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Quit Whining and Get a Snow Bike!

Today, April 19th, I awakened to ANOTHER new blanket of snow. As my wife and I lay in bed watching the TV for local school closings, I felt a sense of imminent dread over the explosion of outrage that I could expect to see on Facebook.

We've already had to cancel (or at least postpone) the Mammoth Gravel Classic due to the fact that the trail is buried, and I know that morale is low because many people think mother nature is preventing them from riding.

Look folks, you have to get that out of your head right now. Mother nature isn't stopping you from riding, YOU are stopping you from riding!

The technology does exist for riding in weather like this! It's called a Salsa Mukluk, and if you've been on the fence about whether you should pull the trigger and get one...well, you need no more evidence than this spring. This has been a Mukluk spring if there ever was one.

Now, you might be thinking "well, this spring has been an aberration, we're not likely to have another spring like this."

Do you really think that? Is it just me, or has the weather been totally bizarre and unpredictable for the last 5 years? Grab yourself a Mukluk or a Beargrease, get a pair of sweet 45NRTH boots, and BOOM! You're riding again. If we'd have had a big enough fleet of snow bike riders, we could have pulled the trigger on Mammoth without a second thought. We'd have just had to put a note like this: "Event still on, just bring your snow bike!"

Speaking of that, those of you who already do have snow bikes are welcome to come up and ride the trail. We won't be at the shop until regular opening hours, but if you're swinging through, say HI! Also take some pictures that show how much fun you're having on those sweet, fat tire rides!

Gosh...what a weird spring.

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