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Sasquatch Dash #5 Results and Report


Today was the series penultimate race.  We just have the finale left.

On a beautiful morning in the valley we had a solid turn out of 14 for arguably the best course of the series so far.  A combination of a few segments of the Ice Age Hiking Trail and the Woolly Mountain Bike trails made for an excellent balance of beautiful and challenging terrain.
Check out our winner Alex, bigger than life.  He headed back out to cheer on the rest of the field and didn't make it back in time for the group photo.  You can't even tell he is Photoshopped in can you?

For the first time we had a marked course.  Thanks out to Adam Lushanko and Corey Pratt for joining Dallas and me on Wednesday to pre-run the course and mark it.  I think we still had a couple of navigational errors, but considering the unmarked course opportunities to get off course I think it helped considerably.

The other highlight was two participants in the SheSquatch division.  As you'll see momentarily the series title is wide open at this point.

Without further ado, the results of Sasquatch Dash #5

Alex pulls off yet another win.  This time in commanding fashion.  He remains perfect in the races he has participated in and is set to run away with the series title.

Amy returns for her second race of the series and takes the win and series rookie Eryn comes and runs a very solid first ever trail race.

As mentioned Alex is now poised to run away with the title.  About the only way he doesn't win is if he doesn't show up.  Below I show the top 25 series points leaders through the first five races with what I'm terming virtual points.  As you recall everyone gets to drop their lowest score.  For example in Dallas' case, he missed race 4 and thus scored zero and will be dropping that race.  I however have been to all and therefore I will be dropping my fourth place from the first race.  So if we look at the current total I have a substantial lead on Dallas.  However if we look at the virtual points which is the top 4 results thus far the difference is much much smaller.
On the SheSquatch series the title is up for grabs.  With Amy currently the only repeat participant she currently holds the lead.  However with the finale counting double it is anyone's game still.


And now for my usual first hand perspective race report.  It won't be terribly exciting this time as it really ended up being a solo TT effort predominantly so you just get the thoughts in my head.

Right before the race Dallas told me he really wasn't feeling the eye of the tiger today.  After starting the race and immediately realizing he hadn't locked his vehicle and running back for it he really had the eye of the social butterfly chatting it up with Eddy and Wolf for a good portion of the race and I never saw him.

The pace started off maybe a little slow which was fine by me.  I knew we had plenty of work to do once we hit the Mindy Creek section and then a lot more over on the Woolly and Hospital Esker.  Alex took off the front as we hit Hamilton and I would see very little more of him after that.  Adam and I ran together until we hit Lions Park.  He had a slight misstep on a rock just before the bridge and I passed him.  I don't think I surged or anything but the next thing I knew he was just plain gone.

Alex got caught at the 87 crossing and I got close to him, but then all through the Mindy Creek section he just walked away from me.  As I approached Day Road my heart rate was getting out of hand.  I hit about 5 bpm from my max on the last climb and was about to suffer for it.

I struggled to recover all along the roads out to the Fairgrounds section of the Ice Age.  I could see Alex entering the trail and that was the last I saw of him.  A quick check over my shoulder as I entered the trail showed I had a significant, but not insurmountable gap over I think Adam.

The Regal Park stretch of the Ice Age is one of my favorites and my heart rate was getting a little more controlled and I actually started to feel pretty good again at that point.  I wouldn't say I was able to attack the Woolly section but I was still running pretty strong at that point.  I did catch a quick glimpse of Dallas and Jeff as they were entering the single track as I was coming up the first big climb.

The Hospital Esker section is a beast with probably the steepest climb of the course.  I was feeling decent (for having run 6 miles of race) and knew I had second in the bag but still wanted to finish strong.  I almost got to a speed hike up the steep stretch but kept it chugging.  Once I hit the parking lot I opened it up for what I had left and closed with a very pleasing 6:25 pace for the last four tenths of a mile.

SportTracks Summary

I'm still not ready physically for the awesomeness that will be the finale half marathon at Big Rock Creek, but I am still pumped to be out there.  Tell your friends it is going to be an awesome party.

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