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Turn The SISU Ski Festival & Seeley Hills Classic Blues Into a Free Stonegrind at Cyclova XC!

Ben's bib from the race that never was:  The 2013 SISU Ski Festival marathon. 

Did you make the drive to Ironwood yesterday for the SISU Ski Festival or the Seeley Hills Classic?  Did you fill up your gas tank, pay to stay in a hotel, etc, etc?  Do you have the SISU Ski Festival Blues?  Well, I don't blame you - Mother Nature dealt us an insulting blow with this one...

We at Cyclova XC want to ease the sting for you:
  1. First, as the Cyclova XC race crew (we had 10+ people on our team drive up there yesterday) is doing, drive back here to the St. Croix Valley and enjoy what is the currently the best skiing in the Midwest @ Troll Hollow!  Join our crew at Trollhaugen today for a good hard race pace workout.  They will be out there for most of the day today!
  2. FREE STONEGRIND!  While you may have spent a bunch of cash to get up to Ironwood only to have the race canceled, at Cyclova XC you will get something to ease the sting - did I already say FREE STONEGRIND!?!  If you drove up to either of these events and picked up your race bib, give it to us it here at Cyclova XC in exchange for one free stonegrind.  Note that you must have your race bib, and must stop by this weekend (Offer not valid after Sunday, January 13, 2013, Offer limited to first 100 people).  If you wish to also have your skis Hotboxed after the grind, you will pay for that as per usual.  For info on our full range of ski service, click HERE.
Stop on by Cyclova XC, join us for a ski, and start vigorously snow dancing now that it's cooled down!

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