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Compassion for Boston

I've been thinking of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon all day long, and I feel an obligation to write something about it, although words feel pretty inadequate. Acts like this simply don't make sense, and it's getting to the point where they seem to be almost a monthly occurrence. 

I think the one thing to remember in tough times is to spend your energy on compassion for the victims rather than hatred for the perpetrators. Those responsible will be brought to justice, but until an investigation has had time to get some results, there is nothing you can do about the bad guys--so don't even think about them. I'd prefer to forget bad guys and celebrate the innocent ones more often as a general rule anyway.

Boston is a long way from Wisconsin, but the marathon community is nationwide. Many of the people who you see running in the streets of your local town have probably done Boston, and I know a couple of my close friends were concerned about specific people they knew who were participants in the race this year.

I think the worst thing about a tragedy like this is that you feel so helpless afterwards. But the truth is you're not helpless. Use this as a moment to reflect on the people important to you. If you were worried about friends who were at Boston, then take a further moment to reflect on how concerned you were that they might have been injured. Those people are important to you, maybe more than you ever realized. Tell them so when you see them again.

Above all, keep running. Whether you're signed up for the Eau Claire Marathon, or Grandma's or The Twin Cities, keep Boston in mind as you train and participate. I love events like this. They make me train hard, I feel safe doing them, and they make my life better. None of that is going to change.

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