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Bacon Ride #1 Recap

The Bacon Riders
On a cold, wet April morning, leaving from the bosom of St. Croix Falls, 8 intrepid souls mounted their aluminum chariots and embarked on an epic quest for exercise, camaraderie, and Bacon (actually, it was pretty much all for the Bacon). Overcoming obstacles such as dirty roads, treacherous snow piles (that turned out to be not as soft and fluffy as they looked) and a general lack of fitness due to a steadfast refusal to cross-country ski in the winter (amazingly there are a still hold-outs to Cyclova influence--but we're working on them), they made their way to the mythical Bacon hotspot of the Traprock Inn in Dresser, WI.

It was a day of triumph...

It was a day of freezing rain...

It was a day of a jerk in a white pick-up truck who insisted on staying in the right lane on a two lane road even though he was making a left turn, and darn near obliterated two of our riders...

But most of was a day of Bacon
Bacon Achievement UNLOCKED!
Memorable quotes of the day:

"I know you've posted a route, but there's this other route that's like a billion times more hilly and difficult that we can take."--Dean Franklin

"CENSORED that"--W. Rhein

"I don't always eat bacon, but when I do I CENSORED   CENSORED   CENSORED."--Stu 86

"One side order of bacon."--Dallas at Traprock to the server


"This is good bacon."--Also Dallas

Bacon ride achieved. Once again CyclovaXC sets the awesomeness bar at a new level. Other bike/ski shops of the world...your move.

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