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That Strada Ride Was No Joke

Yesterday a couple Cyclova people headed over to Bloomer to do the Strada Fango ride.  Let me tell you, this is a ride designed to leave very few survivors.  We had a great day and it was a heck of a fun time, but my overwhelming impression of this event was that it is TOUGH!

From the beginning I wasn't intending to do the whole thing.  I spent Friday and Saturday getting my old, rusty, Trek 7000 into working condition.  The darn thing was so corroded the wheels didn't spin straight. But hey, it was a good vehicle for suffering.

The Strada starts out on some pretty fun gravel roads and then turns off onto some ATV trails.  I believe the trails aren't officially open until May 1st, so the idea of the Strada is to get out there and ride them before they're impassable due to ATV traffic.

It's a shame those trails aren't designated as Mt. Bike only because man...they are FUN!  Actually you get these super steep downhills that end in a sand pit (thus killing all your momentum), followed by an extremely steep uphill.  Emalea kept hitting rocks and missing her shift so that she'd go into that horrible "slow fall" and crash on her shoulder.  I saw her do this twice before I completely lost sight of her and entered my own little "slow turning" world.

I kind of wish I'd started mountain biking back when I was 15 or so, because I find I'm a little tentative on the hills.  I just can't allow myself to let 'er rip and tend to ride the breaks the whole way.  However, this might not be due to a lack of experience, but instead be due to simply getting old (I find I snowplow more on skis these days too).

I looped back at the top of the course and made my way in on blacktop.  I cleared something over 40 miles at the end of the day, and that was enough for me.  Emalea, Jeff, and Mitch pounded their way through the official course like true champions.  I didn't hear what happened to Lindsley, but he started the day wearing a Smartwool thermal shirt, which must have been waaaaaay too warm (always go with Cyclova gear Allan)!

Anyway, for those of you who were on the fence about this ride, I'd suggest you definitely put in on your schedule for next year.  It was Fun (epic is too small a word).  If the idea of riding 60 miles scares you, just do what I did and plan on cutting her off halfway through and winding your way back on blacktop (it's better to be out there and ride short than to not ride at all).

Oh, and we really recommend a Mt. Bike for this one, although we saw a few people riding it on Cyclocross bikes who seemed to be doing find.  The ones we didn't understand were the three people we saw on regular carbon road bikes with 700 X 23 tires!  I didn't get a chance to see how they navigated the four inch deep sand that sent my Mt. Bike skidding sideways...but I wish I had!

Strada Fango..you are the man!

Get Your Orders in for the Team Cycling Jacket

Hey Folks!

A couple weeks ago I had Mt. Borah send us their jacket samples.  Both their thermal jacket and their lightweight wind jacket.  In the end, we decided we liked both of the options they had to offer, although it's doubtful we're going to do a thermal jacket until ski season (it will work as a good training jacket for cold nights).

In terms of a design, I thought I'd mix things up a little bit and go with the same design I used for the running singlets.  

Unfortunately, Mt. Borah doesn't have the capacity to render this jacket so you can see what it will look like on a person, but you can kind of get the idea by looking at the above picture.  The red/orange color is the same as the red/orange on the Landgraf hat, and the coloring on our team kits.  Trust me when I tell you that this is going to be an AWESOME compliment to the accessories we already have.

Look, when it comes right down to it, nobody cares more than me about having people in CyclovaXC gear looking good!  What I WANT is to see us on the cover of more magazines like Birch Scroll!  I'm psyched about this jacket honestly, and when we see them in person, you'll realize why.

This jacket is more of a wind jacket, and I think it will work great both for biking and skiing.  If there are those of you who would like to represent CyclovaXC in either of those sports, but want something a little more subdued than our regular kits, then this is for you.  I also think this will make a great warm-up style jacket for running events (would be a great thing to show up in at Grandma's marathon).

I would also like to call your attention to the left sleeve.  You can't really see it on the above image, but right near the cuff is the phrase "Train Like Landgraf!" to inspire you while you're hunched over on your bicycle (or whatever you're doing).

The sizing kit for this stuff will be in the shop in the next week or so (Mt. Borah has it on back order again).  But I'd guess this will fit you about like the vest.  You could almost use this jacket as a rain jacket, but it has a highly breathable back, so it would only keep your chest dry (I think that's where most of the rain would hit you anyway...maybe not).  The price is $100.

Oh, and I just received word that the running stuff is in the mail, so if you ordered that, you should be able to pick it up soon!

Lastly, for those of you doing the Strada this weekend, here's a map I pieced together (click to enlarge):

CyclovaXC Sleeveless Jersey

Hey Folks,

I've had quite a few people request a CyclovaXC sleeveless jersey, so I had Mt. Borah put one together for us.  It's the same basic design as the regular jersey as you can see (with the new Woolly Logo on the left back pocket).

I went ahead and ordered some upgrades on this jersey just like with the standard jersey.  This will have a full-length zipper, and micro-grid fabric, as well as a reflective panel on the pockets.  I think that last one is especially important to ensure the safety of our riders.

The price will be $85.  If you want one of these, please send your size to bj@cyclovaxc.com.

Note: the general consensus is that you shouldn't do road races with sleeveless jerseys since you tear your shoulder up if you should happen to be involved in a crash.  These jerseys will be great for mountain biking and training however.

Also, the order is in for the regular jerseys and we should have those by May 25th.

Women's Fitness Group Activity for Thursday, April 26th

Sofia's ready to go on an Evening hike, and do some painting by the look of it!

First of all, mark your calendars because Zulma has scheduled Thursday, May 10th for her next Ladies Latin Dance night!  Everyone had a blast the last time, but Zulma's ipod couldn't take the excitement and blew up (does anybody know any good tricks for fixing a wrecked ipod?).  She's still working on the particulars of how to get the music to the store, but it's sure to be figured out by May 10th.

In the meantime, it's business as usual in the store tomorrow for the women's fitness group.  Starting at 6, meet at CyclovaXC for a social gathering.  At 6:30, you'll be carpooling out to the ice age trail so that Emalea can show you some exciting new places to run/hike!  As always, you can go your own pace, as fast or as slow as you want!

See you tomorrow!

Strada Fango Ride for April 29th

Hey Folks,

Here's another fun looking ride coming down the pipe (for those of you who need some MORE after doing our Gravel Ride last weekend).  I got word of the Strada Fango ride from a forwarded email from Lindsley.

The short and sweet is that this is about a 60 mile free gravel ride in Bloomer that rolls out at 10 AM next Sunday.  Again, this is unsupported, so be responsible!

For more information go here and check out the map my ride page here (you might want to print out a map that works for you)! 

Woolly Mammoth Gravel Wrap Up!

126 intrepid souls made their way to beautiful St. Croix Falls for the Mammoth Gravel Classic!  It was an epic day on a chilly (but not uncomfortable) morning that got topped off with just enough rain to dial up the pain for those that were feeling it!  As the day wore on, more and more smiling, dirt-covered faces came trickling in to CyclovaXC, which makes me think that the course must have been too easy and we'll have to crank it up a notch for next year (100 miles anyone?).

I snapped a couple photos at the start, but the best photos of the day were taking by you the riders.  As you know, the Woolly Mt. Bike club was encouraging photos, and their twitter page (you should be following this) is currently flooded with great images.  Check them out!

Here are the shots I managed to grab:
Pretty intense game face for a "non-race" (but like I said here, if Frank Lundeen is in the event, it's just not going to be a casual ride).
Our swag table!  Get it in your head that St. Croix Falls has the best swag for their events (Ok, I admit, the Salsa Vaya in the background wasn't part of the raffle).
Woolly unveiled their new club jersey.  Remember, follow them!
Emalea expressing the overriding sentiment of the day!

That's it folks!  Remember, you can utterly escape the chaos of the city by driving a quick 40 minutes to St. Croix Falls.  That route is always going to be there and you can easily add another 40 or 50 miles to it (or subtract that much, depending on your level of sanity).

We hope to see you all again soon!  Thanks for riding the Woolly Mammoth Gravel EPIC classic!

CyclovaXC All Over the Cover of Birch Scroll

Hey, this is awesome!  Have you seen this?

First of all, check out the way Edling just dominates the cover of Birch Scroll!  Lest anyone grow concerned, he did indeed have his bib on under his vest (he had to peel it open for the finish).  Right behind Edling is Duane, and I'm not sure who the third guy is.

There are also two more CyclovaXC suits visible in the background and a plethora of hats.  I circled the most obvious ones (you can see them easier by using the above image as a guide and referencing your copy of Birch Scroll).

Honestly, I think there are a lot more hats than I even circled, I tried to keep it to the ones I was absolutely sure were "Ski Like Landgraf!" hats!

Tremendous turn-out folks!  A truly fitting tribute!

Free Gravel Ride and Cycling Photography Exhibit!

Hello All,

It's going to be a big weekend up in St. Croix Falls!  First off, on Saturday April 21st, CyclovaXC and the Woolly Mountain bike club are putting together a free Gravel ride (a $5 trail pass is required).  We've been building up momentum for this event for several months and we anticipate a huge turnout for the 35 and 70 mile rides.  Because this is a free ride, this is unsupported and we're warning everyone that it's going to be very hard (just the way cyclists like it)!  This is going to be a great way to get in some fun and semi-intense training, as well as see what the beautiful St. Croix valley has to offer, so if you don't have anything booked, head on over.  For more details click here.

April 21st also marks the world premiere of David Gabrys' cycling photography exhibit: Gravelle.  Check out some of David's work on Cycleture.com!

Also, this is the last call for our CyclovaXC team cycling jersey re-order.  Men's and women's specific jerseys are available.  The price for the jersey/short combo is $145 and includes micro-grid fabric, a full-length zipper, and a reflective panel on the back.  For more information click here.

Finally, we've hit the deadline for the Inca Trail trip that I'm doing this summer.  If there are any of you who are still on the fence about this trip, please get in touch with me so I can beg Roberto to reserve you a space (here's an article with more details).  Also, here's an article that I wrote about last year's Inca trail adventure in Go Trail magazine!

Don't forget to sign up for the Birkie!  The race does fill up folks, and I don't want to see my friends who are thirty year veterans scrambling to find a last minute entry (you know who you are).  Speaking of the Birkie, I've just learned that Walter Rhein, author of "Beyond Birkie Fever" will be presenting at the Chippewa Valley Book Festival on October 15th.  Signed copies are available at CyclovaXC, if you haven't gotten it...GET IT and if you have read it...WRITE A REVIEW!

That's it for now!  Hope to see all of you at the Gravel Ride!

Women's Fitness Group Activity for Thursday, April 19th!

Emalea's back in town and excited about tomorrow's women's fitness group event.  Here are the details:

I hope you are all rested and ready for another AWESOME Women's Night. We are going to explore a couple of trails at Interstate Park. This workout will consist of walking and / or running whatever your legs prefer. Reminder: the City of Trails 5k or 10k is the first Sat. of June. Can't wait to see you all!!

As always, meet at CyclovaXC at 6 for a social from 6 to 6:30.  The hike then begins at 6:30!  Rain or shine, see you there!

Oh, by the way, the above image is from the Inca trail in Peru, but it actually looks quite a bit like many of the trails that can be found in the St. Croix valley!  This really is a truly amazing place!

Women's Fitness Group Activity for Thursday, April 19th!

Emalea's back in town and excited about tomorrow's women's fitness group event.  Here are the details:

I hope you are all rested and ready for another AWESOME Women's Night. We are going to explore a couple of trails at Interstate Park. This workout will consist of walking and / or running whatever your legs prefer. Reminder: the City of Trails 5k or 10k is the first Sat. of June. Can't wait to see you all!!

As always, meet at CyclovaXC at 6 for a social from 6 to 6:30.  The hike then begins at 6:30!  Rain or shine, see you there!

Ski Like Landgraf Hats Continue to Travel!

Here's CyclovaXC's Emalea modeling the "Ski Like Landgraf!" hat in Colorado!  This is kind of a fun thing we have going on, we want to see how many great, historical places we can get a picture of somebody modeling that hat!

Check out this one of "Ski Like Landgraf!" at the Grand Canyon!

Those of you who are coming with me to Peru this summer better not forget your "Ski Like Landgraf!" hats!  We're going to get group photos at Choquequirao and Machu Picchu!

Nice work Emalea!  I think I see someone smiling just over your shoulder!

Birkie Registration Starts Today!

As I look out my window on this fine April 16th, I see great, white snowflakes blowing by.  What a strange year of weather we've had!  Not a flake of snow all winter, then blistering 80 degree days in March, followed by snow in April.  Go figure.

However, this snowstorm is appropriate in one sense at least, since today is the first day to register for the 40th annual American Birkebeiner.

Now look, every year I end up having some sympathetic talk with a CyclovaXC skier who has "forgotten" to register for the Birkie.  REMEMBER that it's not like the old days anymore when you could register right up to the night before the race.  They CLOSE registration now, and it's ridiculous, like three months before the event.

So REGISTER NOW, and this year, if you come up to me all sheepish and say, "oh, I forgot to register," I'm not giving you ANY sympathy.  In fact, I'm likely to slap you across the face.  So register now!

Beat High Gas Prices With a Bicycle!

This is what it costs me to fill up my 99 Subaru Sport!  Seriously?  50$!  It's almost getting to the point where you make about $15 an hour for riding your bicycle!

We had a guy in the store the other day who was kind of lamenting the high start-up cost of getting into the whole biking lifestyle.  Sure, like any initial investment, it stings a bit.  But with gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon, you're pretty much guaranteed to earn your money back in gas savings over the course of a summer.  The great thing is, that's just the straight gas savings to bicycle cost ratio and it completely leaves out the gains in fun and fitness you get from actually riding your bike!

I tell you what though, it's easy to hate oil companies.  Like the phone company, they're one of those institutions that can pretty much call all the shots and leave no recourse to you.  Sure, there's the "appearance" of competition, but the day I see a gas station selling gas at 35 cents a gallon when everyone else is hovering at 4 dollars, then I'll believe that a competitive gas market even exists.  

But friends, you can get them back by refusing to buy their product!  Bicycles folks!  Sure, big oil isn't quaking in their boots at the thought of the whole world riding bicycles, but that's in our favor!  It keeps us under the radar.  There are plenty of fools out there spending thousands of dollars yearly to keep their vehicles running.  We, the fortunate few who ride bikes, have the system beat!

Women's Fitness Group: Rest Week

Hello Ladies!

Emalea is going to be out of town taking a much needed rest so there isn't an official women's fitness group activity planned for this week.  However, be sure to check in next week (April 19th) for another great event (everybody's still talking about Latin Dance Night)!

Those of you who are in the area are more than welcome to meet at the shop and go on a hike on one of the trails that Emalea has already showed you!

Otherwise, get some rest and come back on the 19th ready to train in the beautiful St. Croix valley!

How a Burley Attaches to a Bicycle

I picked up a Burley at CyclovaXC a couple of weeks ago for taking my daughter with me on bike rides and we've both been really enjoying it.  Of course, little Sofia wasn't all that happy the first time I put her in it, but once we started rolling she began to enjoy it.

The Burley rolls really well, but it's not like you can go out and hammer like when you're riding your bicycle all by yourself.  It's tough in a headwind (because it has so much surface area), and you especially notice it when you go uphill, but most of the time you don't even realize it's there.

What I really like about it, is how compact it becomes when you fold it down.  The above picture demonstrates how little room I have in my storage space, and, as you can see, the Burley folds up and tucks away nicely.

The other confusion people might have about a Burley is how to get it attached to their bicycle, but this too is easy and requires only five minutes or so.
First you take out the skewer of your bike wheel.  The skewer is just the little rod with your quick release lever on it.  Take this off by unscrewing the end without the lever and simply sliding it out.  Be careful when you do this because there are two conical springs in the skewer and you don't want them to fall down into the grass where you might lose them.

Once you have the skewer off, you can slide the Burley latch assembly unit onto the skewer rod (see the above picture).  Once that's done, put the first conical spring back onto the rod, slide it through the axle of your wheel, and then put on the other spring and bolt it.
When you're finished, it should look like this.  All you have to do is tighten your quick release skewer and you're ready to go!  The Burley latch assembly just lives on your bike after this, so it's a one time operation.  It's very easy and convenient, and it allows you to combine your exercise time with your day care time!

Happy Easter! Ladies' Sizing Kit is IN at CyclovaXC

Hey Folks!

I hope all of you have an Easter Holiday coming up!  My wife gets a three day weekend, so that is allowing us to head over to St. Croix Tonight.  As you know, tonight is the women's fitness group Latin dance night, which is going to be a blast (activities begin at the shop at 6)!

Per usual, the clubhouse is going to be open all weekend, so those of you who want to head up to St. Croix for a training/partying weekend, you have a place to crash.  I'm guessing we'll do a group ride from the shop on Saturday at about 12, and probably a ride from the shop on Sunday (we'll be closed on Sunday so that gives us all day to ride).  Two weekends ago, Emalea, Mark, Jeff and I went on the best ride I've been on in years.

Also, Mt. Borah finally shipped us the women's sizing kit for the CyclovaXC team cycling jersey!  Sorry for the delay on that, but this nice weather has been hammering Mt. Borah (everybody's getting in their jersey orders early).  If you're a lady who wants to pre-order one of our team jerseys, stop by the shop tonight (prior to the Latin dance night would be a great time) and get your size, then leave your information with Emalea so we can put you on our list!

As always, you can check our Facebook page, or leave a comment here for last minute developments.  Hope to see each and every one of you on the bike or on the trails this weekend up at St. Croix Falls!  Happy Easter!

Mammoth Gravel Classic - St. Croix Falls, WI - Saturday, April 21, 2012

The time is drawing near for the Mammoth Gravel Classic - and the many other events that we have planned for this weekend!  We see this event as a festival celebrating the exploding niche of Gravel Cycling!

There will be something at this day long event for everyone - from seasoned racers, to people intrigued by exploring the road less traveled, to fans of world class photography, to folks who want to hear a first hand account of one of the planet's greatest adventures (the Tour Divide Race).  One thing is for sure, you need to plan on spending Saturday, April 21 (and maybe spend the night) in St. Croix Falls!  For the latest breaking news on all of these events, and to RSVP, check out the Facebook Event Page!

Following are the details on our schedule of events for Saturday, April 21, 2012:

8:00AM:  Cyclova XC bike shop in downtown St. Croix Falls opens.  Here, riders doing the 70 or 35 mile rides will sign the event waiver, as well as purchase their $5 Gandy Dancer Trail day pass (or annual pass).  Route maps will be available for these unsupported rides.  The shop opening will also provide the first glimpse at the premier of Cycleture.com's photography exhibit titled, "Gravelle".
9:30AM:  The 70 mile ride will roll out from the Scenic Overlook in downtown St. Croix Falls - 1/2 block north of Cyclova XC.  This multi-surface course will be roughly 50% pavement, 25% gravel & sand, and 25% packed limestone.  Sections of the course are very soft loose sand, so mountain bikes are recommended for most - cyclo cross bikes for expert bike handlers - and note that we DO NOT recommend anyone attempt to ride this course with a road bike.  Stay tuned for a post in the coming week with full details on this epic course - featuring roads that likely have never been traveled by bicycle (and rarely by automobile) - until recently.  While this this is a relatively flat course, it will surprise the heartiest gravel enthusiast - this is a difficult course, particularly from about mile number 17 through 25.
9:35AM:  The 35 mile ride will roll out from the Scenic Overlook in downtown St. Croix Falls - 1/2 block north of Cyclova XC.  This beautiful course will gently climb out of the river valley to the Gandy Dancer State Bike trail - a beautiful packed limestone bicycle trail.  This surface is ideal for nearly any type of bicycle (skinny or fat tires).
Lunch/Dinner:  The Wineries & Grille, across the street from Cyclova XC has a Mammoth Gravel Glassic special for us that is certain to please (they always do) and fill the hungriest of cyclists!  This special includes a 1/2 lb local beef burger with choice of toppings, garlic/herby baby red potato salad, and a Finnegan's Irish Ale for $8 - each person to sign the event waiver will be given a coupon for this special offer!  There are also numerous other Winery, Indian, Coffee Shop, and other food options available within a stone's throw of Cyclova XC and the event finish.  
4:30PM:  Door prize drawing for a wide variety of fabulous swag for Mammoth Gravel Classic particpants.  Free swag at a free event!  You must be present to win!
4:45PM:  David Gabrys of Cycleture.com presents the inspiration and meaning behind his "Gravelle" exhibit.  This will happen inside Cyclova XC, on the Cyclova XC big screen.
5:00PM:  Joseph Meiser presents his "Tour Divide Race" experience at the Cyclova XC big screen.  Joe will begin by showing a 15 minute video, including hundreds of photos and video clips from his 2009 assault on the event.  Joe will then talk about his preparation for the event, the trials he experienced during it, and the equipment that he used.  To finish this off, he will show us the actual bike he used in this event, with the minimalist ultra-light gear loaded into the bags.  The Tour Divide Race has been made famous by the film "Ride the Divide".  For more on Joe's experiences in this event, see past CyclovaXC.com posts HERE and HERE.  
7:30PM:  While not officially associated with the Woolly Gravel Classic, we have a very special evening happening in town at the famous Festival Theater in St. Croix Falls!  Dan Chouinard and special guest Peter Ostroushko will celebrate Earth Day by embarking on one of their famous musical story telling sessions - as heard regularly on Minnesota Public Radio, and A Prairie Home Companion.  This and more for the very low price of $15 at the Festival Theater!
9:00PM:  The Wineries & Grille, across the street from Cyclova XC will also have a Comedy & Dinner Show at 9PM.  This will be a full on 4 course dinner with admittance to the comedy show for $30!  Pre-Paid reservations only!
Evening:  We encourage you to stay the evening and stay the night in beautiful St. Croix Falls!  There are numerous very convenient lodging options:
  • Wisconsin Interstate Park:  Wisconsin Interstate Park's beautiful North Campground is literally within a 5 - 10 minute walk of downtown St. Croix Falls.  Just think - one of the globe's greatest rivers, nature, fine dining, world class entertainment, and a bicycle festival all wrapped up into one!  Beautiful sights on the ridge overlooking the river!
  • Minnesota Interstate Park:  Minnesota's Interstate Park is located just across the river, with the campground being a 10 minute bike ride or 5 minute drive from downtown St. Croix Falls.  Beautiful sites right on the river!
  • Wissahickon Bed & Breakfast:  Located right on the Mammoth Gravel Classic Course, about a 5 minute drive from downtown St. Croix Falls or a 15 minute bike ride away (up the big river valley hill from downtown).
  • Other hotel options
Sunday @ 10AM:  A mountain bike ride will roll out from Cyclova XC to ride the St. Croix Falls Woolly Trail Race Loop - which will be the final race of the Minnesota Series this year!

See you at the Mammoth Gravel Classic!

Women's Fitness Group Activity: Latin Dance!

Hey Everyone!

I've been looking forward to this women's fitness group activity, on Thursday, April 5th, CyclovaXC will be featuring Latin dance!  My wife Zulma (shown in the picture above from our wedding), is as Latina as they come, which means she knows how to move her hips!

In Peru, women don't get together and do things like Tae-Bo or Jazzercize.  Instead, they get together and have a lot better time by dancing!  This is a great way to have a blast, improve your fitness, and practice your dance moves in a fun, encouraging, and supportive environment.

Absolutely NO dancing skills or experience are required.  Essentially what is going to happen is that Zulma will treat you to a selection of her favorite music (which is very likely to be music you've never heard before), and then walk you through the common dance steps associated with various songs.  She'll be covering Salsa, Merengue, and a plethora of other common Latin dances.

Again, this is an ALL WOMEN activity, so no men are allowed in the shop whatsoever!

This is sure to be a fun, and special night, so make sure you attend!  Depending on your reaction, we'd be happy to make this a regular event.

The schedule is as follows:

6:00-6:30: Arrive at the shop for pre-activity social.
6:30-7:00: Warm-up hike on the Ice Age trail.
7:00-exhaustion: Latin dance (this is scheduled for after closing time to ensure the store is empty).

Emalea also suggests that you do a little research on Google and see if you can come up with the names of a couple Latin musicians you're interested on (oh, and word to the wise, you don't want to mention Jennifer Lopez to Zulma).  Emalea's also going to provide some beverages!

So make sure to come on down to CyclovaXC on Thursday, April 5th!  This is going to be a special cultural event that's guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face!

CyclovaXC Mentioned in GoTrail Magazine!

Here's the cover of the latest edition of GoTrail Magazine.  I did an article for them about hiking the Inca trail.  The layout is pretty awesome!

For those of you who are interested in reading it, you can head on over to the free .pdf here.  Make sure you return to this page to leave your comments below!

Also, those of you who are interested in doing the Inca Trail with me and Incarunners.com from June 20th to 29th, I've just received word from Roberto Carcelen that the cut off for contacting him and getting in your first payment is April 18th!  Get on that folks!  You can find Roberto's Contact information here!

Wave Seeding for the 2013 Birkie

Well, there it is folks, courtesy of the Birkie web page.  I know just from giving this a quick glance that some of you moved up a wave or two, so congratulations!  If you have any questions on this, shoot me an email!