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Balsam Vinter Fest and Fridtjof Nausen Cancelled

Snow...remember what that looked like?
Man...what a drag! Both the race in Balsam Branch and the race in Eau Claire that I was planning on doing this weekend were cancelled. I haven't been to Balsam Branch in a while, but I was at Tower Ridge yesterday and the course is in decent shape. However, decent shape to ski is a far cry from decent shape to race, and I can see why they decided to cancel.

The good news is that we got about another half inch of snow in Eau Claire last night. It may not sound like much, but the ice base at Tower Ridge is so good that just an inch or so will make it really good.

This year has still been better than last year...although that's not saying much because last year's snow set the bar for epic badness. Two years like this and believe me...the gears are turning in my mind about how to build an awesome nordic only ski center with man made snow. We're still having cold days, it's just a matter of recuperating after the occasional rain out we've been getting. Hey, when a million copies of Beyond Birkie Fever have sold, I'll build something that will rival Giant's Ridge in our own backyard (so either buy the book or write a review).

I'm glad I bought an XC trail pass at Troll, it's only a short loop, but it's enough to break yourself on, and it's always immaculately groomed. I'll be there tomorrow around 9, hope to see you all!

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