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Cycling Trainers at Cyclova XC: Rollers & Stationary!

A great assortment of trainers is in stock at Cyclova XC.  From top to bottom:  Cycle-Ops Fluid 2, Cycle-Ops Aluminum Roller, Tacx Galaxia Roller.

Christmas has come and gone...  January is past us now...  We have another solid 6 weeks of xc ski season and beyond that it will be cycling season - with a plethora of events & races to follow!  That's right, biking season is just around the corner!  There is no better way to start the spring cycling season fit and with a silky smooth, efficient pedal stroke!

If you're not willing to ride outside in the cold weather on snowy, icy roads, riding an indoor trainer is the next best thing.  Even if you're xc skiing, snowshoeing, or running for fitness in the Winter months, riding a trainer will re-introduce your legs to spinning circles and your butt to sitting on a bike saddle.

It's this very concept of working to perfect your pedal stroke (no one spins truly perfect circles when pedaling with equal power output throughout the pedal stroke - EVERYONE has huge room for improvement with this) that cyclists will see the greatest benefit from while riding an indoor trainer.  After all, you can have all of the cycling fitness in the world, and if your pedal stroke isn't efficient and your body position isn't correct, you'll be suffering in the saddle when the going gets tough this race season.

Cyclova XC has one of the best assortments of trainers in stock around - various stationary trainers from Cycle-Ops & Kinetic and rollers from Cycle-Ops & Tacx!  Following are highlights of our 3 favorite trainers that we stock - as well as info on what type of cyclist each one might best suit:

Cycle-Ops Fluid 2:  The Fluid 2 (reads "fluid squared") is the workhorse of the modern stationary trainer market!  This is likely be best selling trainer on the planet in recent years for very good reason! 
Who This Trainer Will Best Suit:  Any level of cyclist, from beginner to pro.  Someone who doesn't want to have to worry about balancing.  Someone who is looking for a huge range of resistance levels, from easy spinning to heavy pedaling that will reduce any tough guy cyclist to a sweaty puddle.
Other Highlights:  Quick & easy assembly, nice quick release mechanism to easily get bike on or off of trainer, very quiet
Price:  $339.99

Tacx Galaxia Rollers:  Tacx Galaxia rollers are simply revolutionary.  I've been riding rollers since the early 90's - and the benefits of riding them are enormous.  The Galaxia eliminates what in my opinion was the biggest problem with normal rollers - the inability to ride out of the saddle.  With typical rollers, when a cyclist gets out of the saddle, odds are that the rider will crash as the rear wheel is unweighted and momentum carries you forward off of the trainer.  The days of not being able to ride rollers out of the saddle are gone, and at a relatively affordable price - thanks to Tacx's Galaxia!  
Who This Trainer Will Best Suit:  Established road riders, likely racers who have a relatively smooth pedal stroke.  If you want to become a better cyclist & more efficient on the bike, you should take a close look at the Galaxia!
Other Highlights:  The rollers are conical in shape, which make it easier to ride in centered in the middle of each roller, and easier to ride a straight line.  Additionally, these rollers slide together/fold down very easily, for compact storage.  Wheel base is very easy to adjust.
Price:  $399.99

 Thanks to Kris Westwood for a great video review of the Galaxia!  Come to Cyclova XC to check out the Galaxia in person!

Cycle-Ops Alluminum Roller:  Cycle-Ops Alluminum Rollers deliver big time on a quality product, at a great value and as is the case with rollers, will make you a better cyclist.
Who This Trainer Will Best Suit:  Established or aspiring road riders, perhaps road riders who already have spent time on a stationary trainer but want to work on smoothing out their pedal stroke & riding style.
Other Highlights:  Folds down nice & compact, beautifully turned aluminum drums, well balanced at high speeds compared to other price point rollers.
Price:  $299.99

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