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Come and Do the Birkie Trail Marathon With CyclovaXC

Against my better judgment, I signed up for the Birkie Trail Marathon, and now I want all of you to do it as well. Seriously, let's FLOOD this race with CyclovaXC clad athletes looking to have a good time! But before I continue on how awesome it's going to be...let me relate how I got in this predicament.

As you know, I did the Eau Claire Marathon back on May 5th, and through fortuitous chance I happened to run the whole thing with Mr. Marathon himself...Eric Olson (he's Mr. Marathon because he does a marathon just about every's unbelievable). All things considered, it ended up being a relatively painless marathon, so I've been thinking about doing another one this fall.

Mullin and I had talked about doing the Birkie Trail marathon. Apparently there is some kind of 3 race series including the Birkie, the Birkie Tour and the Birkie Trail run which, if you complete all three, earns you a free warm-up jacket or something. However, this year the Birkie Tour was cancelled, so apparently you can get the jacket just from doing the Birkie and the Trail run. Since we've already done the Birkie, the Trail run is kind of a no-brainer (especially when you consider that it's a very inexpensive marathon at only $50 through the end of July).

Well...even with all those incentives, I was still reluctant to sign up for the Birkie Trail marathon because my impression is that this has the potential to be a VERY DIFFICULT RACE.

Seriously folks, have you SEEN the hills out on the Birkie trail? They're not push-overs.

Most marathon courses are designed to be relatively flat. That was the attraction of doing the Twin Cities, I felt I could throw down a nice time after the base I laid down at Eau Claire. I don't think I'll be doing a "fast" time at the Birkie Trail marathon. In fact, I think this could be in the 6 to 7 hr range.

Soooo...I mentally decided on Twin Cities and promised Eric I'd run it with him (it's going to be his 10th Twin Cities this year). But then I foolishly waited like two weeks to sign up, only to have the race fill up! I didn't expect it to fill, that hasn't been the case with marathons lately...but oh well...maybe I'll get it on the schedule for next year.

Well, I was still "on tilt" about missing out on Twin Cities, so I rushed right over and signed up for the Birkie Trail Marathon without thinking about it too much. That's the trick for things like this, you should do it quickly without thinking about it.

Hopefully my brash and foolish act will open up the floodgates and we'll get a whole bunch of other crazy people to come and do the run/walk with us. It's going to be a chill, fun, 6 to 7 hour run/hike through the Northwoods. You can register here, please let me know the moment you do so!

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