trail" loop (the 1st steep climb). The "Prairie Overlook" loop is in question and we will make a decision on this closer to race day. We'll likely use a 10km loop vs the normal 12km full loop around the park. We are recommending you use "B skis" for the race because it is possible that you will hit something. We didn't hit anything today but it just takes one nick on an "A ski" to bum you out. We know people have been chomping at the bit to get onto some beautiful trails and William O'Brien Park definitely fits the bill (see photos on SkinnySki.com) We have posted course photos there on the William O'Brien Park trails update page. Race distance will be as close to original race plan as possible.

To have the best course conditions possible we are asking anyone skiing at the park now until race day to take a sled or tarp and snow shovel and get as much snow onto the following points on the course:
Pine trees by campground
Railroad Tunnel
Railroad crossing on both sides but not directly on the RR tracks
We have 100 stainless steel water bottles to give away to volunteers who takes a picture of themselves and their friends putting snow on the course in these locations. Just show us the picture on race day in the Visitor Center. If you are skiing and notice debris or a need on the course to add snow please stop and take action.

On-line race registration is open until Midnight on Friday January 27th link
Day of registration open until 30 minutes prior to each race.

Free collectors hats to first 200 adults registered.
Free collectors bibs to first 50 wood ski race registrations
Ribbons, cookies, and hot chocolate for kids race participants.

Wood Ski Race Wax clinic at Bikery Du Nord in Marine on St. Croix, Mn Saturday night 6-7pm hosted by Bjorn of Out There Nordic Sports come by and learn from a pro how to prep your wood skis. Eat wood fired pizza at Olive's Restaurant after the clinic.

After the race on Sunday "BOGO at the Brookside" Bar and Grill in Marine on St. Croix. By one beer get one free just show your race bib.

Please support all the local businesses on race day. These business are what helps make Marine on St. Croix such as vibrant community.

Thanks to our generous sponsors over $4000 of merchandise will be given out as awards and prizes on race day.

Out There Nordic Sports, 45 Degrees, FruitShare.com, Yocum Oil, Finn/Sisu, Joe's Sporting Goods, Gear West, OSI, Cub Foods, Kowalski's, St. Croix Orthopedic, Dunn Brothers, Bikery, River Moon Coffee, Lakeview Hospital, Podiumwear, Fast Wax, Gear West, Cyclova, Marine Bank, Brookside Bar and Grill, Olive's Pizza, Marine General Store, Bikery Du Nord, Hoigaards, Power Bar, Race ID, Ride and Glide Bike and Ski Club, St. Croix Valley Ski Club, Chilkoot Bike Club, Skinnyski.com

Huge thank you to William O'Brien State Park for all they do to make the park a great place to ski.

Here's the CyclovaXC trail report on William O'Brien State Park.

Here's a map of how to get there from CyclovaXC in St. Croix Falls!

View Larger Map

Time to Register for the Fat Tire

More news from Duane (the guy is on the BALL!).  Here's a quote from the Fat Tire mailer:

2012 Chequamegon Entry Blanks now Available 

Registration forms are now available for the September 14-16, 2012 Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival sponsored Trek and produced by Life Time Fitness.  Those who either purchased a prepaid self addressed stamp envelop at last year's event or who sent one in with an entry blank request will be receiving a hard copy via the mail shortly.  An electronic version has just been posted on line at www.cheqfattire.com.

That's all the information you need, click on the link and get registered!

News For Canoeing Enthusiasts

I'm sorry to say we don't sell Canoes at CyclovaXC at this time, but since we're as much as an outdoor adventure outfitter as we are a bike/run/ski shop, we figured this information would be of interest to our readers.

Duane just forwarded me an email that the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness Permitting process is about to begin.  For those of you who have never visited the Boundary waters, it's a great way to escape the modern technological world and it's a tremendous place to check out (the above picture happens to be the Amazon just outside of Iquitos, Peru, but I didn't have any Boundary waters pictures...plus the Boundary waters kind of looks like that).

Here's the email:

January 25th at 9am central time, the BWCAW (What is the BWCAW?) permitting process begins. The link below takes you to the registration center. Permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Permits reserved online can be picked up at The Canoeist in Two Harbors, Minnesota.
Q. What are the various fees that are associated with reserved permits?
A. A $6.00 non-refundable reservation fee is required for each reserved permit.There is also an overnight user fee. When making advanced reservations, you will be given the option to pay for the entire group or charged a minimum of $32.00 for 2 adults. You will also have the option of changing the group size through Recreation.gov within a two day window prior to the entry date. There are no service fees.
Q. How will the billing information appear on my statements?
A. Recreation.gov billing information: If you paid by bank card, your monthly statement will contain a reservation billing under the name "Recreation Gov             888-448-1474       NY" Please make note of this. If you have questions, please call the toll free number listed above.
Q. What is the cancellation policy?
A. If a BWCAW reservation is cancelled outside the 2-day window prior to your entry date, the user fees paid by the card holder will be fully refunded. If cancelled within the 2-day window, $32.00 for 2 adults is retained and additional payments will be refunded. The Forest Service will retain the entire payment if the group is a no show. A new confirmation letter will be generated each time a change is made. Adjustments to group sizes can be made through Recreation.gov or at the permit issuing station as needed. The $6.00 reservation fee is non-refundable. Cancellations to the reservations can be made via Recreation.gov or by calling the BWCAW Reservation Center. (Call            1-877-444-6777      , March 1 - Oct 31 - 9:00 am - 11:00 pm, Nov 1 - Feb 28 - 9:00 - 9:00 pm).
Q. What if the permit facility has an emergency closure?
A. In event of an emergency closure, the NRRS will attempt to notify the group leader to offer alternate dates and entry points. If this is not possible, all fees paid will be refunded.
Q. Am I able to transfer my reservations to someone else?
A. BWCAW reservations are not transferable.
Q. How do I receive confirmation about my reservation?
A. Payment is required to confirm all individual reservations. Confirmation letters are sent via email or by U.S. Postal Service
Q. What if I require a refund?
A. Refunds due to cancellation will be returned within 48 hours if paid by credit card. No refunds will be distributed for no-shows. Refunds for bankcard payments will be issued as a credit to your bankcard
Q. What are the discounts available to me?
A. Holders of the Interagency Senior and Access Passes (and the Golden Age and Access Passes) may receive a 50% discount on their user fee, not the entire group. All cards (Interagency Senior/Access Pass Owners, or Seasonal) must be presented at the time of permit pickup to receive a discount, otherwise the full fee will be charged. Interagency Senior/Access Passes can be purchased at any National Forest Office for $10.00 for citizens who are age 62 or older. Access Pass cards are available for free. Proof of medically determined permanent disability or eligibility for receiving benefits under federal law must be shown.

Candle Light Ski and Showhoe Hike in Amery on January 28th!

We just received this flyer from the folks in Amery who are putting on a ski/snowshoe/stargazing event.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  Here's the information, and here's the trail profile!  It'd be great to see a bunch of CyclovaXC guys out there!

Candle Light Ski –Snowshoe-Hike & Star Gazing
Sat. January 28th
Stower Seven Lakes Trail
Soo Line Park Amery, WI
WHEN: 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Ski, snowshoe or hike the Stower Seven Lakes Trail by the light of luminaries starting at the Amery Trailhead Pavilion, travel west to CTY RD C & back. A large Telescope will be available for star gazing weather permitting. Hot Cider and Hot Chocolate will be available at trailhead along with a warming fire. For event info call 715-268-2453 or visit www.amerypedal.com or day of event 715-222-4131. If temperature is below 0, event will be canceled.
Sponsored by Friends S7LST

CyclovaXC Wins Best New Business of 2011!

We had a nice night on Thursday when the Falls chamber of commerce gave us an award for the best new business of 2011. This is like getting the "rookie of the year" award in the NFL (more or less).  The award ceremony came after a wonderful dinner, and little Sofia was at her cute best running around the place saying "bye-bye" and making friends with everyone.

It's awesome to get an award and this is just the latest gesture in a long string of overwhelming community support.  Like we've said from the beginning, St. Croix Falls is a hidden treasure for sports, recreation and fun, and we're super happy to be here.  

Thanks for the award, it's on proud display at our shop!

Here's a Sofia pic (that baby loves to have her picture taken):

Here's one with Emalea and Frank, all that's missing is Duane, Mike and Lindsey for the essence of the CyclovaXC Staff!
See you all soon!

30% Off Brown Winter Sale & Weekend Festivities At Cyclova XC!

There may not be snow in St. Croix Falls or the Metro area - but there is still plenty of skiing and racing to be had not far away!  (Photo taken on 1-14-2012 on the Wolverine Trails in Ironwood, MI)
This brown winter of 2011 - 2012 is starting to bum us out, but we are recharged after a fantastic trip to Ironwood for this past weekend's Sisu Ski Marathon.  We figured this weekend would be a great time share some enthusiasm with our team mates and customers by putting together a fun program of events here at Cyclova XC and in the surrounding area!

We will kick things off with our Brown Winter 30% Off Of MSRP 4 Day Overstock sale - Thursday (1/19/2012) through Sunday (1/22/2012) with our lowest prices of the season on most of our top end xc ski race skis, boots, and poles - as well as in stock Tubbs Snowshoes!  See the details on this sale below!

  Group interval workout at Trollhaugen (most people will be classic skiing, but you're welcome to join as a skater)

  (A variety of tasty craft carbonated beverages will be served from 6 to 9 - max of 2 per person)
  First in adveture stories stories - Frank Lundeen presents "Skiing in Australia" on Cyclova XC Big Screen
  TBA Movie on Cyclova XC Big Screen
Late (9PM - 1AM):  Concert by Charlie Parr at Trollhaugen


  Group carpool leaves for a day trip to the Birkie trail.  The shop will be open from 7:30 to 8 for any last minute pre-trip skiing needs you might have.
  Group skate ski and lesson at Trollhaugen
  Night Mountain Bike Ride on the Woolly Trails.  Rolling at 6PM from Cyclova XC in downtown St. Croix Falls.  Call ahead to arrange for a Salsa Mukluk demo bike for the ride!  Bring your own lights & bike unless other arrangements have been made.


  Group ski at Trollhaugen
  3 mile Group Trail Hike on the Indianhead Trail (meeting at Lion's Park, just north of St. Croix Falls.  Be sure to check out the 30% off sale on all in stock snowshoes prior to leaving!

Come this Thursday through Sunday for the best deals of the season on top end XC Skis, Boots, Poles, & Snowshoes!

Brown Winter 30% Off Of MSRP 4 Day Overstock sale on in stock snowshoes, top end race skis, boots, and poles.  We are slightly over inventoried on the latest 2012 top end race equipment, and are going to offer the lowest prices of the season for 4 days only - Thursday, January 19 - Sunday, January 22. 
Products included in this incredible deal are:

All in stock Tubbs Snowshoes
Fischer Carbonlite Skate Skis ("the HOLE ski")
Madshus Nano Sonic Skate Skis
Madshus Hyper Sonic Skate Skis
Madshus Hyper Sonic Classic Skis
Madshus Nano Sonic Skate Boots
Rossignol X-Ium Skate Skis
Rossignol X-Ium Classic Skis
Rossignol X-Ium Skate Boots
Salomon Equipe 10 S-Lab Skate Skis
Salomon Equipe 10 S-Lab Classic Skis
Salomon S-Lab Classic Boots
Salomon S-Lab Skate Pro Boots
Salomon S-Lab Poles
Swix Star Poles

Upcoming Appearances of Jeff Foltz author of "Birkebeiner the Novel"

Jeff Foltz asked me to publish is schedule of upcoming appearances in the area, and I told him I'd be happy to do it.  If you haven't looked at "Birkebeiner the Novel" yet, check out an interview with Foltz here.

Wednesday, February 15, 5PM to 7PM – Book World, 404 Ashmun Street, Sault Ste Marie, MI – 906-632-0559

Friday, February 17, 3PM to 7PM – Book World, 136 Washington Street, Marquette, MI – 906-228-9490

Saturday, February 18, Noon to 3PM – Book World, 522 Oneida Street,
Minoqua, WI – 715-356-7071

Sunday, February 19 - 11AM to 1PM – Minoqua Winter Park, 12375 Scotchman Lake Road, Minoqua , WI – 715-356-3309

Tuesday, February 21 – 11:30AM to 1PM, Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church Mindekirkien series, 924 East 21st Street, Minneapolis, MN.

Wednesday, February 22 – 4:30PM to 8PM – Book World, 10553 Main Street, Hayward, WI – 715-634-6007

Thursday, February 23, 1PM – 9PM, The American Birkebeiner Expo, Hayward Middle School, 15930 W. 5th Street, Hayward, WI.

Friday, February 24, 9AM – 7:30PM , The American Birkebeiner Expo, Hayward Middle School, 15930 W. 5th Street, Hayward, WI.

Saturday, February 25, 4:30PM – 7:30PM, Redbery Books, 43455 Kavanaugh Street, Cable, WI, 715-798-5014

Sunday, February 26, 1PM – 4PM, Book World, 1104 S. Stephenson Highway, Iron Mountain, MI, 906-779-1416

Monday, February 27, time & campus location tbd, Finlandia University, 601 Quincy Street, Hancock, MI

More Photos from Sisu and Wolverine

 Mitch just sent me the pictures he took at Ironwood so I figured I'd throw them up here just to remind everybody what snow looks like.  I wasn't involved in Frank, Micah, and Mitch's trip to Wolverine the next day because I was too busy rushing back to my home so I could watch the Packers (who, sad to say failed to show up for the game).


At least we can take solace in the fact that there's still snow and ice in some places of the world.
 10 years later and not much has changed (except for about 2 lbs per year...all on me).
 Allan's got cold hands by the look of it...maybe that's why he crashed.

Frank escapes the carnage.
I think Mitch has biking on the brain still.  I guess you can't blame him with as brown as it's been.

Winter Wonderland.

CyclovaXC at the 2012 Sisu Marathon

What a great time we had at the 2012 Sisu marathon!  First and foremost, it was great to make the arduous drive up to Ironwood and watch as the roads and villages became more and more utterly submerged with glorious SNOW!  In all honesty, I've been suffering from a few dents to my enthusiasm as this ridiculous brown winter continues to stubbornly PERSIST, but getting up to Ironwood gave me a good solid snow fix that will last me until the next big Wisconsin snowfall (which should be soon).

I have to hand out some props to Mitch and Micah who came along to do their first ever ski race and acquitted themselves marvelously (which means they didn't have a massive crash and stab each other in the kneecaps with their ski poles at the beginning of the race).  They both successfully completed the 21 k event, and I'm pretty sure we could have talked them into doing the 42 k, but that just didn't seem like a good choice for a person's first ever ski race.

The above picture is Micah and I on the awesome bus that Sisu had for us to get to the start area at ABR.  My thoughts at this moment were that CyclovaXC needs a bus like this that we can use to take our intrepid skiers up for training days on the Birkie trail, etc.  I'm going to work on allocating some funds for that purpose.

Here's Frank and Mitch on the bus as well.  You'll notice that Mitch is smiling here but he wouldn't be smiling about 20 minutes later when he looked into his clothing bag only to realize that he'd forgotten his ski boots back in Frank's car.  Fortunately, the 21 k didn't start until TWO HOURS after the 42 k, so he had plenty of time to catch a bus back, get his boots, and come back out to the starting area.  Heck, he had so much time that he would have made it even if he'd been in the 42 k.

That was the only thing that went wrong for our immediate crew, and since he made it back with ample time to spare, it was a totally acceptable problem to have.
Here's Dwayne and Frank in the ABR warming hut that I wasn't even aware existed until they ushered us into it upon our arrival.  Dwayne had a great race despite the fact that he was running around frantically looking for his pole just before the gun (he found them with about 30 seconds to spare and kept the adrenaline pumping throughout the day I think).
The start of the classical race.  I took this picture from a distance and had to zoom in for the skiers to fill the frame, that's why it's a little pixilated.
More from the classical start.

Dwayne beginning his 42 k race.
Here are Frank, Allan and Adam.  I believe we had a total of 9 CyclovaXC skiers at the race.  Great turnout!  Just a little while after this image was taken, Adam and Allan would be laying at the bottom of a massive crash with Allan's ski pole digging deeply into Adam's knee (they'd both get up to complete the race, although Allan would go on to break a ski, and throw 30 of the 80 lbs of equipment he was carrying to the ground in disgust).  Nobody's saying anybody was responsible, the only explanation that I heard was that Allan "hit a soft spot."  Frank, anticipating that something like that might happen, had lined up about ten feet away from Allan, and thus escaped the carnage to begin his race free and clear.

There's me waiting for the race to begin.

All and all I have to say that the Sisu marathon is a fantastic event.  The snow was a little bit slow and the trail was just a little bit soft which made for a tough ski, but it was terrific to simply be out on snow and getting some much needed k's under the belt.  For those of you who haven't done the Sisu marathon, it's really one to put on your calendar.  The first half of the trail is extremely challenging with some fairly technical descents.

If we don't get some snow here pretty soon, we might all be headed up to ABR quite a big over the upcoming weeks.  Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the hotel that you don't want to stay at when you go there.