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CyclovaXC is Moving!

The New Home of CyclovaXC!
Hey Folks!

Exciting news from CyclovaXC!  Those of you with a keen eye have probably noticed that we've been carrying a lot of boxes and other assorted items out of our store space recently.  A couple of you have even asked us if we're closing up!  Well, let me put those fears to rest.  We're not closing up, in fact we're expanding!

It's already been two years since we signed our lease on our original store space.  Although we love our current location and couldn't ask for a better landlord, we had to see what was available in the rental market.

We didn't search too long before we found a much larger space at a competitive price.  After some soul searching, we decided that the opportunity was too good to pass up.  The larger space will allow us to redesign our service area as well as create many other advantages for interacting with our athletes. The best part about the new space is that it's right across the street from our original location!

Over the next month we plan on posting a lot of photos of the new location to show you how things are coming along.  Our hope is to be moved and up to speed by the end of September.  We've got a lot of new ideas we're about to implement and we're excited to have all of you come and check out the new location soon!
Panorama of the New Space

Whether he's waxing skis or building a work bench Duane Lee is the best in the business!
View of the old space from the window of the new space!

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