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The 2013 Pre-Birkie is Only 26k

I've been planning on doing the 42k Pre-Birkie all year as training for the Birkie. We were just making plans as to where everybody with CyclovaXC was going to sleep, when Ben wrote me to say that there was no 42k option on the Pre-Birkie web page.

Well...that can't be right! I thought. After all, has a 42k option listed.

Eventually I called the number on the web page. From this number I was given another number to call, and I finally reached a person.

"Hello, I was just wondering about the 42k race at the Pre-Birkie."

"Didn't you look at the web page?"

"Yes, but SkinnySki says there is a 42k."

"Oh...haha...well, they need to update their page."

"So you're not doing the 42k race?"


"Why, isn't there enough snow or something?"

"No, for a whole bunch of reasons."

" there's no plans to bring it back."

"Nope, but don't worry, you'll be tired enough after the 26k."

The man I called was friendly and all, it's just that I'm still kind of curious as to why they aren't doing the 42. That was one of the best races of the year. Anytime you get a chance to do a marathon ski race on the Birkie trail, it's something special. Maybe their reasons were posted in their brochure, but I didn't see anything about it on the web page.

Well, I'm still planning on going up and doing the Pre-Birkie. I suppose those of you who feel like you need to ski more after the race can feel free to put in a few more k going north of "OO." I don't recommend skiing back down the trail since that interferes with people who are trying to finish their race.

Also, the 26k Birkie means that we should all be thinking about doing the Pre-Birkie/Mora Vasaloppet double next year! There are quite a few options for racing on Sunday if the 26k isn't enough. There are multiple races (of multiple distances) at Mora, you can check that here. There's also the North End Classic out of Cable on Sunday, click here for that one (that Walter Rhein guy will be signing copies of Beyond Birkie Fever at the Redberry Bookstore after the Pre-Birkie--the pizza there is excellent).

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