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The Rarefied Air of the St. Croix Valley

This past Saturday I had the honor and privilege of riding at Big Rock Creek Farms with this crew plus Mark Fisk, Porter Million, and Jeff Wolf.  Not a single slouch in the group.

We originally rolled out of CyclovaXC to head over the BRCF to preview the Sasquatch Dash 25K course.  Due to various other commitments and timelines some folks met there and some had to leave early.

Not terribly surprising when you get a group like this together, once we hit the trails it was game on.  Unfortunately due to the slight hammerfest and a few navigational errors we lost a few folks.  Sorry about that guys!

The Sasquatch Dash course is going to be brutiful.  Sasquatch would approve.

After close to 2.5 hours I was left riding with just Tommy Krenz and Kevin Rogers.  Talk about elite company.

Dallas and I both had cameras on for the ride.  He was much quicker than I was and put together this awesome short video of the ride.

For those curious, here is a summary of my ride.
SportTracks Ride Summary

Get out there and get some.

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