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2013 Almanzo Stories--MN's Great Gravel Ride

Saturday, May 18th was the Almanzo 100, and a pretty good sized group of Cyclova cyclists headed on down to participate. Saturday evening, Facebook lit up with some great stories and photos, so I sent out some emails (that's what I do for a living) and asked people to send me a couple paragraphs about their experience that I could compile for an article.

Well, they did more than send me paragraphs, they sent me PAGES, so instead of one article, you're getting three over the next couple of days.

But before I start in with that, Frank suggested I put in the following video (if you are reading this in an email, you might have to come to the CyclovaXC page to see the video--Also note: I believe I heard a mild profanity in the background music at the beginning so be aware of that, it's a clean video otherwise):

Almanzo 100 from CRASH+SUES on Vimeo.
If you want to see some more of the press coverage of Almanzo, you can check here and here (the second has another good video).

First up, I have a paragraph from Kristen Velaski (she was the first to reply, so she gets the first article):
Best memory of the day: around mile 30 or so we followed the pack up a hill, our legs were on fire climbing that thing, Salsa drove by with their film crew and they got footage of all of us suffering. At the top of the hill we reached a fork in the road, there sat the Salsa film crew getting footage of about 35 befuddled cyclists that realized they made a navigation error. Half of us grumbled, the other half whipped out their iPhones to find a map to get us back on course. Salsa filmed the entire thing laughing I'm sure! Maybe they knew we were headed off course when they filmed us climbing! We laughed at ourselves a little, too!
Next up, stories from "The Mountain" and Dean Franklin! Stay tuned!

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