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Google Directions to CyclovaXC's New Location

This picture was taken last weekend so the new shop space already looks significantly different.  Every day brings massive changes as we move into our new location, and this is a really fun and exciting time.  I would like to draw your attention to the Stone Grinder sitting happily in its new home in the background of this image.  Frank got that bad boy moved with the help of some of our great customers and friends in St. Croix and that is a huge relief (here's the epic story about the last time we moved it--it's the day the Warlock got his nickname by the way).

A couple people have been asking where the new store is in relation to the Old store, and that's pretty vital information, which is why I'm writing this post.  The new address is: 112 N Washington St., St. Croix Falls, WI 54024. Here's the google directions for how to get there:

I love how it tells you to drive for 5 seconds or walk for 39 seconds.  You gotta love Google precision...it takes 39 seconds to walk to our new shop...not 38...not 40...39!

Here's the Google map (which looks like more than a 39 second walk if you ask me...):
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Again, we're right between The Winery and Pizza Man in the spot that used to be occupied by Video Vault.  The place is looking good and we're going to have our grand re-opening on September 25th!  Hope to see you all there!
This is a status update...I'll be looking forward to taking a picture in a week to show how much different it looks!

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