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2013 Birkie Wave Seeding Released

Hey Folks,

I came home today to find my copy of Birch Scroll jammed into my mailbox, which prompted that "spring" (that's in quotes because it's probably going to snow again) ritual of sitting down and underlining everyone's times. There were one or two of the Cyclova guys who had calculated that they were on the bubble between one wave or another--and I was psyched to see they'd made the faster wave. Mullin in particular made the jump from wave 7 to wave 2, which is a tremendous achievement. 

The Birkie is a whole different race in the first waves. Thousands of little feet tend to cut up that trail pretty good making it much, much slower.

It looks like the magical time for the 1st wave continues to linger around 3 hours. I was under the impression that it had gotten a lot more competitive in recent years, but I think 2011 was just an aberration caused by a really fast course. Still, if your ambition is the 1st wave it's safer to aim for 2:50. I know from experience that it's miserable to miss off on a wave cut-off by a handful of seconds.

This pretty much concludes our coverage of the 2012-2013 ski season. It has been a blast, and I'm looking forward to bigger and better things in 2013-2014. Last year we had a couple races get rained out, but sooner or later we'll be seeing some regular competitions and heavy, early season snow (if this March/April is any indication, great things must be coming). Keep your eyes open for a series of free 10k events similar to the Sasquatch Dash in December or so!

To send things off, here's an awesome picture of Tommy that I got from Barb Lundberg (check out her blog and tell her thanks). It's from the 2012 Birkie Finish. Tommy always gets the best pictures:

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