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Staying Out of Trouble In Peru

Photo by Oliver Stahmann
Hey Folks!

Well my escape down to Inca Land is coming to a close and I'm psyched to get back to the beautiful St. Croix valley to run the upcoming Sasquatch 25k and come up with more crazy adventures to share with all you Cyclovers.

As you can see from the above photo, I've been keeping a low profile in Peru and going out of my way not to get into trouble.  This was taken on a Photowalk I did with German Photographer Oliver Stahmann (his work was featured in Lima Photo 2013).  This Photowalk took place during a recent demonstration against the government in downtown Lima.  Let me tell you, running from the riot police makes for good interval training.

It's been fun to get a larger perspective over the last few months and assess everything that's been going on lately in our little fitness community.  2013 has already been a banner year for us at Cyclova, and I've really felt a push of excitement as more and more people fall in love with the various sports and activities of our region.  The testimonials people have been sending in have been absolutely wonderful reading and I'd like to thank everyone who has written one and encourage those of you who haven't to start mashing your keyboard (it's just like mashing your pedals).

But as great as 2013 has been, I'm thinking 2014 is gong to rock it even more.  I'm super psyched to see how some of our athletes do in the 2014 Birkie.  Mullin is training like he's got his eye on an Olympic medal, and I'll be curious to see how some of our newer skiiers do now that they have a Birkie under their belt.  Also, it remains to be seen who will be 2014's version of Lone Wolf (if you haven't read that article, you should, it's probably the best thing I've written exclusively for CyclovaXC).  Evans...Velaski (either of them) remains to be seen!

If you haven't made plans for September 7th, seriously consider showing up for the final Sasquatch Dash.  It sounds like people are going to be ready to party after the race, and there is no better place to party than Big Rock Creek.  I'd like to offer a round of applause to Dallas and Mullin for all the hard work they've done to make the Sasquatch Dash happen.  We've learned a lot this year and I trust we'll be bringing it back bigger and better next year!  Stay tuned and see you soon!  Here's the awesome poster for the Sasquatch 25k with most of what you need to know:

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