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Sasquatch Dash #3 Results and Report


It was a busy day in the valley Saturday with the Croixathlon in Hudson, a Woolly trail workday, among other activities.  With all that activity we had our lowest turnout yet for a Sasquatch Dash.  That doesn't mean we didn't have a good time though.

After several attempts to secure a course that wasn't on private property and didn't require a machete to hack through the tall grass we settled on an out and back course from the overlook through Lions Park, and up the Indian Head segment of the Ice Age Trail along the river to River Road.  As wet as it has been lately the single track on the Indian Head segment was quite squishy, but that wouldn't stop Sasquatch and it certainly didn't stop us.

Without further ado, the results for dash #3:

There wasn't much shake-up at the top of the standings other than Dallas putting a little more ground on second place.  Alex Anderson though with a second win in as many attempts could blow the competition out of the water with another performance like that in two weeks:


With the important stuff out of the way, here is my run down of the race.  Going in, the Facebook trash talk had a pair of targets on my back after a pretty good run at dash #2.  My two season long competition with Adam continues, complete with a traveling trophy now, and Dallas was looking to not let me gain any more ground on the season standings.

Despite the targets I didn't strategize at all other than to stick with Adam or Dallas unless I thought I could drop them.  After Jeff Wolf blasted out off the line, Dallas, Alex Anderson, and Jeff (after he ran backwards to let us catch up) ran shoulder to shoulder all the way to the end of Hamilton.  Jeff decided he had enough racing at that point and said he would cheer for us on the way back.  Alex, Dallas and I strung out on the gravel entrance to the Indian Head trail.

Unfortunately as soon as we hit the single track I started hurting in a bad way.  It wasn't too far down the trail and I was suddenly mentally racing for 3rd instead of 2nd.  The mud, water, and rocks were sapping my legs and Alex and Dallas just walked away from me.  By the time we hit the turn around and we met going opposite directions they had 20-30 seconds on me.

Getting Messy with Sasquatch:

Thankfully for me I had a decent gap going on 4th myself.  The single track hurt the whole way back.  I only put a hand down once as I stumbled up an incline after one of the creek crossings.  By the time I hit the gravel again I just tried to find any gear that would work and keep moving.  I resisted the urge to look back at any point, but I really wanted to.

The return trip on Hamilton was almost a whole minute per mile slower than the trip out.  Ouch.

In the end Dallas ended up returning the thrashing I gave him at the last race and opening the series points gap back up to 5.  Adam ran a stronger race pulling off a negative split on a technical course that doesn't suit his strengths.  Unfortunately for him, he still owes me a blizzard and I keep the traveling trophy for another couple of weeks.

With that, it is only two short weeks until the next Squatch Dash.  I might not be able to increase my physical fitness much in that time, but I might have to work on my mental toughness.

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