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Stonegrinding Sale Ends Saturday, Dec. 1st!

Hey Folks!

Time is running out on our STUPENDOUS STONEGRINDING SALE! Until Saturday, December 1st, the price for the Stonegrind + Hotbox combo will be $79.99, which is a $20.00 savings! This is a great way to breathe new life into an old pair of skis you thought were toast! It's also the perfect way to tune up your best racing skis for the upcoming season. Don't wait, head on down and drop off your skis! The price reverts back to normal on Sunday!

Custom Cyclova XC Logo Wear IN STOCK! (Ski Hats & Fleect Tops)

You've asked for it!  Just in time for the Holiday season, there is a wide variety of customized Cyclova XC logo wear (Ski Hats & Fleece Tops - in addition to ski suits, etc) now in stock at Cyclova XC - with more to come soon!

We are constantly getting requests for more ski gear with Cyclova XC logos on them - so we recently brought a big batch of product down to our embroidery shop to have customized - 5,487 stitches worth to be exact - and it turned out great!

Just in are a wide variety of Toko ski hat styles & colors with the Cyclova XC shield logo on the forehead area.  We have about 30 of these, but they're already going fast.

Additionally, we got our hands on some really sweet Yoko Fleece Tops.  These are perfect as a casual every day piece, but also work superbly for a mid layer on a cold ski.  These Yoko tops feature the Cyclova XC shield logo on the front crest & on the upper back (see below photo).  These tops are available in both mens and ladies specific sizing.  

All of this just in time for the Holiday Season!
Also just in:  Amazingly cozy, stylish, & sporty Yoko fleece tops, with the Cyclova XC shield on the front crest and back - mens & ladies specific!  Come get yours while the getting is good!

Snow at Afterhours Ski Trail

My mom sent me this photo taken yesterday at the Afterhours Ski Trail up by Brule.  We used to do a ski race around this neck of the woods that was just awesome. This is a fun little trail to check out, so if you've got some free time, or you can get off work, head out there.

Here's some info.

It looks like we're officially entering that time of year where we all start making mad pilgrimages to find snow.  Good thing too, because I can't take too much more rollerskiing (3 months is the limit and even that is pushing it).

It's Time to Plan for the Sisu Marathon

Hey Folks!

The fee for the Sisu Ski fest is set to rise on November 30th, and there's nothing like signing up for an early season ski marathon to get you dialed in for ski training!  To register click here!

We had a blast up at Sisu last year, you can check out the write-up here!

A couple people have be asking me about pooling together for a place to stay and/or carpooling up there. Honestly, the drive to and from the race is the best part of the ski season! On the way up you're bursting with excitement and energy, and on the way back you're exhausted, relieved, and content with your effort (even if you weren't as fast as you'd hoped--which is happening more and more often for me).

I know that some of you are doing your first Birkie this year, and Sisu is your first chance to improve your wave placement. Believe me when I tell you that it's worth it to do a qualifying race, pay the fee, and move up a wave--even if it's only one wave.

If you're on the team and you're planning on heading up there, send an email to me at bj at cyclovaxc.com, and I'll set up an email list for some internal communication (I'd prefer not to publish the emails of people who've already said they're committed to going just to help cut down on spam).  I've heard from Dallas, Micah, Ben I and Ben II so far, and it'd be nice to have a full contingent of CyclovaXC skiers up there!  So sign up for the race and get in touch with me (I'm glad Ben sent me an email about this so we can hopefully avoid staying at the same horrible hotel as last year--I took pictures and decided I couldn't publish them because they were too nasty, we can avoid that by planning ahead).

Stonegrinding + Hotbox Sale!

Hey Folks!

Now is a great time to come on down to CyclovaXC and get your skis prepped for the upcoming season! From now until December 1st we are offering 20% off our Stonegrind + Hotbox combo!  Come December 1st this professional ski preparation will cost you $99.99, but for the rest of November you can get it done for $79.99

Hurry up and get your skis rocket ship fast! I hear there is already snow at ABR, so beat the rush to prep your best equipment while you're out training on your rock skis!

For more information on our ski prep services, click here!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Hey Folks!

I hope you all have a great day planned with lots of turkey, football, family and friends! We at CyclovaXC would like to wish you all the best possible holiday!

It's hard to believe, but this is already the second Thanksgiving since we opened our little shop in St. Croix Falls! We are sincerely grateful to be in this wonderful community, and we're also thankful for the opportunity the shop has given us to reconnect with old friends, as well as establish relationships with new ones.

So enjoy your turkey, but don't gorge yourself! And have fun in your pick up football game, but stay injury free! We've got a big ski season coming up and we want to see all of your smiling faces out there enjoying the pristine trails that only the Midwest has to offer!

Happy Thanksgiving!

CyclovaXC At the Chicago Marathon!

 I'm a day late and a dollar short in posting these, but I'm still super psyched to see the CyclovaXC running kit in action (on what appeared to be a cool day) at the Chicago Marathon!

This running top has been a great addition to the CyclovaXC wardrobe because it looks great, and you can wear it this time a year to alert the deer hunters to the fact that you're a HUMAN BEING (DON'T SHOOT!).

Thanks for sending these in!  Keep the pictures coming! I might put them up late, but they'll get up there!

CyclovaXC Hat Throughout the World: Steve at the Matterhorn

Steve of McCormack dentistry sent over these awesome pictures from his trip to Austria and Switzerland. Yeah, that's the Matterhorn in the background. Sweet pic! Steve came into the shop on Friday and I ended up asking him like six times if he rollerskied because my poor addled brain no longer works.
Gornergrat in Zermatt
And this is the Jungfrauloch ... top of Europe ... where Matt Lauer of NBC did his show a couple years ago.

Thanks for the awesome photos Steve!

Birkie Novel and Inca Trail Presentations at Midwest Mountaineering

Walter Rhein will be presenting on hiking the Inca Trail with Olympic cross-country skiers Leif Zimmermann, Martin Koukal, and Roberto Carcelen this Saturday, November 17th in Minneapolis.  He will also be presenting on his well-received cross-country skiing memoir "Beyond Birkie Fever." The two presentations will be approximately one hour in length and will feature a slide show of spectacular images from Peru as well as the Birkie.

The first presentation is titled "Connecting the Lost Cities: Hiking the Inca Trail with Olympic Athletes" and will be on Saturday, November 17th at 10:30 AM in the University of Minnesota Hanson Hall, Room 106 (the address for Hanson Hall is: 1925 4th St. S, Minneapolis MN 55455).  This is the story of a six day journey in Peru from Choquequirao to Machu Picchu.

The second presentation is titled "Beyond Birkie Fever" and will be a discussion of his humorous cross-country skiing memoir of the same name.  The book was recently featured in the Chippewa Valley Book Festival. This presentation will be on Saturday, November 17th at 2:15 PM in the University of Minnesota Hanson Hall, Room 105.

These presentations are free to the public, and the author will be available to sell and sign his novel after the presentations.  For more information, click here.

To pick up copies of "Beyond Birkie Fever" (pick up like ten and give them to your friends and family, they'll love it!) click here!

XC Ski Trail Work Day A Huge Success In St. Croix Falls, WI!

A beautiful afternoon was enjoyed by volunteers working to do final prep on St. Croix Falls' new XC Ski Trails - to be groomed & maintained THIS WINTER.

As announced last week on CyclovaXC.com, there will be a new professionally groomed XC ski trail in St. Croix Falls this winter - on the Wert Nature Preserve property.  HERE is a preliminary GPS map of the trail system (thanks Ben!).  

On Saturday afternoon, we had a trail work day to prepare this 5.5k trail system for the ski season - and we're thrilled to announce that the trail work day was a resounding success!

This crew of 15 means business - and got a ton of work done out on the trails (a number of folks aren't in this photo)!  Photo Credit:  Bri Prahl

The work day started at 2PM at Cyclova XC.  We reviewed the specifics on the trail system (where, when, how, etc), reviewed the GPS map of the trail system, and talked about goals for the afternoon.  After about a 20 minute preview & pep talk, we caravanned to the trail head (at the north end of Day Road in St. Croix Falls).  

As we arrived at the trail head, volunteer superstar Steve Litzkow was wrapping up the mowing of the upper meadow field area (which will be the beginner loop).  Huge thank you to Steve for volunteering his time, resources, and enthusiasm!

Steve the trail working super hero donated over 8 hours of his time (and equipment) on Saturday, to ensure that minimal snow is required to have the trails in great shape - trimming back stubble in the upper meadow / field area.

After chatting with Steve a bit, the group split into 2 groups, picking up sticks, trimming overhanging branches, and clearing debris which would inhibit grooming or damage skis.  We met at the central 4 way intersection after cleaning the south and east spurs of the trail, and then went off to clean up the west & north spurs.  

As we finished up the northern spur, we witnessed a spectacular view of the sunset, from a vantage point that towered over the majestic St. Croix River Valley.

Closest to farthest:  Micah trimming back some branches, Tyler & John removing some Buckthorn (invasive species), and Arne & Neal trimming overhanging branches in the far distance.

As some on the Cyclova squad would say, some heavy duty "man work" was done!  Photo credit:  Bri Prahl

Dr. Laugus came well prepared with his pole saw - thanks to him, overhanging branches weighted down with snow won't be hitting your head as you ski through.

Following the trail work, we enjoyed a celebratory beverage, and had dinner at The Vegetarian, a local world class Indian restaurant.  After dinner, a great time was had viewing Salsa Cycles's "Reveal The Path".  

The end result is a 10 + foot wide, beautifully prepared trail which will be groomable with minimal snow.

2 days after the trail work day (on Monday), a blanket of snow covered our trails - we'll be skiing out here soon!  Photo credit:  Steve Litzkow

Clear Your Calendars for Dec. 15th!

Foks, in a couple days we're going to be making a HUGE announcement, it's going to be BIG, we expect the Today show to arrive and cover it...yeah, that big!

Unfortunately, we can't give you any details right now except to tell you:
How big?
But not...

Anyway, keep your eyes GLUED to your computer in case we can jump ahead and give you more info earlier than anticipated. Right now I'm thinking of spilling the beans on Wednesday, but I don't know for sure.

All I can tell you right now is that you need to clear your schedules for Saturday, December 15th, and plan to be in St. Croix Falls at around 9 AM!

It's literally going to rain awesomeness from the sky!

That's all I can say, except to give you a couple letters as a clue, here they are:




That's all I can say for now! Remember, clear your schedules and plan to be in St. Croix Falls, WI on December 15th!

XC Ski Trail Work Day & Screening Of Reveal The Path THIS SATURDAY

Steve and Duane take a moment to show that Cyclova XC trail work days aren't all business - rather, a lot of fun!

You read the title right, this Saturday, November 10 you are encouraged to join us for an afternoon on getting the XC Ski trail in St. Croix Falls ready for winter & to be groomed.  

"Wait", you say - there aren't xc ski trails in St. Croix Falls... Well, now there are.  We're thrilled to announce that there will indeed be groomed xc ski trails in St. Croix Falls, located on the north side of town within the 450 acre Wert Nature Preserve.  To ski the entire system will be just under a 6k ski, with a few sections of out and back.  This will be a trail for all levels of xc skiers, with flat meandering loops, as well as very challenging climbs/descents.  Trail marking signage & and trailhead will be installed in the coming month.  Much more of the details will be released in following posts here, as well as on the city of St. Croix Falls website.  Thanks to the City of St. Croix Falls (the "City of Trails") for making this happen!

To be among the first to learn a whole lot more about these trails - and to be a part of getting them ready to ski in their inaugural season, bring a shovel, branch "nippers", and a strong back this Saturday.  We will meet up at the Cyclova XC in downtown St. Croix Falls at 2PM, review the game plan, and then caravan to the trail head site by 2:30PM (at the north end of Day Road).  Some folks will walk the trails picking up sticks, others will trim back a few overhanging branches, and others will walk the meadow packing down pocket gopher dirt mounds.  The goal will be to prep the ground so that we have an ideal surface to start grooming when the snow flies - and to ensure good skiing conditions with minimal snow.  

We'll likely work out on the trail for 3 hours.  Then, at about 5:30PM folks are likely to grab dinner at one of the great restaurants in town.  Following dinner, at 7PM, we will be screening Salsa Cycles new adventure cycling film "Reveal The Path" on the 17 foot Cyclova XC big screen.  This film was made by the same folks who filmed "Ride the Divide" and has won much acclaim.  Don't miss this chance to see a great new adventure cycling film amongst like minded folks!

In summary, following is the day's schedule:
2:00PM:  Trail workers converge at Cyclova XC, to look at trail maps and review the game game plan.
2:30PM:  Caravan to the trailhead site, at the end of Day Road
5:30PM:  The group likely will decide on a place to eat, and enjoy dinner/drinks together
7:00PM:  Reveal The Path will be screened (all welcome, free to attend) at Cyclova XC.

BE A PART OF IT!  Also, RSVP for this fun day on the Facebook Event Page - where this will likely be lively discussion leading up to the event!

Winter Tech Clinic & Adventure Presentation Schedule - '12 - '13 (All Welcome, Free To Attend)

Join us at Cyclova XC for our series of Winter Tech Clinics & Adventure Presentations!

We're REALLY looking forward to a snowy Winter - and we know that you are too!  It's with this excitement, that we're thrilled to announce our 2012 - '13 winter clinic schedule.  This season will feature 8 different clinic dates on a variety of topics, by a wide variety of presenters (will we have any other perfect attendance records this year?).

In addition to the very popular wax clinics with a different theme at each of these dates, we will kick off each evening with a 30 minute Adventure Presentation each evening at 6 (**except where another time is noted**).  We'll be mixing up our clinic topics this season - in addition to focusing on ski waxing, we'll also focus on other key topics like sports nutrition, winter cycling, and sports medicine. 

Complimentary quality beverages will be available at each event - last year, some regulars even started bringing snacks to share.  This all, along with a thoughtful focused tech clinic & discussion make for a very special evening.  We look forward to having you as our guest!

Following is our event schedule:

Thursday, November 15, 2012 @ 6PM:  Cyclova XC Co-Owner Frank Lundeen presents "18 Consecutive Months On Snow".  October of 2001 marked the first of Frank's 18 consecutive months of xc skiing on snow, as he chased snow around the globe - to Australia and back.  Frank's slideshow will feature many pictures ranging from travel to training to lifestyle to SuperTour & World Loppet racing shots. 

After Frank's presentation, Mike Lundeen of Toko leads a clinic for all levels of  skiers on glide waxing fundamentals. In this clinic, he will highlight the fundamentals of how to apply glide wax. It is more important to apply wax properly, than to buy the spendy stuff. Learn to make the most of the time & money you spend on glide waxing, by applying it properly. All are welcome and keep in mind that you will receive a 10% discount on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!  10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

Thursday, December 6, 2012 @ 6PM:  Cyclova XC Co-Owner Ben Jonjak presents his 2012 Inca Trail trip with Inca Runners.  Cyclova XC team members Kevin Rogers, Micah Bruns, and Doug Berg were with on this trip and may be present to help tell the tales.  This presentation will feature breathtaking images of high mountain hiking - in many cased through ancient ruins - all while hiking & running with Olympian XC skiers.  You don't want to miss presentation!

After Ben's presentation, Frank Lundeen presents the exciting world of high performance waxless classic skis.  This is our first clinic on the matter, and an area of Nordic ski technology developing more rapidly than nearly any other segment.  For good reason, many consider a waxless ski that performs as well as a waxable ski to the "holy grail of skiing" - are we there yet?  Find out at this clinic. 
10% off on any high performance waxless classic ski purchase at this clinic!

**Saturday, December 15, 2012 @ **4PM:  Adventure presenter to be announced soon...

Winter cycling presenter to be announced soon...

Thursday, December 20, 2012 @ 6PM:  Guest presenter Tom Anderson presents "Adventure As A Lifestyle".  He will present a photo slide show on the Cyclova XC big screen featuring a range of people powered wilderness adventures.  Tom's a great presenter & photographer and will change the way you think about adventure!  

After Tom's  presentation,  Waxing guru and master of fast skis Jerry Slater of the Toko Tech Team will lead a hands instruction class to help each attendee master ski waxing technique.  Ironing, scraping, and brushing will be covered - and equipment provided.  A Q & A session will also follow.  10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

Thursday, January 3, 2013 @ 6PM:  Local author Phil Petersonand the Brothers Helluvit cross country skied from Ely, Minnesota via the Canadian Border route through the BWCA and on down the Pigeon River to Grand Portage, Minnesota on Lake Superior.  It was a seven-day, six-night, adventure with temps from 38 degrees above to 12 degrees below, and that changing weather created some misadventures as well.  The trek has never been repeated and it’s an exciting story to hear.  Phil will also display some of the gear used, which he says now hangs on chalet walls as artifacts.  Join us.  The Helluvits story had an overflow crowd last month at the SCF Library, so get here early!  Phil will also display other books he has written and you can check out his website on philpetersoncreates.com.

Dan Meyer, owner of Fast Wax, Polymer Scientist, and life long skier leads a clinic on fast skis with Fast Wax - made locally in the St. Croix River Valley! 10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!  10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

Thursday, January 17, 2013 @ 6PM:  Guest presenter Tom Anderson presents "Winter Camping on XC Skis".  He will present a photo slide show on the Cyclova XC big screen featuring a photos from his winter camping trips in the BWCA on XC skis - including photos from his trip with Cyclova XC's Duane Lee.  Tom's a great presenter & photographer and will have you motivated to go winter camping!  

TENTATIVE:  After Tom's winter camping on skis presentation, Andrew Poffenberger of Holmenkol USA presents Holmenkol's new top notch wax & easy to understand line-up!  Holmenkol is a new wax brand for Cyclova XC this season, and we're thrilled to be working with the ultra-qualified crew at Holmenkol.  While Holmenkol is a German brand, Andrew is a Stillwater, MN native.  10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

Thursday, January 31, 2013 @ 6PM:  Guest adventure presenter to be announced...

Frank Lundeen zeroes in on advanced race glide waxing techniques. In this clinic, we will discuss and demonstrate advanced race glide waxing techniques used on the World Cup - tricks that will make real differences in your ski speed and race results. A few of the topics to be covered include application of flourinated glide waxes, synthetic hardeners, flourocarbons, layering of waxes, and application of structure. 10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013 @ 6PM:  Walter Rhein presents on his acclaimed book: "Beyond Birkie Fever."

Frank Lundeen, co-owner of Cyclova XC and professional ski waxer for over 16 years looks into his crystal ball and offers an early wax tip for the Birkie, walking attendees into the step by step process on how to have the best Birkie skis of your life!  A printed copy of specific wax tips generated by Cyclova XC for all major wax brands will be provided.  10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

The CyclovaXC Ski Suit Re-Order is IN!

Hey Everybody!

Great news! We just received the shipment from Mt. Borah containing our CyclovaXC ski suit re-order!  For those of you who are psyched to be pulling on the CyclovaXC colors this race season, your wait is over!

We don't order too many extra ski suits, but I believe there is a small and a large at the shop that are not yet spoken for. Otherwise, if you're interested in getting one of our suits just let me know and I'll put you down for the next order. The price is $165 but it's worth it because the suit is beautiful and the fabric is the best you can get (they're warmer than you'd imagine is possible).

We'll be looking forward to see those of you who pre-ordered at the shop, and we'll also be looking forward to seeing the whole team out on the snow very soon!

How To Flex Test Atomic Skintec Skis

At CyclovaXC we are super excited about the new Atomic Skintec ski. The Atomic Skintec is a performance, waxless classical ski with a removable base plate that allows you to quickly and easily switch out your kick zone as follows:
The end result is a performance, race classical ski that you don't have to bother waxing for kick.

Until now, there has been some confusion as to how to actually fit these skis, so Frank and I spent last Saturday testing them out.  It took us half a day, but we eventually found a quick and easy tactic for getting a feel for these skis and ensuring a proper fit.

Generally, fitting a customer to a pair of skis involves sliding a card backward and forward beneath the ski to see where the pressure distribution points are. However, the traditional method is ineffective with the skintec base because the skin engages and grabs the card. The result is that sliding the card back and forth beneath the kick pocket gives a result that doesn't feel like any other pair of skis you've ever tested.

The trick is that the skin only engages when you're sliding the card from the tail of the ski towards the tip. It makes sense when you think about it, there is no resistance when you're going with the grain (as you would gliding), but this resistance appears if you start going against it (as you would when kicking).

It's similar to thinking about petting a porcupine. If you run your hand from the head to the tail you're fine, but if you go tail to head you're going to withdraw a hand punctured with quills.

So what's the simple trick for fitting these skis?

Only run the card one way, from tip to tail.  Going that way gives you a feel which is consistent with every other pair of skis you've ever tested. The second you try to reverse direction, however, the skin grabs and you get a confusing result.

By running the card from tip to tail, you can see exactly where the pocket begins and ends and how it reacts when the skiers weight shifts. It's a little more time consuming than conventional fitting, but the good news is you don't have to mark the Skintec skis kick pockets.

We found that the pairs we had in our shop had a fairly consistent feel with the minor variations that are typical of all skis.  All in all, we're stoked to get out on this new technology this winter! I expect we're going to sell a TON of these skis, so now would be a good time to come to the shop and get yours if you're interested (also...it snowed today!!!).

CyclovaXC/Leif Zimmermann Trip to Machu Picchu Featured in Faster Skier

Here's a nice little write up of the CyclovaXC/Inca Runners trip to Machu Picchu last summer.  Leif Zimmermann has nice things to say about us which is cool.

Leif was always cool about throwing on a "Ski Like Landgraf" hat to honor Dave which was awesome of course!  Here's the team at Pisac:
Anyway, check out there article here. I'm sure I'll be writing my own version of the events at some point, so you can look forward to that as well (I've got a billion photos to show)!

A Team Viewing of "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" Was a Mistake

Folks, in these long autumn days when there is a hard chill in the air, but no sign of snow, it's important to keep up team morale.  To that end, I though it would be fun to have a team viewing of some goofy movies.  With that premise in mind, how could you not select a film titled "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" which has recently been made available on DVDexpress (it's Halloween so it was relevant).  Clearly a film pitting Abraham Lincoln against vampires is going to be a goofy flick with a bunch of death defying stunts and awesome ax-wielding right?  What could be better for getting yourself psyched up for the upcoming ski season?

But...ungh...this movie was bad.

Really bad.

Sure there were a couple nice scenes where Abraham Lincoln cut down a two-foot diameter tree with one chop, or crashed a steam engine down a ravine when a giant trussed bridge burst into flames...but for the most part this movie created a new definition of the word...AWFUL!

And look, I tend to like really awful movies (just ask Micah), but even this one was too high up on the awfulness meter to lend me any enjoyment (well, I did like the ax twirling, and Lone Wolf's comment that the guy, "had to practice that for hours," it really is kind of ridiculous when you think of the time this guy spent getting good at whirling an axe over his head like a flaming baton).

But the weird problem with "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" was that it took itself waaaaay toooo seriously....

Folks...you're making a movie about Abraham Lincoln as a Vampire Hunter!  This premise is a JOKE!  You can't pull the rug out from under our feet and resort to a bunch of heart to heart discussions between Lincoln and Mary Todd over slavery and socioeconomic toll that horrific institution puts on society!

I'm just really disappointed.  "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" had a lot of promise.  But that's the last time we do a team movie night for a film I haven't seen yet.  From now on, it's only classics like "The Great Escape" and "Rocky" (or anything with Christian Bale).

Fortunately we saved the night by watching Machette after this atrocity, and by eating a bunch of donuts.

I can only hope that throughout the rest of the ski season we can gain some entertainment by reflecting upon how tremendously, awfully, cataclysmically bad "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" was.  I'm going to make it a running joke until I feel I've recuperated the 2+ hours of time I invested in watching that piece of trash.

The good news is that there is now snow at Troll Haugen for cross-country skiing in the early morning.