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Armstrong's Participation in the RAGBRAI Does not Represent a "Return to Racing"

I tell you what, the general media never fails to irritate me with its blatant proliferation of false statements. The latest thing that's got me going is a headline which reads "Lance Armstrong Announces First Race Since Doping Confession."

I stumbled across this article because I have a Google Alert set up for Lance Armstrong. Whatever your feelings about Armstrong are, the stories generated about the guy tend to be pretty interesting. Anyway, today I clicked on the alert to see the "Return to Racing" headline. Well, I clicked on the article and it turns out Armstrong is riding the RAGBRAI. Sure, that's a massive event with thousands of cyclists, but it is in no way, shape or form a "Race." There are no numbers, nobody is keeping time, and there is no results list at the end.

This is a group ride. It's not a race. It's a magnificent, fabulous, fantastic event, but it IS NOT A RACE!

It drives me crazy that somebody got PAID to write the aforementioned article which called it a race. This is one of those cases where some idiot comes up with a scandalous headline just to get clicks. I suppose they thought the headline "Armstrong Decides to Participate in State Bicycle Tour" would have been a dud...too bad THAT headline would have actually been true while the other is a LIE!

Armstrong has NOT announced his first race since his doping confession. Seriously, are there no consequences for publishing things that simply aren't true?


But all this aside, the mention of the fact that it's RAGBRAI season really makes me think we need to organize a Cyclova contingent for this for next year. The word is an acronym which stands for "Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa," and the event is a total blast. I believe there are 10,000 registrants with another 20,000 or so participants on any given day. Over the course of seven days, you participate in a rolling party as you cross the decidedly NOT flat state of Iowa. Folks, if you think one day cycling tours are fun, you really have to give the RAGBRAI a shot. It'll be one of the best times of your life.

Enough talk, I'm in for next year, let's make it happen! Maybe Armstrong will be there "racing" it.

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  1. Drove to PDC and rode to Boscobel to meet up with Stephanie at the end of GRABAWR and passed a dude in a CyclovaXC jersey. Gave him props.