2013 Mammoth Gravel Classic - !The Full Scoop! - Re-scheduled for Saturday, October 5, 2013

Epic, fun, adventure, gravel, sand, pavement, wilderness:  All terms that describe the Mammoth Gravel Classic!  Photo credit:  Jereme Raukman

After a frustrating Spring, filled with snow, sleet, and ice, we are thrilled to announce the re-dux date of the 2013 Mammoth Gravel Classic after the postponement of the event due to an epic Spring snow/ice stormThe 2013 re-dux date will be Saturday, October 5, 2013.  This will be a perfect date:  Fall colors will be in full peak, weather is usually great this time of year, one of our town festivals known as Autumn Fest will be going on, and it's the the 2nd Aniversary weekend of Cyclova XC!  
The Cyclova XC and Woolly Bicycle Club crews have been hard at work "re"-preparing for this year's event, which promises to be a truly special day - weekend really!

WHERE:  Registration at new Cyclova XC location in downtown St. Croix Falls, WI.  Ride to roll out at the Scenic Overlook, 100 yards north of Cyclova XC.
WHEN:  Saturday, October 5, 2013.  Registration opens at 7AM inside Cyclova XC with the 100 mile riders rolling at 8AM (this is a long ride, and we want you back by dinner time), and the 70 / 35 mile riders rolling ride out at 9AM sharp.
COST:  FREE - but 35 & 70 mile riders  be required to buy a Gandy Dancer Bike trail day pass, which is $5.  No trail pass required for 100 mile riders, as this ride will not use the Gandy Dancer State bike trail.

In addition to the ride, this year, the Mammoth Gravel Classic will consist of a full weekend's worth of Autumnfest gravel goodness.  That is there will be events that you'll want to enjoy for the duration of the weekend in St. Croix Falls, WI.  Plan on joining us for a camp out on Friday and Saturday nights at our incredible new silent sports destination Big Rock Creek Farm.  Click HERE  for the full scoop on camping there this weekend, and for info on the other events happening at Big Rock Creek Farm.  For up to the minute details on the event, the courses, etc, frequent the EVENT FACEBOOK PAGE.

Roughly 200 hearty cyclists partook in the 2012 Mammoth Gravel Classic.  Plan on being a part of the 2013 edition!

Following are the details on our schedule of events for Saturday, October 5, 2013:

7:00AM / REGISTRATION:  Cyclova XC bike shop in downtown St. Croix Falls opens.  Here, riders doing the 100, 70, or 35 mile rides will sign the event waiver, as well as the 70 & 35 milers purchase their $5 Gandy Dancer Trail day pass (trail pass not required for 100 mile riders).  Route maps will be available for these unsupported rides.  The shop opening will also provide the first glimpse of an epic adventure cycling photography exhibit by GNAT.
8:00AM / 100 MILE RIDE ROLLOUT:  NOTE ROLL OUT TIME OF 8AM!  The 100 mile ride will roll out at 8AM sharp from the Scenic Overlook in downtown St. Croix Falls - 1/2 block north of Cyclova XC.  The 100 mile ride is a HARDCORE UNSUPPORTED RIDE.  Do not consider doing this ride if you're not entirely self sufficient in any riding situation.  Do not consider doing this ride if you're not comfortable spending a full day on your bicycle.  Do not consider doing this ride if you're not comfortable navigating yourself through tens of miles of untamed wilderness.  This is not a ride to take lightly.  You will be spending a whole lot of time many miles from anywhere, without cell phone reception on most of the course.  The course will not be marked, so we suggest using GPS navigation.  There are hungry bears in this area, and we will not have a course sweep - so you must take care of yourself out there.  This multi-surface course will be roughly 50% gravel roads, 15% double track firelane, and less than 35% pavement.  We absolutely recommend only riding a bike with mountain bike width tires on this course due to many very soft sand pits.  DO NOT bring your Cyclo-Cross bike or any other skinny tired bike.  The narrowest tire recommended is 40mm, such as the Clement MSO tire (our soft gravel tire of choice) - available at Cyclova XC.
9:00AM / 70 MILE RIDE ROLLOUT:  The 70 mile ride will roll out at 9:00AM from the Scenic Overlook in downtown St. Croix Falls - 1/2 block north of Cyclova XC.  This multi-surface course will be roughly 50% pavement, 25% gravel & sand, and 25% packed limestone.  Sections of the course are very soft loose sand, so mountain bikes are recommended for most - cyclo cross bikes for expert bike handlers who are comfortable riding through long sand pits - and note that we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT recommend anyone attempt to ride this course with a road bike.  While this this is a relatively flat course, it will surprise the heartiest gravel enthusiast - this is a difficult course, particularly from about mile number 17 through 25.  There are hungry bears in this area, and we will not have a course sweep - so you must take care of yourself out there - you must be self sufficient while doing the 70 mile ride.  A great new addition to this year's course will be the fact that we will finish by going through a new world class silent sport destination just north of St. Croix Falls known as Big Rock Creek Farm.  This privately owned 1600 acre nature preserve & retreat center has 26+ miles of trails on site, and the course will descend back into the St. Croix Valley through the property (this descent is in my opinion the highlight of any of our courses this year!)
9:05AM / 35 MILE RIDE ROLLOUT:  The 35 mile ride will roll out from the Scenic Overlook in downtown St. Croix Falls - 1/2 block north of Cyclova XC.  This beautiful out & back course will gradually climb out of the St. Croix River Valley to the Gandy Dancer State Trail.  Once on the Gandy Dancer Trail, riders will enjoy the amazing bicycle only trail all the way to Cafe Wren in Luck, WI.  You'll definitely want to stop here to re-fuel, and then head back south for a gentle descent back down to St. Croix Falls.  This surface is ideal for nearly any type of bicycle (skinny or fat tires).
Lunch/Dinner:  The Wineries & Grille, across the street from Cyclova XC has a Mammoth Gravel Glassic special for us that is certain to please (they always do) and fill the hungriest of cyclists!  This special includes a sirloin burger with chips for $5, and $2 tap craft beers, and 50% off on off sale wine & beer.  Just tell them that you're with the Mammoth Gravel Classic event!There are also numerous other Indian, Coffee Shop, and other food options available within a stone's throw of Cyclova XC and the event finish.  
4:30PM:  Door prize drawing for a wide variety of fabulous swag for Mammoth Gravel Classic participants.  Free swag at a free event!  You must be present to win!  Check out the amazing new adventure cycling photo exhibit by GNAT while you're in the shop!
Autumn Fest All Day:  While not officially associated with the Woolly Gravel Classic, we have a town festival happening in St. Croix Falls known as Autumn Fest!  There are a ton of really great events happening in town on Saturday ranging from a variety of live music, theater, art show openings, and a PIE EATING CONTEST at the Dalles House Coffee house (yes, it's too good to be true after a long bike ride)
9:00PM:  The Wineries & Grille, across the street from Cyclova XC will also have a Comedy & Dinner Show at 9PM.  This will be a full on 4 course dinner with admittance to the comedy show for $30!  Pre-Paid reservations only!
Evening:  We encourage you to stay the evening and stay the night in beautiful St. Croix Falls!  Click HERE for the full schedule of evening events at Big Rock Creek Farm.  There are numerous very convenient lodging options:
  • Big Rock Creek Farm:  !!CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL SCOOP ON CAMPING AT BIG ROCK CREEK FARM!! Come enjoy this incredible venue, which is rapidly becoming a destination for mountain bikers, xc skiers, and trail runners.  This unique property is a 1600 acre private nature preserve that has been privately owned by the same family for 100 years.  Camping for Friday and Saturday nights is $30 per person (note: $30 total NOT $30 per night), includes unlimited use of the trails for the weekend, bonfire and bike games on Saturday night, Coffee on Sunday morning, and group rides / guided tours of the property on Sunday morning!
  • Wisconsin Interstate Park:  Wisconsin Interstate Park's beautiful North Campground is literally within a 5 - 10 minute walk of downtown St. Croix Falls.  Just think - one of the globe's greatest rivers, nature, fine dining, world class entertainment, and a bicycle festival all wrapped up into one!  Beautiful sights on the ridge overlooking the river!  Note that showers will not be open yet for the season in Wisconsin Interstate Park.
  • Minnesota Interstate Park:  Minnesota's Interstate Park is located just across the river, with the campground being a 10 minute bike ride or 5 minute drive from downtown St. Croix Falls.  Beautiful sites right on the river!  Note that showers WILL be open for the season in Minnesota Interstate Park.
  • Hotel options
Sunday @ 10AM:  Meet up at the "clubhouse" at the Big Rock Creek Farm main entrance for 2 ride options  !!CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL SCOOP ON ALL EVENTS AT BIG ROCK CREEK FARM!!:  
  1. An advanced ride, with a lot of double track / gravel climbing and descents.  This advanced group ride will ride the perimeter loop of the property.  Highlights will include epic views of the St. Croix Valley, climbs to test the prowess of any rider, and rippin' fun high speed descents.  This ride will include a stop at the amazing wilderness cabin on the property - which you won't want to leave!
  2. An intermediate / beginner ride that will explore the interior of the property, along the beautiful name sake of the property - Big Rock Creek!  This ride will also include a stop at the amazing wilderness cabin!

Cyclists massing and registering for the 2012 event in front of Cyclova XC.  Photo Credit:  Gary Simon

Matt Fisk of the Woolly Bicycle Club does pre-rollout announcements at the 2012 event.
The view from the front of the 200+ cyclists at the 2012 Mammoth Gravel Classic rollout as seen on Hwy 87, just north of St. Croix Falls.   Photo Credit:  Gregory Gentle


  1. I think we can give people a little taste of whats happening with the 2013 Gravel Conspiracy.

  2. Sounds great Josh! We'll get people pumped on it with a fun slide show and re-counting from last year's edition and you can give everyone a teaser on the 2013 edition!

  3. I already took a few hints and built a new bike for that 2013 Gravel Conspiracy... let's keep it under wraps!