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Sasquatch Dash #2--FREE TRAIL RUN--Saturday, May 25th

Hey Folks!

It's almost time for the second race in our tremendous FREE trail run series: the Sasquatch Dash! To participate, just show up at CyclovaXC at 8:30 and be ready to do about 6 miles through some beautiful trails. We had a blast last time, and after the race everybody stuck around for coffee! If you want to see the current series standings check here. Remember, you get one mulligan in this series, so it's still wide open (we better see Lone Wolf on Saturday...after all, this is his event kind of).

As usually, Dallas has put together a tremendous course. Here are his words on that:

As with last time we will meet at Cyclova. If you are unsure about the route I highly recommend getting the free Everytrail app or Everytrail Pro for a few bucks, and downloading the dash map. With it your smart phone will help you stay on course. I can't wait until Saturday!

Remember, we don't mark the course, so either keep with Dallas (tough to do) or memorize it. We had cue sheets available last time but there are no guarantees we'll do that again (we named the series after Sasquatch because we aren't planning on making it easy for you).

As of right now, we've got 14 people confirmed as "going" on our Facebook event page, please click on that and sign yourself up! Also, send it to your friends and sign them up too! This is a fun way to meet new, great people who are excited about fitness but still casual and willing to have fun with it!

Sasquatch #1 was a blast and I've got high hopes for Sasquatch #2! See you on Saturday!

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