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Big Rock Creek Is Now Open for Mt. Biking (Trail Fee Applies)

Map to the Mt. Biking Trail Area
Great news folks, some of the most incredible trails in the whole Midwest are now open for Mt. Biking! Big Rock Creek has opened its doors to the cycling community, and if you were lucky enough to get out there during the ski season, you know how exciting this is.

I was out riding on the Big Rock Creek trails over the weekend and I was completely blown away. I've been told there are 20-30 miles of trails that run through the property, and the first comparison that comes to everyone's mind is that this trail system is very similar to the Birkie trail. However, since this trail system is so new, there are some things to be aware of:

  • The access point to the Mt. Bike trails is not the same as the access point to the ski trails. Big Rock Creek is planning on renting out its clubhouse, so it's our responsibility as cyclists to not interfere with the business side of things. The access point is indicated on the above map, and there is plenty of real estate between the access and the clubhouse so it should be a breeze to stay out of sight.
  • These trails are roads that run through the property, but they are not gravel roads, it's more like two single track trails running side by side. Please use caution as the terrain is extremely challenging! Learn the trails before you let 'er rip!
  • Trail passes are $10 per day or $75 for a season pass and $100 for a family pass. Passes are available at CyclovaXC and you must sign a waiver of liability.
  • To get to the trail you have to cross about a quarter mile of mowed grass, then you pass through a gate and enter a different age. It's truly awesome out there!
Here's what the access road looks like (on 235th St. within sight of 87):
This picture was taken facing South on 235th St. (Lone Maple St.) looking towards Highway 87
You drive down the gravel road until you go through a gate (about 1/4 mile in). You can park down in that area, or up on the clearing at the top of the hill (access is by a mowed path on the left). 
This place is brand new so the whole thing is a great adventure (plus you pretty much get the trails to yourself). 
This is the grassy area on the top of the hill for parking and hanging out, the trails themselves are more worn in.

We're looking for a lot of feedback about this area--what you like and what needs to be improved, so please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or comments ( I'll be at Cyclova June 12th, 13th, and 14th if you want me to personally give you a tour of the cycling area. Frank is in the process of getting a GPS map of the whole trail system and we'll post that as soon as it's available.

Also, keep in mind that the clubhouse area is available to be rented out. Spread the word, Big Rock Creek is a unique and special place and we're excited about training out there!
Another grassy area you can ride through, however the trails themselves are more well-defined than this
In my excitement last weekend, I forgot to take a picture of the actual trail! I'll have something like that posted next Wednesday.

See you out there!

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