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2013 Mammoth Gravel Classic: Camping and Festivities at Big Rock Creek Farm

The upper field towers over Big Rock Creek Farm and the St. Croix River Valley, and will be home for the weekend for  Mammoth Gravel Classic riders!

The time is drawing near for the 2013 re-dux date of the Mammoth Gravel Classic!  This Friday, gravel enthusiasts from across the Midwest will be massing in St. Croix Falls, WI for a fun weekend of riding, camping, eating, and other outdoor festivities!

I was just out at Big Rock Creek Farm this morning (click the link to learn more about the history of this place) scoping out the great camp ground they are setting up for the event - and it's going to be fabulous!  

The "Clubhouse", at the heart of Big Rock Creek Farm is a one of a kind glimpse into good living during the early 1900's and Great Depression.  This is also where the Sunday Morning Coffee and group rides will be.

Following are all of the specifics on camping at Big Rock Creek Farm (this weekend only), for folks who will be in town for the Mammoth Gravel Classic cycling event:

Where:  ~ 3 miles north of downtown St. Croix Falls (Cyclova XC) on Hwy 87.  Click HERE for the Google Map.   There will be camping signs posted from the main Big Rock Creek Farm entrance on Hwy 87, guiding campers back to the campground for the event.  You'll drive through the heart of historic Big Rock Creek Farm, and find a great spot to set up your tent or camping trailer on the bluff overlooking Big Rock Creek Farm and the St. Croix River Valley.
When:  Campers may arrive, set up, hang out, and enjoy the property any time Friday, October 4 through Sunday, October 6.
Payment of Fees:  Campers will use the honor system for payment.  There will be a payment box at the campground entrance that campers are asked to drop off payment in.  Camping costs $30 for the weekend per adult.  Kids 17 and under are free.  This fee includes camping, unlimited use of the below amenities & events, unlimited use of the trails for the weekend, and helps to offset the County permit that Big Rock Creek Farm has to get to allow us all to camp out there.  Support Big Rock Creek Farm - they are committed to silent sports as a core sustainable use of this one of a kind property!
Amenities:  Camping in the meadow / field overlooking Big Rock Creek Farm, Porta-Pottie outhouse, drinking water in the campground area, and picnic tables.
Events:  Campers will all be able to enjoy, at no charge, the following Saturday evening events:
Saturday Afternoon:  While not at Big Rock Creek Farm, don't forget to replace the calories you burned up!  Swing on by the Wineries & Grille, across the street from Cyclova XC has a Mammoth Gravel Glassic special for us that is certain to please (they always do) and fill the hungriest of cyclists!  This special includes a sirloin burger with chips for $5, and $2 tap craft beers, and 50% off on off sale wine & beer.  Just tell them that you're with the Mammoth Gravel Classic event!There are also numerous other Indian, Coffee Shop, and other food options available within a stone's throw of Cyclova XC and the event finish.  
Saturday @ 4:30PM:  While not at Big Rock Creek Farm, don't forget to come to Cyclova XC for the Swag Drawing (sponsored by Salsa Cycles), as well as check out the new bicycling art exhibit by GNAT titled "Project Steve"!
Saturday @ 7PM:  Lighting of the bonfire.  Big Rock Creek Farm is going to have a nice big brush pile for us to enjoy a bon-fire on Saturday evening on the edge of the camping area.  There will also be extra wood for after the bon fire burns out.
Saturday @ 7:30PM:  Bike Games Begin.  We plan on having a variety of fun bike games happening next to the bonfire.  The bike games will include an elimination heat style "slow race", and other surprise events.
Sunday @ 9AM:  Meet the Scott Hanson, the property manager of Big Rock Creek Farm at the main "clubhouse" building at Big Rock Creek Farm for coffee!  Relax in and explore the historic clubhouse - you don't want to miss this, it will blow your mind!
Sunday @ 10AM:  Roll out for 2 group rides (advanced & beginner/intermediate).  The advanced ride will be about a 10-12 mile spin around the very hilly outer perimeter - mountain bikes are recommended for this ride.  The beginner/intermediate ride will ride the inner trails, along Big Rock Creek - any mountain bike, cross bike, or gravel bike will be fine for this ride.  Both rides will enjoy many highlights of this historic property including the incredible Wilderness Cabin, a water/erosion control system built during the depression that is state of the art to this day, and incredible natural beauty!

The pond below the Clubhouse, is astoundingly beautiful! 

The farm portion of Big Rock Creek Farm is beautiful, and just to the north of the Clubhouse!

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