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Riding Bicycle With Awesome People

What a crazy March!  I've been planning to write a "ski season review" type article, but the ski season won't end. For a while there you'd wake up every morning and there would be another foot of snow blanketing your car to greet you. The March sun tends to melt things fast, but I've still had a couple runs that sent me struggling through knee deep drifts.

Apparently a few people are hitting the shop Saturday (the 30th) morning for a little ride. I'll try to be out there, although I've only been on the bike once this year, and it wasn't all that impressive (not that it ever is impressive). I'd guess people will be showing up at 9:30 or 10, unless it's -700 (we'll still have a couple people even if it's that cold).

By the way, I had a nice compliment from a customer today who asked why I hadn't put up a post since last that's why I had to get my rear and gear and post this!

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