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Adventure & Tech Night TONIGHT at Cyclova XC - Dan Meyer of FAST WAX & Phil Peterson with the Brothers Helluvit!

Part of the capacity crowd of 43 enjoy the adventure portion of our most recent "Adventure & Tech" event!  You're invited to come & be a part of it tonight!

Tonight at Cyclova XC will definitely be a highlight of our Winter Adventure & Tech Event Series that you don't want to miss!  Last week, we had a capacity crowd of 43 people in attendance for our Adventure & Tech event.  These events are part fun social experience with like minded outdoor enthusiasts, part complimentary happy hour, part world class adventure presentation (slide show & presentation on our 17 foot big screen), and part xc ski tech clinic.

All are invited to join us tonight (and every other thursday - see the season schedule HERE) for this fun & free event!  Complimentary beverages will be provided.

The adventure portion of tonight's presentation by Phil Peterson will be on the Cyclova XC big screen, while the wax tech portion will be in our back service shop.  Don't miss out!
Following is some info on each of our world class presenters that we have lined up for tonight:

Starting at 6PM sharp (1/3/2012):  Phil Peterson Sr Presents:  In 1968, local author Phil Peterson and the Brothers Helluvit cross country skied from Ely, Minnesota via the Canadian Border route through the BWCA and on down the Pigeon River to Grand Portage, Minnesota on Lake Superior.  It was a seven-day, six-night, adventure with temps from 38 degrees above to 12 degrees below, and that changing weather created some misadventures as well.  The trek had never been done before and hasn't been repeated since.  Phil will also display some of the gear used, which he says now hangs on chalet walls as artifacts.  The Helluvits story had an overflow crowd last month at the SCF Library, so get here early!  Phil will also display other books he has written and you can check out his website on philpetersoncreates.comJoin us!

Immediately following Phil's Presentation:  Dan Meyer, owner of Fast Wax, Polymer Scientist, and life long skier leads a clinic on fast skis with Fast Wax - made locally in the St. Croix River Valley in Lake Elmo, MN!  Dan will share the reasons why Fast Wax is Cyclova XC's #1 selling brand of glide wax - and most importantly the simple and reliable methods of application.  10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!  10% off on any wax or tool purchase during this wax clinic!

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