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Ultra Runner to Cross WI and MI

Brian contacted me recently about his goal of crossing all 50 states on foot, and I thought I'd share his press release with you. He should be hanging around St. Croix Falls a bit on August 16th, so keep an eye out for him!

St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin (August 16, 2013): Brian Stark, 41, environmental educator and ultra runner from Tucson, Arizona will attempt to run 600 miles across Wisconsin and Michigan following the Ice AgeTrail and North Country Trail from St. Croix Falls on the west to the Michigan-Ohio border on the east. Stark will begin his run on August 16, 2013 at 8 am.

Running alone, Stark will be following the Ice Age National ScenicTrail, a 1,000 mile long trail following the outline of the last ice age 10,000 years ago. 

Once he reaches the western shore of Lake Michigan at Manitowok, he will board a ferry for passage to the eastern shore at Ludington, Michigan. He will then continue running by joining the North Country Trail south across Michigan to the Ohio border. 

Stark will use a combination of hotels and camping each night in remote backcountry locations. He expects to finish near Hillsboro, Michigan on September 1. 

Stark is attempting to be the first person in modern times to cross all 50 states on foot. Wisconsin and Michigan will be his 30th and 31st states crossed. In 2012 he attempted to run across Wyoming following the Oregon Trail but was blocked by private fences forcing him to run the Auto Route of the trail. In 2011, he set the record for the fastest crossing of Nevada on trails in 11 days, 7 hours, and 28 minutes. In 1998, he ran 4,800 miles from Delaware to California on a network of trails called the American Discovery Trail. In 2004, he published a book on his coast-to-coast run, titled, Getting to the Point. In a dozen pairs of shoes (Authorhouse, 2006). 

Information about the run can be found at Stark’s website: www.statesrunner.com

For more information about the attempt, contact Brian Stark at BrianRStark@Hotmail.com or call (520) 576-8666.

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