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2013 Birkie: Turn it up to 11!

2013 marked my 11th Birkie, so my theme for the day was "Turn it up to 11!" (a reference to "This is Spinal Tap" for those of you who don't know--make sure to skip the ad if you click on that link). I was so delighted with this theme that I kept screaming it over and over to the point where it got super annoying...but even so, I'm sure everybody has forgotten about that already (which is why I'm bringing it up again now). Plus...if you just keep going with something it will get funny again, it goes funny, annoying, really funny: you just have to push through the "annoying" part (it's like seasoning).

Man, the best part about the Birkie is never the actual race, it's the whole lead up, having people hang around who are getting excited, riding the bus, etc. Actually doing the race is the least stressful part of the whole day.

I love waking up in a house filled with people on Birkie morning. It's as magical as Christmas to a 5 year old. Here we are at my mom's place in Spooner.
Since when am I the giant who towers over everyone? I guess it's because Frank Lundeen is not in this always look like the short guy standing next to him. Speaking of Frank, I think the store needs to be closed next Birkie Saturday so Frank can get his butt back in the race. Seriously...what were sales on Birkie Saturday? We need Frank up there.
We had our typical early morning battle over when we should leave Spooner and head up to Como. Mom wanted to leave at 4:30 and we wanted to leave at 5. We compromised, and left at 5, and we were like the second car in the parking lot. There's Micah standing in front of the empty lot.
Here's Micah on the way to the first bus. The first bus is awesome (like three people were already on board). When you make it to the bus, you pretty much know you're going to be able to ski the's sort of like finally taking your seat on the airplane: you've cleared traffic and security, and you're FINALLY on your way.
Final gear check...skis, boots, poles. There's a lot to remember on Birkie morning...but as long as you have those three things, you're golden (plus: bib, clothing, gloves, hat....).
Here's CyclovaXC corner right next to the wall of Champions. There were about three times as many Cyclovers there, but we couldn't get them all in one place (Birkie Fever you know). Jeff was styling his Riverbrook warm-up pants, which produced the fodder for my best quip of the day (which I won't repeat here...come ask about it at the shop MONDAY, FEB. 25 when we ski with Leif Zimmermann and I'll tell you). 
The dreaded toilet lines are less dreaded when it's 28 degrees. Can you spot the Cyclover in this photo?
Ready to roll! Turn it up to 11!
My last shot of the day, I was too tired to pull out my camera at the end. Man that was a tough Birkie, but you can't complain when there is snow and when it's 28 degrees.

Birkie weekend also represents the one time of year that Facebook is a useful tool. I'm loving all the pictures of Cyclova skiers in action I'm seeing everywhere. Check them out here (and like our page).

Here's an awesome picture of me from
photo courtesy of
I had to ditch my hat because I was overheating...but what I don't understand is why they keep making the bibs so much tighter every year?

Anyway, there are about a dozen more awesome stories to tell from the weekend, I'll be posting them this week. If you have some photos of Cyclovers skiing, please send them to!

We all really appreciate all the team support we received! Thanks to each and every one of you who was out there yelling "GO CYCLOVA!" --Micah received such a cheer from Birkie winner Caitlin Compton Gregg. Send me your photos and keep checking in for updates on the Monday ski with Leif and some other great Birkie stories!

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