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ADVENTURE & TECH NIGHT: Thursday, January 31, 2013 - Kayaking in British Columbia & Advanced Race Wax Techniques

Duane & a friend "maneuvering" on the Fox River in Northern Manitoba.  Photo Credit: Duane Lee

Join us tomorrow evening, Thursday January 31 starting at 6 PM for a fun evening of socializing, adventure, tech, and complimentary beverages!  This will be a particularly fun evening featuring presentations by two Cyclova XC staff:  Duane Lee & Frank Lundeen.

6PM:  Kayaking the Broken Islands on Vancouver Island - British Columbia:  Cyclova XC's very own Duane Lee presents his recent September of 2012 paddling adventure in the Broken Island chain (part of the Pacific Rim National Park).  This was was a 7 day unsupported paddling adventure on singles boats through the rugged wilderness of coastal British Columbia that he and wife Debby enjoyed together.  Duane's slide show and commentary will give the audience a feel of what it's like to explore rugged wilderness with many interesting encounters including Humpback Whales, Sea Lions, and other Marine Tidal Life.  While they carried most of their food, there were other evening culinary delights including Oysters, Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms, and Sea Asparagus.  You don't want to miss this adventure tale!
Following Duane's Presentation:  Frank Lundeen zeroes in on advanced race glide waxing techniques. In this clinic, we will discuss and demonstrate advanced race glide waxing techniques used on the World Cup - tricks that will make real differences in your ski speed and race results. A few of the topics to be covered include application of flourinated glide waxes, synthetic hardeners, flourocarbons, layering of waxes, and application of structure. 10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

Be a part of the fun & meet other local adventures & skiers at Cyclova XC's Adventure & Tech Night!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Folks,

    I've gotten a few specific requests on things to cover in tonight's clinic including:
    1) Waxing for extreme cold conditions, and mixing synthetic hardeners (Toko X-Cold Powder, Fast Wax HS-0, Swix CH-3) in with Flourinated glide waxes (such as Toko HF Blue, Fast Wax HSF-10, etc).
    2) Discuss flourinated glide waxes and flourocarbon use in cold conditions
    3) Toko Helx Application

    Any other requests?

    Look forward to seeing you all later!


    Frank L