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Sasquatch Dash #1 Race Results

Hey Again,

I'm still excited about our first race yesterday! What a fun group of people! I'm thinking as the weather gets nicer we're going to have more and more participants, but 15 runners is an intimate little group. It was fun to finish the race yesterday and find all the participants waiting around at the overlook to cheer you in! I can't say I've ever had that experience at any kind of sporting event before. Then we all went out for coffee which was also fun!

Yesterday Ben crunched the numbers and sent me some files with yesterday's standings as well as the overall race standings. I told him it was awesome and that I'd post it in a couple weeks, but Ben said I had to put it up right away. So here it is:
I guess this list doesn't include the women's leaders, because so far we've only had one woman participant! She's jumped out to a commanding lead, however the women's series is still up for grabs because the last race counts for double points+only 5 out of the 6 possible results count!
And for those of you who are excited about the overall results here that is too.
Remember that pre-ordering the t-shirt got you a 10 point series bonus, but I'm sure that advantage is going to evaporate pretty quickly (especially for people like me).

Anyway, that's all for now, look for that second chart to get bigger and more incomprehensible as more races get done! Thanks again to all race volunteers and coordinators!

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  1. I think we must have punched our watches at different times at the start :)