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Sunday is the Last Day to Pre-Order the Running Kit

Hey Folks!

Just a heads up! Mt. Borah needs their sizing kit back, so if you're interested in getting the CyclovaXC running shorts and singlet, Sunday is your last day to Pre-order!  The Pre-Order prices are as folows:

Singlet: $45
Shorts: $50

After Sunday they both go up by $10.

See you at CyclovaXC!

Last Chance For Stonegrinding This Spring!

Bring your skis in to Cyclova XC by the end of the day, Thursday (3/29/2012) to get in on our last grinding batch of the season!

It's been a great winter for stonegrinding (much better than it in fact was for XC skiing).  With that said, Thursday is your last chance of the season to get your skis stoneground, hotboxed, and covered in a thick blanket of cover wax.  In short, it's time to ready for a Summer slumber!

Bring your skis any time on Thursday, and we'll get them done and ready for pick up by Wednesday of next week.  

For the full scoop on our range of services, details on our various precision structure patterns, and pricing, check out our SKI SERVICE PAGE!

Women's Fitness Group Workout for Thursday, March 29th!

Congratulations ladies!  Last week's women's group meeting was the best yet with 7 participants!  There were even two or three regulars who couldn't make it, so this group is getting to be a nice collection of interesting individuals!  As this continues to grow and evolve, we'd like to encourage all of you to provide suggestions, plan events, bring goodies (if you don't want to eat them you can leave them with the guys at the shop...I'm sure they'll be willing to charitably take on that burden for you).  At some point, a CyclovaXC women's jersey should be in the cards, but we'll give it a couple months yet.

Remember to mark your calendar for April 5th because Zulma (she's on the left in the above photo), is going to be teaching a Latin Rhythms dancing class in the shop.  This is going to be a great and fun workout (no dancing experience, or natural ability required :).

Here's the Scoop for Thursday, March 29th:

6-6:30:  Meet at the shop for group social.
6:30:  Rain or shine, the women's group will be heading to the Wert Nature Preserve just North of town.  This is a great set of trails open to hikers that also connects up to a portion of the Ice Age trail.  There are some fantastic views of the St. Croix River that Emalea is excited to show everyone!

See you all at the shop this Thursday for another women's fitness club adventure!

Bulletproof Bicycle Wheels at CyclovaXC!

Well, I took these pictures of Frank's bulletproof wheels with my Blackberry which isn't good at taking close ups.  So, I just used a free picture editor application to try to jazz up the image and divert attention from their overall ineffectiveness.  Awesome work eh?

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was Frank's awesome bulletproof wheels that he likes to build. As you can see, he wraps a piece of wire around the spoke intersection (I've heard that the magical number of wraps is 7...correct me if I'm wrong on that Frank).  The wire is then soldered.  I can't go into any more details because this is super top-secret stuff.

This process increases the weight slightly, but it also increases the overall strength of the wheel dramatically.  If you're interested in getting something like this, you're best off swinging by CyclovaXC and talking to Frank.  To my knowledge, very few other bike stores are capable of producing something like this :)

The Cowboy Themed Party at CyclovaXC

At some point I'm sure we're going to get all 30 or 40 of our CyclovaXC guys together, but for now, I'm pretty psyched to see four or five of them  together in one place.  This shot is from the 12 o'clock Saturday ride from the shop, and we actually had an evening ride that day with a couple more team members.  The long  and the short of it is, if you're in St. Croix Falls and want to go on a Bike ride, stop by CyclovaXC because somebody's sure to join you.  Here's pictures from the ride from the previous weekend.

We've also been having people swing through the shop who are on day rides up from the Twin Cities.  Apparently that is a pretty nice/challenging century with CyclovaXC at the convenient mid-point.  I sent one guy off with a packet of Cliff shot bloks and the assurance that I'd come and pick him up if the ride got too arduous.  He texted me later saying he made it, much to my relief.

On the late ride on Saturday, Jeff, Emalea, Mark and I went out on a "casual" ride on River Road that turned into a series of ridiculous sprints.  It ended up being the best ride I've been on in a long time.  As Jeff says, "there's just something about riding your bike that puts a smile on your face."

I like that our weekends in the St. Croix Valley are a mixture of training camp and partying.  We're serious when we say that you can come up and crash at the Clubhouse if you want to stick around all weekend and ride with us.  Or if you're not comfortable with that, you can tent it at Interstate park (just a 5 minute walk from CyclovaXC).

By the way, the only guy in the above photo who isn't wearing the CyclovaXC top is LONE WOLF, but I got him to buy one later that day.  Peer pressure rocks!  The sizing kits are going to be available for another week, so if you're interested in getting the CyclovaXC team kit, head into the shop and get your size, then email me: bj@cyclovaxc.com.

In between all the rides, we kicked back for some good old fashioned partying.  We decided that it was a Cowboy themed weekend at the clubhouse, so a fair number of us had cowboy gear on.  I think this picture says it all:
Incidentally, those awesome CyclovaXC stickers are available for free at the shop (while supplies last).  They make your bike FASTER!!!

I got put on Pisco Sour mixing duties, which made it an international weekend.  My wife picked the music.  Remember ladies, she's going to be teaching a FREE salsa class a the shop on Thursday April 5th:
It wouldn't have been a cowboy night if some cards hadn't been played, so we hunkered down to some Poker as well.  If you're interested, swing on by!  I thought I'd give this photo an authentic look:
Nice scowl Jeff.

All that said, the clubhouse is closed for business for the weekend of March 30th and 31st, but we'll be back in gear starting Thursday April 5th all the way through until Sunday.  We've decided that the theme of that weekend will be "South American Revolutionary" so bring your mismatched camouflage!  Again, you're welcome to come even if you're not in costume, but we'll probably be demanding you run to the fridge and get us beers, do push-ups, etc.  (Lone wolf will be there I'm sure).

So, if you're ready for a weekend of training, dancing, more training, and ridiculous fun, circle the map and wrangle up your amigos because nobody hits it harder than CyclovaXC!

Oh, and if you need a bike or something, stop by the shop too!

Remember, get in there to try on the running and cycling sizing kit, I want to get those orders in soon so those poor souls who haven't gotten their jerseys yet don't have to keep feeling like outsiders!

Come Ride The Mammoth Gravel Classic On April 21st, 2012!

Come and ride the Mammoth Gravel Classic in St. Croix Falls, WI on April 21st!  This is going to be the most incredible, most ridiculous, most painful and most spectacular cycling event in the history of two wheels!

Why should you choose this event over any other entertainment choice for that weekend? Well, first of all it's FREE (Note: There is a $4 charge for a trail pass for the Gandy Dancer trail)!  That's right, this is an unsupported, powerhouse of a ride designed to give all participants an opportunity to see just how tough they really are.  CyclovaXC's Frank Lundeen designed a course which is sure to leave quite a few of you curled up in little, lycra-clad whimpering balls, cursing the day your parents took the training wheels off your first one speed scooter from the local dime store.

But for those of you who are willing and eager to endure 70 miles of knobby wheeled torment, this race is going to fulfill all your nightmares.  It's also going to feature the world premier of Cycleture.com's Gravelle Photo Exhibit all day long at the shop.  You've probably seen David Gabrys images on the covers of some of your favorite cycling magazines, now come and witness the true, raw, beautiful power of his photos when they are amassed and presented together in a single, world conquering show!

Here's the schedule:

April 21st:
All Day:  That awesome Gravelle photo exhibit I just mentioned.
CyclovaXC opens at 8 AM for registration:  Yes, we said the race is free, but we want to look you in the eye, tell you how hard this event is going to be, and then make you sign a waiver (we're serious about this being a tough day folks...did I mention this is an UNSUPPORTED ride?).
9:30 AM: 70 mile ride leaves the shop (check out the course on mapmyride.com).  This is not a race, but you're welcome to form up in groups and hammer each other (I've tried to tell cyclists not to do that on occasion, and we all know they just go ahead and do it anyway).  For this ride we recommend a Mountain Bike, or perhaps a Cyclocross bike if you're a world champion Cyclocross bike handler.
9:35 AM:  35 mile ride leaves the shop (check out the course on mapmyride.com).  THIS IS NOT A RACE EITHER...(but again, you'll hammer each other so forget I said anything).  This will be out and back on the Gandy dancer trail, so a hybrid or road bike will work for you.
4:30 PM:  Joseph Meiser presents his Tour Divide Race experience on the CyclovaXC big screen.

Other events to be announced.

So, if I haven't scared you off, mark April 21 on your calendar and be prepared to hammer the gravel and have a blast in St. Croix Falls with the Woolly Bike Club and CyclovaXC!  For more information, click here!

Come for the ride, but stay for the whole weekend.  Interstate park is only a five minute walk from the CyclovaXC shop (showers, camping, and fun), or stay at the Wissahickon bed and breakfast (right on the course).  With all the great dining opportunities and the fun atmosphere of the weekend, we don't think you're going to want to leave!

CyclovaXC Bike Service Menu

About Cyclova XC
Passion: We eat, breathe, and sleep cycling.  We also eat, breathe, and sleep helping people get the most out of their bikes!
Experience: Frank Lundeen, our head bike technician and co-founder, has over 18 years of experience in bicycle service, fitting, and sales with top industry companies & athletes - from Olympic Champions to first timers.
Fun & Fast: All cyclists simply have more fun with a perfectly fitted and tuned bike!  Racers invest hundreds of hours of time in training and often thousands of dollars in equipment every year – make the most of that investment by maintaining your bike and having it serviced by Cyclova XC! 


Major Tune Up
  • Greasing and adjustment of all bearings
  • Truing of Wheels
  • Adjustment of shift and brake systems
  • Clean and lube chain
  • Torque all components
  • Check tire pressure

  • Remove all bike parts, down to the bare frame
  • Clean, lubricate, and service all bike parts – install back on frame
  • Overhaul and replace all bearings if necessary
  • Truing and tensioning of wheels
  • Adjustment of shift and brake systems
  • Clean and lube chain
  • Torque all Components
  • Check tire pressure

PRO Bike Fitting Session Including
  • Review of your cycling history and injuries
  • Body analysis
  • Optimizing of the 4 adjustable fit factors in the rear cockpit of the bicycle
  • Optimizing of the 6-9 adjustable fit factors in the front cockpit of the bicycle
  • Optimizing of the 4 adjustable fit factors with your pedal/shoe interface
$120 or free with bicycle purchase

Recreational Bike Fitting Session Including
  • Review of your cycling history and injuries
  • Body analysis
  • Optimizing of the 4 adjustable fit factors in the rear cockpit of the bicycle
  • Optimizing of the 4 adjustable fit factors in the front cockpit of the bicycle

$30 or free with bicycle purchase

General Repairs:

$9.99:       Flat Fix                                                                                      

$34.99:     Tubular Tire Mounting                                                               

$11.99:     Shift System Adjustment (per derailleur)                                     

$9.99:       Brake System Adjustment (per brake)                                       

$17.99:     Wheel Truing                                                                            

$29.99:     Wheel Tension & Truing                                                     

$54.99:     Custom Wheel Build                                                                  

$89.99:     Custom Wheel Build, spokes tied and soldered                    

$19.99:     Bearing Overhaul (hub, bottom bracket, or headset)                   

Inquire: Suspension or Disc Brake Service                                             

Weekend Activities at CyclovaXC--Come Try the Singlet and Jersey Sizing Kits!

Hey Everybody,

It's going to be another great weekend of fun activities at CyclovaXC! Last weekend we had a ball riding in the 80 degree weather and celebrating St. Patrick's Day. In fact, we had such a good time that we plan on doing it all again this weekend. Rides will be leaving the shop in the evening on Friday (we're thinking of doing some interstate park hill repeats around 6 PM), noon on Saturday, and probably something casual on Sunday depending on how much energy everyone has left. This is in addition to tonight's women's group activity that Emalea is leading at 6 PM (ladies, don't forget to bring your dessert recipe to share)!

In other important news, we are putting the final touches on our Running kit order (both men's and women's styles are available). Both a singlet and shorts are available, but there is no obligation to buy both (if you just want a singlet, or you just want the shorts, that's fine). The pre-order price is $45 for the singlet and $50 for the shorts. This is a $10 savings off both items! If you're at all interested in getting either a singlet or shorts, please stop by the shop and take advantage of the fact that the Mt. Borah sizing kit is currently available for you to try. I can only guarantee this throughout the weekend, so please don't delay (even if you can't afford to buy them now, please come and try one on so I can order the right size for you)!

I strongly encourage you to try on the sample singlets. For example, I'm an XL in the ski suit, but I am a 3XL in the singlet (I guess I'm not the prototypical size for a runner).

I've also heard from Frank that the men's cycling sizing kit has arrived at the store, so if you're interested in getting a CyclovaXC bike kit, head on in, get your size, and leave your order. I'll be finishing that one off and sending it to Mt. Borah in about a week.  The women's sizing kit will be arriving early next week.

If you're planning on swinging by the Clubhouse, be advised that we've declared this “The weekend of the Cowboy” so you're encouraged to wear cowboy gear. Like last weekend, we'll probably be playing some bean bag, cooking out, sitting around the fire, and just overall having a BLAST! So, seriously, if you need a break and want to combine a party with your training weekend, CyclovaXC and the St. Croix valley are the place to be! Hope to see you all!!!

CyclovaXC Women's Group Activity For March 22nd

Hey Folks,

Emalea's women's group is gathering steam!  They're already on their 3rd activity and there seem to be a few new people each time!

On Thursday, March 22nd, the women's group will be meeting at the shop rain or shine!  My wife Zulma is going to be there to talk about the possibility of doing some Salsa/Latin Rhythms/Zumba style workouts in the store, and then she's going to join you on the night's activity.

The activity is a hike/run from the shop down to Interstate park.  Once there, you will hike the Pot Hole trail, and, for the bold, a few hill repeats.  Don't frown, hill repeats can be extremely fun and rewarding if you are with the right gals.  It's also a workout that brings about tremendous physical gains in a very short amount of time.

Meet at the CyclovaXC shop at 6:  Group social and recipe exchange.  Emalea would like you all to bring three copies of your favorite dessert recipe to share!
6:30: Leave for the Pot Hole trail

It's going to be another fun night, bring your friends!

Wednesday Night Bike Rides at CyclovaXC!

Hey Everybody!

We're starting up our Wednesday evening bike rides on Wed., March 21st and continuing them throughout the summer.  These rides will start at 6PM sharp at the CyclovaXC retail store.  Frank or Emalea will be coming along.  This is a great way to train, meet people, and have a blast so we hope to see you there!

Epic CyclovaXC St. Patrick's Day Weekend

We're still a new shop, so in some ways we're still finding our groove. But we've been a team/club for a couple years now, and if there's one thing CyclovaXC has DOWN PAT it's how to party.  The fact that it was St. Patrick's day inspired us, and we threw down pretty well, but only after we did our time on the road. Folks, it's just not fun to relax and party unless you've done some massive physical effort that day!

This ridiculously beautiful March weather has been inspiring us, and in the above photo you can see the turn-out from the group ride that left the shop on Saturday morning.  On the road, we met the famous Tommy K, who was muscling it out there on a mountain bike because otherwise the road melts from his combination of power and speed (those two things together produce HEAT).  As usual, the first group ride wasn't without drama, a flat split our group, but fortunately there were enough CyclovaXC people there to get everybody back to the starting point.  Also, I'd advertised a casual ride, but that young guy casually leaning against the wall in the above picture turned out to be a BEAST of a rider.  He was super polite, but when you're as superior an athlete as that guy was you leave everybody else choking on their tongue as you casually spin along.  Respect!  We need to get him on a mountain bike next time he comes to train with mere mortals like us.

After the ride, our standard plan of operations is to head on down to Emalea's house in Osceola for games, beverages, music and awesomeness.  More and more the word is getting out and one of our boys came by in his awesome, home-made rusted hot-rod.  This thing is beautiful, check it out:
Apparently the rule is when you build something like this you have to use as much rusted out junk as possible. The second you start polishing it up you FAIL!  The result is an inexpensive machine that turns heads!  I told him he needed to throw a ski rack on that bad boy and bring it up to the Birkie.  We need to throw a CyclovaXC sticker on there.  Team car!

Look how he bolted his bike to the back:
Meanwhile, Sofia found herself trucking around the yard.  Greg's description of her is "a little ball of awesome" I concur:
A fierce game of bean bag broke out.  Jeff and I hit game winning shots and we just had to be extremely obnoxious about it.  I believe the only three points I scored the whole night was on my game winner, but that didn't stop me on a long tirade about my own awesomeness.
Oh, the other guy that deserves serious props this weekend was THE MACHINE!!!  He spent the whole night making sure everybody's glass was full.  I repaid him the next day completely ineffectively with a small chocolate shake.  Don't worry Machine, you've got more considerations coming!

At the end of the night, Sofia had had enough.  Sometimes you just have to plop down on the couch with your bottle.  Jeff did the same, he couldn't even make it through my inappropriate movie selection (Crank 2).
All in all, I'm pretty sure St. Patrick was looking down on us and saying, "THAT'S the way you celebrate MY day!"

The best news of all is that I think the training weekend/rockin' party is set to roll into the St. Croix valley again this upcoming weekend.  So if you have some silly plans to attend a concert in the Twin Cities or something, you might just want to cancel those and come party with us.  We're erecting statues to the gods people!  We're making the pillars of heaven quake!  See you at CyclovaXC or at the clubhouse...

...oh, word to the wise, this weekend, it's a Cowboy motif.  We're referring to the clubhouse as "The Ranch" and everybody has to come in cowboy gear.  If you're not wearing cowboy gear...that's OK...you're still welcome...but if somebody who IS dressed in cowboy gear yells "PUSH-UPS" you have to drop and do five push ups. Hey...I don't make the rules.  See you at the RANCH, bring a can of AWESOME!

The Sizing Kit is IN for the CyclovaXC Running Singlet and Shorts

Hello Everyone!

I just want to let you know that we've received our sizing kit for our running singlet and shorts.  I strongly encourage you to swing by the shop and try one on if you're interested in ordering a running kit.  Not only will this tell you your size, it will also give you an idea as to how nice these running singlets are.

Again, we are offering both MEN'S and WOMEN'S fits (the style is the same).  The PRE-ORDER price will be:

Singlet: $45
Shorts: $50

You can order ONLY A SINGLET or ONLY SHORTS if you prefer.

After the pre-order period, the price goes up $10 on both items.

I find that these singlets fit very small.  For example, I'm an XL in the ski suit, but a 3XL in the singlet, so PLEASE come in and try them on to ensure a good fit at the best price!

See you soon!

CyclovaXC St. Patrick's Day Ride!

Hey Everybody!

We're going to do a pretty casual St. Patrick's Day ride on Saturday, March 17th, leaving the CyclovaXC shop at noon (this is FREE of course, there will be no water stops, so bring a couple bucks in case we want to stop for coffee).  We figure we'll do about 40 miles at a pace that's comfortable to maintain a lively conversation.

The weather has been so ridiculously great that you'll probably be able to ride in just shorts, although I'd bring along some arm warmers (although you might not need those either).

Just swing on by, everybody's welcome to come!  Hope to see you and if not, Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Don't Forget to Put Storage Wax On!

This isn't a particularly good picture, but it illustrates a point.  At the end of the ski season, I talked with a guy who wanted a ski lesson.  I needed to provide some skis, so I dug out a pair of old Alpina skis that I own that I haven't skied on in about 15 years.

Before I'd put them in storage, however, I'd hit them with a solid layer of storage wax.  For storage wax you can just take an inexpensive warm weather wax and put on a thick layer.

At first glance, these 15 year old Alpinas looked like they were in rough shape.  The storage wax had oxidized, and there seemed to be a white film over the ski (you can kind of see that in the above image).

However, all I had to do was scrape and brush to reveal a perfectly protected ski base.  Over the years, the storage wax had been largely absorbed by the ski (which is good for the base) and the outer layer of storage wax had provided the perfect protection.

The point of all this is that it really does make sense to take that last fifteen minutes and apply a layer of storage wax to your skis.  After all, it doesn't make sense to invest thousands of dollars in ski equipment, and not go that last yard and spend that last five bucks to ensure your equipment will be ready to go the second the snow falls next winter!

So break out your iron one last time, throw on your storage wax, and then put some air in your tires!  We'll be doing a casual CyclovaXC ride out of the shop Saturday at about noon, and I'm going to ASK everyone if they've put storage wax on so you better be able to say YES!

CyclovaXC Women's Group Trail Run/Hike Thursday at 6 PM!

Hey Everyone!

Emalea has another activity planned for her fitness group this Thursday at 6PM.  For those of you who don't know, Emalea is putting together a FREE fitness club for women of the St. Croix Valley.  She'll be regularly scheduling events for Thursdays at 6, so if you're interested in meeting new people, getting in shape, and having a great time, make sure you get in touch with Emalea at: emalea@cyclovaxc.com.

Here are the details for the event on Thursday, March 15th:

6:00: meet at CyclovaXC
6:30: depart for a hike at Lion's park just north of town. BRING old shoes it may be muddy BUT it will be beautiful. For a full body work bring your trekking poles
7:30: regroup for a photo shoot

Have a great time!

Celebrating the End of the 2012 Ski Season at the Landgraf Loppet!

Although many of our racers headed out to Biwabik (which I heard was really tough) or the Bear Chase, a pretty solid contingent of skiers stuck around to do the 2nd annual Landgraf Loppet at Hickory ridge.  This whole race came together on pretty short notice, due to the fact that Hickory ridge got a HUGE dump of snow a couple weeks ago (enough for Zulma to experience her first snow day as classes at the school where she works were cancelled--there is no joy like learning you don't have to go to work/school because it's a snow day).

We had a pretty solid turn-out on Sunday, despite Allan's best efforts to confuse people by changing the date and starting time at least four times a day on every one of the four or five days leading up to the event.  I pretty much left it up to Emalea to just tell him, "LOOK, WE HAVE TO PICK A TIME AND STICK WITH IT!!!" which is pretty much the first rule of organizing any event.  To Allan's credit, he was out there grooming at midnight, then again, the dude only sleeps like 36 minutes a day.  The rest of the time he's building cars, designing space capsules, or just sprinting through the wilderness knocking down trees with his elbows.

About 10 of us skied, and the other 15 or so who were there made our "Bring your own beer and buffet" a fantastic success!  The skiing was fun since it got up to 65 degrees.  I ended up peeling off my T-shirt and just skied in my vest, it was a good look for me, although I could have used a big, gnarly gold chain (speaking of that, I need a big ridiculous cowboy hat for our card games after group rides, I think that would just add to the whole ambiance).

Allan produced a spectacular plate of chicken wings:
We think he needs to open up a chicken wing/blueberry shop and quit this whole chiropractor thing.  He also managed to accelerate his snow machine until it achieved time warp (you can tell they traveled through time by the snow caked on the doors and windows):
 Also, we gave out a PLETHORA (the use of "plethora" in any sentence is excessive but whatever) of door prizes.  Here's Jeff, proudly cradling his newly won half-full (optimist) jar of enormous pickles.  That's the smile of genuine happiness:
Micah, Mitch and Adam enjoy the sun after the race.  It was awesome, it got HOT!  Like, hot where it was uncomfortable to sit there in just a T-shirt.  Ahhhhh, spring is here ladies and gentlemen!  Props to Mitch too for completing BOTH the Landgraf Loppet and the Pepsi Challenge over the weekend.  The rest of us just went out and got our first CyclovaXC team bicycle ride in on Saturday...which was also awesome!
The one thing I didn't take a photo of was the SPREAD!  Put it this way, our two collapsible tables were overflowing.  When you show up at an event like this, there is no sweeter greeting than, "there's PLENTY of food!"  Thanks to whoever was responsible for it all, especially the brats!

Next week is St. Patrick's day, and I'm sure we'll be doing a team ride out of the shop if anyone's interested.  I think we might just be calling ourselves CyCLOVERxc in honor of the day!  Bring your own green beer!

Landgraf Loppet is Still On!

Hey Everybody!

This picture is from the first night of Emalea's women's fitness group.  This is a nice turn-out for a first meeting, and I keep hearing from people who are interested, so I think this club could get really big.

Speaking of Emalea, we're still doing the Landgraf Loppet tomorrow, even if it's 125 degrees in the shade.  Initially we'd advertised this as a $15 race, but due to the lack of snow, it's FREE (you can leave a donation to the trail if you want)!  This is just going to be a casual, fun day tromping through the woods, celebrating the end of the ski season!  In short...it's going to be a BLAST!  Hope to see you there

CyclovaXC Women's Fitness Group, and Team Gear Orders!

Howdy Folks!

There is a lot going on as always. First and foremost I'd like to mentionEmalea's women's fitness club which had its first meeting Thursday, March 8th at Trollhaugen at 6PM. This is a completely FREE club, so if you're a woman in the St. Croix Valley who wants to do a bit more exercise and meet some nice ladies, get in touch with Emalea!
Inline image 2
They're also planning on putting together a women's MS 150 team, so look into that here.

Also, the Landgraf Loppet is going to go on even if it turns out being a mud run (we have to thank Mr. Krenz for settling us all down and talking sense)! And with the 60 degree temperatures they're forecasting on Saturday, that's the way it looks. But heck, I think this is going to be a fun way to send off the ski season, so we hope to see plenty of you there. Remember, bring your own bib!

I've been in fiendish talks with Mt. Borah about getting our team running singlet order and our team cycling gear re-order. If you're interested in getting some new CyclovaXC gear, please click these links and follow the instructions (or just send me an email informing me of the style and size you want at bj@cyclovaxc.com).

Once again, congratulations to all Birkie finishers! I received a HUGE number of photos from people who had taken pictures of CyclovaXC skiers. I also got a lot of photos of people sporting the “Ski Like Landgraf!” hat! It was a great day to be out there, and it was a blast to see CyclovaXC so well-represented at the Birkie! I'm sure most of you have already done your first hours of training for the 2013 Birkie, and for those of you doing the Pepsi Challenge/Bear Chase or the Landgraf Loppet/Mud Run...GOOD LUCK!

CyclovaXC Team Cycling Gear Re-Order

Hello Everybody!

This is my first shout-out to see how much interest there is out there for a team CyclovaXC Cycling gear re-order!  I've been talking with Mt. Borah, and our prices are going to be slightly different than the last time, this is mainly due to the fact that I've convinced them to do the pocket section on all our jerseys in reflective fabric.  The way I see it, the more visibility, the better, especially when you're out on the road.  But the reflective component is going to add slightly to the cost.

This is what we offer (these prices are only available for pre-order, after pre-order they will all go up by a minimum of $10):
Team Jersey (men's and women's sizes):  $87.50
Team vest:  $90
Team Long Sleeve Jersey: $92.50
Team Short (men's and women's sizes): $57.50

If I get enough interest, I can probably get Mt. Borah to send us out a sizing kit, otherwise just track down your CyclovaXC buddies and try theirs out!

Right now I'm just looking to get a count, so if you're interested in any of this stuff, shoot me an email at: bj@cyclovaxc.com!


CyclovaXC Running Singlet and Shorts (rough draft)

Hello Folks,
I'm getting the ball rolling with Mt. Borah about our team running singlet and shorts. Above is a rough design.

I didn't think our "stained glass" pattern would work on a running singlet, so I thought I'd use one of our non-primary colors for the top. The top is going to be the same red/orange as the "Ski Like Landgraf!" hats, and I think this is good because this means these singlets are HIGH VISIBILITY (we want traffic to see our people when they're out training).  Also, I put a small "Run Like Landgraf!" logo on the upper right.

I'm also going to see if I can get the "CyclovaXC" logo in reflective material (but I can't guarantee that).

Price for these will be (ONLY FOR PRE-ORDER):
Singlet: $45
Shorts: $50

As always, we'll order a couple extra, but the ones available for sale at the shop will have the price increased by $10 (we need some sort of incentive for you all to get your pre-order in!).

I'm sending off the artwork to Mt. Borah today, so we're looking at about a 7 week turn-around time.  If you're interested, please send me an email at: bj@cyclovaxc.com with your order and I'll tell you the final price with sales tax.  We'll also be getting a sizing kit from Mt. Borah in a couple weeks and I'll let you know when that arrives as well.

We're also doing a bike kit reorder, and I'll be posting on that soon, so be on the lookout!

Note: Women's and Men's versions are available (the design is the same but the fit is different, you'll see it in the sizing kit).

Come Join the CyclovaXC Women's Fitness Group!

Emalea Landgraf, daughter of legendary Birkie founder David Landgraf, is starting up a women's only fitness group in the St. Croix Valley. This is a TOTALLY FREE club with a focus on friendship, fitness and fun!  If you're a woman who is interested in meeting some great new people to go running, biking, or skiing with (or any other activity you can suggest), contact Emalea at: Emalea@cyclovaxc.com

This group will be appropriate for athletes of all levels, so whether you just want to lose a few pounds (in a way that doesn't involve the gym), or you are training for a college scholarship or to make the Olympic squad, this is the group for you.

Generally, activities will be scheduled to leave from the CyclovaXC retail store in St. Croix Falls, but there is still snow on the ground, so Emalea has planned her first activity at Trollhaugen in Dresser.  The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, March 8th:
6-6:30: Meet in the Trolhaugen ticketing area for a meet and greet.
6:30-7:30: Leisurely ski at Trollhollow  (please take note that although this is a free club, there is a $9 trail fee to ski at Trollhollow).

If you don't know how to ski, or you don't have any skis, simply contact Emalea and she will arrange for you to get a pair to try.

More activities will be posted as they become scheduled, but Emalea anticipates she will have at least one training day a week, and then one training day and a race day as the spring fun run schedule starts up.

Please contact Emalea as soon as possible: emalea@cyclovaxc.com

See you on the trails!

More Folks Remembering and Honoring Dave landgraf

 Here are some photos from Sue Larson of Joe Larson, Hillary Wall and Dave Wall wearing "Ski like Landgraf!"  hats.  I really like that "Run Like Landgraf" shirt, I'm going to see if more of those are available.

Those of you who are interested in getting a Landgraf hat for next year, just send me an email and I'll put you on a list. Also, keep sending me these awesome Birkie photos!!!  bj@cyclovaxc.com!


UPDATE: 2012 Landgraf Loppet is Sunday, March 11th!

IMPORTANT!  I've just been informed the date of this event has been changed to Sunday, March 11th (to accommodate Pepsi Challenge skiers).

Allan called me up and told me he wanted to do a casual race at Hickory Ridge to honor Dave Landgraf, proceeds will go to Hickory Ridge and Ski Strong.

Last year's event was super casual.  Dave called me up out of the blue (it was only like Wed. or Thur. before the race).  "Tell people to come, 15k for 15 bucks."  So I got on it, and we had a pretty decent turn out for such little prep time.  It's nice to be able to generate some funds for these ski trails because keeping them maintained and groomed is EXPENSIVE!

So here is the run down for this year:
BYOBAB--Which stands for "Bring your own beer and bib."  Like last year, they're not springing for bibs, so just bring your Birkie bib or something and they'll write down the number at the start.
Time: 10:00 AM
Registration:  8-9:30 registration
Cost: $15
Date: Sunday March 11th

Allan assured me that he'd be organizing some door prizes, and although I can't guarantee that will happen, it's dangerous to doubt Allan :)

If you don't know where Hickory Ridge is, click here.

The long and the short of it all is that this should be a fun way to close out the ski season if you don't feel like driving up to do the Bear Chase or the Pepsi Challenge!

UPDATE: 2012 Landgraf Loppet at Hickory Ridge, March 11th

IMPORTANT!  I've just been informed the date of this event has been changed to Sunday, March 11th (to accommodate Pepsi Challenge skiers).

Allan called me up and told me he wanted to do a casual race at Hickory Ridge to honor Dave Landgraf, proceeds will go to Hickory Ridge and Ski Strong.

Last year's event was super casual.  Dave called me up out of the blue (it was only like Wed. or Thur. before the race).  "Tell people to come, 15k for 15 bucks."  So I got on it, and we had a pretty decent turn out for such little prep time.  It's nice to be able to generate some funds for these ski trails because keeping them maintained and groomed is EXPENSIVE!

So here is the run down for this year:
BYOBAB--Which stands for "Bring your own beer and bib."  Like last year, they're not springing for bibs, so just bring your Birkie bib or something and they'll write down the number at the start.
Time: 10:00 AM
Registration:  8-9:30 registration
Cost: $15
Date: Sunday March 11th

Allan assured me that he'd be organizing some door prizes, and although I can't guarantee that will happen, it's dangerous to doubt Allan :)

If you don't know where Hickory Ridge is, click here.

The long and the short of it all is that this should be a fun way to close out the ski season if you don't feel like driving up to do the Bear Chase or the Pepsi Challenge!

Ski Like Landgraf Throughout the World: Grand Canyon

Uncle A.J. Sent us this photo of himself at the Grand Canyon sporting the "Ski Like Landgraf!" hat.  I think this is awesome and I'd love it if our readers would start sending in pictures of themselves wearing the Landgraf hat at various places throughout the world!  We already have a bunch of pictures of people wearing the hat at the Birkie!

I tell you what, I'm going to get some photos of me and some teammates sporting the Landgraf hat in Choquequirao and Machu Picchu, but I'll leave it up to you to get some other awesome shots!  Here are some ideas:

Landgraf hat at the Louve
Landgraf hat at the Eiffel tower
Landgraf hat at the Parthenon
Landgraf hat at the Pyramids
Landgraf hat at Niagra Falls
Landgraf hat at the fishing hall of fame (somehow, I think that one will trickle in sooner than the others)

By the way, thanks everybody for the great Birkie shots you've been sending me!  Keep 'em coming!

30 K Lake Wissota Loppet in Chippewa Falls Saturday, March 3rd!

Hey guys!
If you're looking to do a 30 K race tomorrow (March 3, 2012), consider the Lake Wissota Loppet.  I'll be in Chippewa Falls this weekend, so if you're thinking of doing this, give me a shout!  bj@cyclovaxc.com!

Interested in Joining a Woman's CyclovaXC MN MS150 ride?

Just before the Birkie, I received an email from Kimberly Kaiser about forming a women's team for the MS 150 ride from June 8th to the 10th (I would have posted something about it before, but you know how crazy it gets during the Birkie).  If any of you are interested in doing this ride with Kimberly, please contact her at: Kaball_2000@yahoo.com

Emalea is also talking about doing some women only rides and runs from the shop (which goes hand in hand with this), so if you're interested in that, contact Emalea at:

Those of you interested in doing the MS 150 ride should think about getting in on our team gear reorder (I'll be posting about that soon).  We offer a women's specific jersey, and I believe there might be one or two left at the shop for you to try on.

See you on the road!

For more information about the MS 150 ride, click here.

Even More 2012 Birkie Photos (Keep 'em Coming!)

This photo set is from Ron & Karla Yakesh and the last two are from Karen & Paul Pederson.  Thanks!  Keep sending your photos to bj@cyclovaxc.com!