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CyclovaXC New Location To Open Tomorrow!

Grand Opening Fireworks!
Hey Folks!

That’s right, on Wed. September 25th we’ll be doing business at our new store location. We’re really excited about this new space and looking forward to having all of you come by to check it out. Once again, the new store space is right across the street from the old one. The address is:

112 N Washington St., St. Croix Falls, WI 54024

Here’s an article I wrote featuring the Google map directions how to get there from the old shop.

In other news, our Gravel Mammoth Classic FREE bicycle adventure is coming up here on Saturday, October 5th. This year you’ll be able to camp out at Big Rock Creek. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for more information about that. Remember this is a rescheduled event because we got about a foot of snow the last time we tried to run it. Imagine if we got another foot of snow this time (although...I’m getting ready to ski so it wouldn’t bother me). Still, that’s not in the forecast so get your bikes ready!

Last weekend a couple of us went out to run the Birkie Trail Marathon. As always, we were in more of a hurry to do our adventure event write-ups than we were to actually finish the event (except for Mullin...that guy hammered the event). Anyway, if you haven’t seen our write ups yet, here they are:

And don’t forget, this weekend is the Root Beer Float ride on the Gandydancer. The Gandy is always fending off threats to become open to 4-wheelers, so it’s important to get out there and show the community that cyclists use this trail. Plus, you get a Root Beer Float! That’s win-win!

So hopefully we’ll be seeing you all shortly at the new shop space! Winter is coming but fall’s still here! Plenty of fun to be had in the St. Croix Valley!  See you on the trails!

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