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The 2012 Order of CyclovaXC Bike Jerseys and Shorts are IN!

Here's Emalea modeling the new CyclovaXC team jerseys.  As you can see, it says "Bike Like Landgraf!" along the side (guaranteed to give you some Landgraf power...all you have to do is ride with Emalea sometime and you'll know what we're talking about).

In the image on the right, you can see Frank modeling the jersey as well.  In that picture, you can see the Woolly Mt. Bike logo displayed prominently on the right shoulder.  Remember that the Woolly club is also doing a jersey order and some of the proceeds are going to their trail creation efforts, so we highly encourage you to pick one up (click here for more information).

Speaking of Woolly, they are looking for volunteers to help do some trail work on June second.  Check their Facebook page for details (the itinerary is in the Timeline photo at the top).

One last thing about our awesome new jersey.  We decided to save some lives and put a reflective fabric across the back.  Check out the picture below to see how effective it is!  For those of you who pre-ordered, your kits are waiting.  For the rest of you, there are a limited number of extras, but they're going to go fast (CyclovaXC team gear never stays around the shop all that long).

The next order of stuff (sleeveless jerseys and wind jackets) will be in on June 8th.  Cheers!

Women's Fitness Group Activity for Thursday, May 31st (hiking or running)

Hello everyone, this is a rescheduling of last week's women's fitness group event which got cancelled due to poor weather.


Over the river and through the woods to Interstate Park we go!  We are headed to Minnesota tomorrow.    We will be exploring  Minnesota Interstate Park just south of Taylor Falls.  This activity is a hiking or running or a little of both (so don't be fooled by the cycling picture above:).  That is yet another reason that this group is so AWESOME you choose your own speed, but YOU always start and end with the group!!  Remember rain or shine and if it is REALLY raining there are a couple of nice restaurants near by :)

And those of you that didn't make it last week no worries your GOAL sheet is still waiting to be filled out:)  My personal goal is to ride 80 miles in one day before July 4, 2012. . .  I added this part today it can't be ALL on the Gandy hills MUST be part of the ride.  

Can't wait to see you all, remember we are always inviting new gals!!

Timber Swinder: Wannigan Days 5 K Run

Hey Folks!

Here's another great CyclovaXC event to put on your calendar: The Timber Swindler Wannigan Days 5 K Run for Saturday, July 21, 2012!

The Timber Swindler is a race with significant historical relevance to the St. Croix valley.  Originally founded in 1835 by Frunck Lundgerdeenren of Oslo, Sweden (the lesser known city Norway stole the name of its capital from), the 5 k was a fanciful prance of local long bearded lumberjacks who completed the course in 40 lb steel toed boots, red and black checkered flannel ware, while hoisting a several hundred pound shanghaied log on their bulky shoulders.  They would then take these stolen lengths of timber and cash them in for untold riches (back when you could get money for a soggy piece of wood).  

Actually, it wasn't so much an organized race as it was an example of...well, theft.  The race has lain dormant for the last 177 years, but we're reviving it like a genetically engineered lost relic from the past.  That's the kind of awesomeness Wannigan days deserves.

Think of it as an homage to the larcenous lumberjacks of yesteryear for 2012 (lumberjack attire not required...though we have to admit it's not discouraged).

Be there for some Timber Swindlin'

9AM Saturday, July 21, 2012
$15 Pre-register, $20 Race Day
Registration and Bib Pick-up 7:30-8:45 @ CyclovaXC
FREE KIDS 1/2 Mile Run 10:15 @ Snap Fitness
Awards 10:30 @ Snap Fitness

125 N. Washington St. 
St. Croix Falls, WI 54024
(715) 483 3278

Jeff Dominates Saturday Ride!

We had a nice ride on Saturday morning from the shop at 9 AM this Saturday.  I didn't put on the full blitz of CyclovaXC promotion for it though, it was just one of those "spontaneous rides" where a couple people happened to be there.  

Actually, I'm liking the Saturday morning ride concept though because it allows you to get your hours in before you stand around at work all day (er...I mean work our fingers to the bone like mad men).  Maybe we'll make a habit of these Saturday morning 9 AM rides, so if you're within 100 miles of CyclovaXC at 8, and you have a fast car, you should BE HERE for them!

Well, our casual ride down River Road turned into a sprint fest as Jeff continually hammered like he was trying to win a stage in the Tour de France.  All while casually talking up a storm and displaying not the slightest shortness of breath.  Finally, I had to just sit up and say, "OK LET'S CHILL FOR A WHILE" and Jeff relaxed just long enough for us to group back up with him before diving forward into his aero bars and hammering it again.  He jut got jumpy if we went under 20 mph.

However, Jeff's only weakness is that he hasn't spent a huge amount of time in pack races, so we were able to hit him tactically a couple times.  I think it was Ben (on the right) that came strolling into town all by himself as the rest of the group sputtered and cursed in the jet stream coming off his tires (those that were close enough to him at that point...not me).

Fun ride.

Next time, we're doing this River Road loop as a sprint race.  Designated sprint points are the Stop Ahead signs, plus one more road sign to be determined on the outskirts of St. Croix Falls.  We'll keep you posted!

BIKE TECH: 2012 Trek Madone 3.1

The 2012 Trek Madone 3.1 is a featured model at Cyclova XC - for very good reason!

At Cyclova XC, a whole lot of thought goes into which bikes we choose to stock. Bikes just keep on getting better and better - and dropping in price due to trickle down technology.  In short, it's an exciting time in the bicycle industry!

The Trek Madone 3.1 (Apex) is perhaps the best example in our store of the amazing effects of this trickle down technology!  While this is Trek's entry level OCLV Carbon road bike, it literally rivals the performance of any bike that Lance won the Tour de France on!  This all at a price of $2089.99!

Let's get into some tech details:

Frame Set:  The Madone 3.1 uses Trek's new 300 Series OCLV Carbon, utilizing the same tube shaping as the top of the line 6 Series Frames.  300 Series OCLV carbon is a very light, stiff, and comfortable riding material that will leave you smiling at the top of a climb or after an all day ride.  

Trek also utilizes what I call system integration technology - meaning that the Bontrager Race fork and head tapered/integrated headset are specifically designed to be used with this frame.  The same can be said for the integrated BB86.5 bottom bracket - which utilizes serviceable cartridge bearings that are pressed into the frame - rather than a generic bottom bracket off of the shelf.

In short - this is the technology that Lance was dreaming of back when he was winning the Tour!

Component Group:  We have made a conscious decision to stock bikes that are spec'ed with SRAM components when ever possible.  SRAM is a Chicago based company whose products exceed the performance of their competitors, offer greater value, have a great warranty, and are a pleasure to work with.  Just think, Trek is based in Wisconsin - and SRAM is based in Chicago!  How's that for supporting our local economy?

The Madone 3.1 Apex is spec'ed with SRAM's amazing "Apex" group.  This is SRAM's entry level road grouppo, but don't let that fool you.  Apex offers most of the performance benefits of the top end SRAM product at a fraction of the price.  

SRAM Apex Dual Tap brake/shift levers work like a dream.  They put you in control of your gearing and brake systems with absolute precision.  If you've never tried the SRAM Dual Tap system, come on in for a test ride!

Trek has chosen a great gearing combination on this bike, with SRAM's Apex Compact Crankset (34/50 chain rings) and SRAM's Apex 11-32 Cassette.  This gearing combination yeilds a gear range almost equal to a road triple drive train, with much greater shifting precision.  Compact gearing really is a game changer with road bikes - come on in and check it out!

Supporting Bits:  As usual, Trek has spec'ed the remaining parts of the bike with their own "Bontrager" branded items.  This includes the Bontrager Race stem, bars, and seat post - along with amazing new Affinity road saddle!  The Bontrager Approved alloy hubs and rims are a great all around wheel set, capable of everything from racing to light touring.

Other Neat Details:  This bike is packed full of neat details, that often go missed.  

To start off with, Trek specs this bike with their "Speed Trap" compatible fork.  This allows you to put a wireless computer sensor right in to the fork leg, rather than zip tying something on - allowing for a clean sleek look.  

While this looks and rides like a race bike, this also has some practical features built in such as rear rack compatibility, as well as front & rear fender compatibility.  These critical details ensure that the Madone 3.1 is equally at home on the race course, as it is commuting to and from work!

Come on in to Cyclova XC for a free test ride today - and to experience the latest in bike technolgoy professionally fit to your body!

BIKE TECH: Bike Assortment & Presentation Philosphy At Cyclova XC

At Cyclova XC, you'll find the very best in each category of bicycle, presented as bikes were meant to be - as art!

At Cyclova XC, a whole lot of thought goes into which products we choose to stock.  While we have access to hundreds of models of bicycles from our great vendors (Trek, Salsa, and Niner), we only choose to stock certain core models - the ones that offer the greatest value to performance ratio for our customers in each of the key categories.  Certain models offer outstanding value, while others just don't cut it for us.  In short, we stress the details, so you - our customers - don't have to!

These core models include 18 models from our 3 brands - we go deep into these 18 models, generally having full size runs in stock of each model.  Note that if for what ever reason you want something different than we normally stock, we can certainly special order it for you.  Special orders generally only take a couple of days to get in for you.

We tastefully display one of each model on our showroom floor - presenting them as bicycles were meant to be presented - as art.  Rotating art exhibits are constantly rotating through our shop, displayed between bike displays.  Rather than overwhelm the senses by keeping our back stock of bikes on the sales floor as most shops do, we keep the mess in our back storage areas - so you don't have to deal with it.   

Swing on by to check out the constantly arriving new product, catch up on the latest bike/run/xc ski happenings, and check out the art exhibit on display!

Woolly Bike Club 2012 Jersey Pre-Order

Hey Folks,

I just saw an announcement that the Woolly Bike Club is offering their team jerseys for sale.  Check out the sweet design above!

The pre-order deadline is June 2nd, and I urge everybody in the universe to get all over this offer.  Not only are you getting one of those awesome, unique jerseys that shows you're hip with the true cyclists who know EVERYBODY in the business...you're also helping to fund the signage for the fantastic Woolly single track trails.  This is a tremendous opportunity to look great, gather up some prime athletic gear, and help out the local trail systems.  It's win, win, win!

Jersey's are $70 I believe, click here for further information (and to order)!

Creative Bicycle Racks Featured on Flavorwire

Here's a link to an article on Flavorwire on some super creative bicycle racks throughout the world.  I'm including this article here, because it fits in with my larger scheme of converting St. Croix Falls into an ALL BICYCLE city.  I'm talking no cars on main street, bike paths down to the river, underwater tubes that connect WI to MN, it's gonna be big.

But just imagine if St. Croix built a whole bunch of creative bike racks right in the middle of the downtown street!  People would come from millions of miles just to see it.  Everybody who owns property within a hundred miles of the town would instantly become billionaires.  It's going to be great, I expect it to get done in about three more years!

Sizing Kit In for Wind Jacket and Sleeveless Jersey (Sort of)


We've been having an endless delay with Mt. Borah because they haven't been able to get us a sizing kit for their wind jacket.  I talked to Kimberly who was very apologetic, and managed to dig up a size M and L (I believe) for us to take a look at.

For those of you who are still on the fence about the Wind Jacket, you can now head to the shop and have a look at a sample product.  They don't have a complete rendering graphic for us on the Wind Jackets, but you can see from the above proof that it's going to be similar in design to the running singlet (but with sleeves).  

This should be a great item for cooler mornings because this jacket can be rolled up into a small enough bundle that you can stick it in your jersey pocket.  I also think this jacket is going to have a lot of use as a piece of ski training apparel. 

The price is $100, and I intend to put in the orders on Sunday or Monday, so please come in and check it out this weekend!

Gregg Rochester's Bike Art--Check this Out!

I received an email recently from Greg Rochester featuring the above FANTASTIC photo of a work-of-art, one-of-a-kind, paint job!  We already consider bikes as art at CyclovaXC, but this is great to see as well!

To check out more of Gregg Rochester's work, click this link!

Women's Fitness Group Activity for May 17th

Sofia and Emalea Enjoying a Casual Bike Ride
Women's Fitness Group Activity for Thursday, May 17th:

Multi event evening !! Ladies we are going to work all muscle groups tomorrow evening!! Social hour 6pm - 6:30pm IMPORTANT think of one physical or spiritual goal you would like to complete by July 4th. That will give us all about a month in a half to work towards a positive / rewarding goal. Think BIG or small but think of something that will benefit you !!!

6:30 pm depart on BIKE. We will be biking from the shop into Interstate Park on the WI side. We will do a bike tour of the park and then we go a hike. Don't worry I will bring a bike lock to keep our favorite toys together. SOUNDS FUN, I know !!! Can't wait to see you ALL

Woolly Ride This Saturday: Free Guided Tour & Race Pace Workout!

Join us for a fun day on the Woolly Mountain Bike Trails in St. Croix Falls on Saturday, May 19!

We and literally hundreds of Midwest mountain bike enthusiasts simply can't get enough of the Woolly trails in St. Croix Falls.  The Woolly Bicycle Club has been hard at work this spring buffing out the trails, cutting new trail, procuring professional course signage, and working to become established as an IMBA Chapter!

Come join us this Saturday, May 19 to celebrate mountain biking in the St. Croix Valley!  This is going to be a FREE and FUN day of enjoying one of the best mountain bike courses in the Midwest, an opportunity to test your legs, enjoy amazing food / drink at any of a variety of gourmet establishments, and find amazing camping or lodging (you know you'll want to stay).

An action shot from the 2011 Woolly Race.

Following is a schedule of events for the day:

9:00AM:  Cyclova XC in downtown St. Croix Falls will open.  Come to pick up any last minute supplies you might need for the ride.  Come to hang out.  Come to check out the latest bikes from Trek, Salsa, and Niner.  No registration, but feel free to throw a few bucks into the Woolly club donation jar - which will go toward building and marking more sweet single track!
9:30AM:  The group of mountain bikers will roll out from Cyclova XC, up the hill to the Woolly Race start area - at the St. Croix Falls High School.
10:00AM:  The group will roll out on the Woolly course, which will be marked with bright ground paint / chalk.  The entire first lap will be a no drop "guided tour" (FOR ALL LEVELS OF MOUNTAIN BIKERS) of the ~8 mile Woolly Race Course lap.  After a leisurely first lap, riders will re-gather in the High School Parking.  Those who are game will do a 2 lap race pace workout.  Note that this is an unsupported ride, with no timing.
Suggested Afternoon Activities:

The Salsa Mukluk Continues to Impress!

Well, I was just at the shop today messing around with a funky lens on my camera, and I ended up with the above shot of the Salsa Mukluk that pretty much lives in front of our store.  If you ever swing by, you're likely to encounter this bike at the center of a buzzing throng of people saying things like:

"LOOK at those tires!"

"What are those tires for!"

"Actually...what's that whole BIKE for?"

My friends, this bike has one purpose and one purpose only...to IMPRESS and INTIMIDATE everyone who looks at it!  It's the MONSTER TRUCK of bicycles!  And despite the fact that those wheels are GINORMOUS, the thing rolls like a dream (go on a ride with Frank sometime while he's riding his Mukluk and see if you can keep up).

Actually, this bike is available for anyone to ride, so swing on by and give it a roll around the neighborhood (Disclaimer: CyclovaXC is not responsible for any cars, buildings, bulldozers, or other bikes you might destroy while riding our demo Mukluk).

Women's Fitness Group Activity: Latin Dance Night, Thur., May 10th

Hey Everybody!

Zulma's managed to get another Friday off, and you know what that means!  It means she will be available to do another Latin dance night at CyclovaXC on Thursday May 10th!  This completely free dance workout is a whole lot of fun as Zulma helps build your confidence in Salsa, Merengue, and other forms of Latin dance.

Latin Dance night takes place at CyclovaXC at 7:15 pm (after work hours).  Only ladies are permitted (as always)!  This was a HUGE SUCCESS the last time Zulma came, so I urge yo to take advantage of this opportunity.  You're guaranteed to leave feeling a lot more confident in your abilities out on the dance floor (and if you can dance...you can do anything!).

So see you all at CyclovaXC tomorrow for Latin Dance Night!  You won't regret it!

CyclovaXC to be Open on Tuesdays (3PM to 7PM)!

Hey Folks!

We've been debating the idea of having "summer hours" for quite some time and we've decided to give it a try.  Starting today, CyclovaXC will be open on Tuesdays from 3-7 PM.  We're going to do this throughout May and see how it works.  If our feedback is positive, we'll adopt these hours for the rest of the summer (and potentially beyond).

So, if you're excited about CyclovaXC being open on Tuesdays, come on in and buy a bike!  See you on wheels!

More Fun, Epic Rides in the St. Croix Valley

It was another great weekend of riding in St. Croix falls.  On Saturday we managed to dodge the raindrops and ride from Osceola to the Cafe Wren (in Luck), and back.  This is a great 50 mile ride including 30 miles on the Gandy dancer trail.

I was experimenting with a Vivitar bike camera that I bought at K-mart for $20.  A lot of the video is a little wobbly (maybe I'll upload some of that later), but you can grab decent enough shots for the day.  The camera kills some of my handlebar riding positions though, so I don't know how much use it will get.  I might revert back to my initial plan and just clip it to my jersey zipper and grab the occasional shot with it during breaks. 

Folks, seriously, put St. Croix falls on the map...it's where the good riding is!
 Cafe Wren...a great destination point for a ride.
 Jeff regretting what he drank on Friday night.
 Going down S (awesome road out of Osceola).
 Mitch and Frank saluting the camera.
Mostly ineffective free special effects on Windows media player.

The CyclovaXC Running Kit is IN! (It looks Awesome Obviously)

Hey folks!  

There it is!  The CyclovaXC running singlet and shorts!  Looks fantastic as always, although you wouldn't expect anything else from CyclovaXC!  We like to look good, and we consistently nail our team gear right out of the park!

Emalea is putting together the packages for those of you who pre-ordered.  The pre-orders get a slightly lower price.  For those of you who are coming in to grab one of these off the rack, the price is:

Singlet: $50
Shorts: $55

Just seeing this singlet and shorts makes me want to pull on my shoes and go running!  That's the kind of motivation I need!

Women's Fitness Group Activity for Thursday, May 3rd

Hello Ladies,

Emalea is rallying the girls once again for another great Women's fitness group activity.  The weather has been awesome lately, and it's time to get out there and see how fun biking can be (there's nobody better to show you than Emalea)!  --those last few phrases rhymed by the way.

Here's Emalea's planl:

Ladies!  Biking season has finally arrived! It is time to dust off the tires and ride like the wind. The plan for tackling the tires is to leave the shop at 6:30 and head to the Gandy Dancer trail. Don't have a trail pass yet, NO WORRIES you can purchase a day ($4) or seasonal pass ($20) at the shop. If you don't have a bike just email me and I will try my best to find a bike for you! The Gandy is perfect for ANY type of bike. A unicycle might be tough, but I am always open to new ideas.

Look forward to seeing you ALL. Remember rain or shine WE are TOUGH CHICKS

See you on Thursday!  And remember that Zulma is doing another Latin Dance night on May 10th so clear your calendars!