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Sasquatch 25K Finale Results

Hey folks, I'm being my own worst race directory here by not getting the results out in a timely manner.  Who hired this guy anyhow?

Before I get to the results I want to give a few shout outs to everyone who helped make this race and the whole series a success.

  1. Dallas Wynne.  This thing was his baby and he made it happen.  Series conception, course design, course marking, race organization, series setup, waiver selection, etc.  You name it, he got it done.
  2. Ben and Frank and CyclovaXC.  These guys have helped solidify such an incredible community in the St. Croix Falls area.  They certainly brought me into the community and by lending their name to the race series helped make it a success.
  3. Scott and BRCF.  BRCF is such a treasure for the valley and Scott has helped make our access to the incredible trails and beauty of BRCF a reality.  Scott had the trails in incredible shape, had the Squatch sign, and has great ideas to make next year even bigger and better.
  4. Jeff Wolf.  Jeff lent the Ranger, helped mark the course, and brought the official CyclovaXC party bus BOB (big orange bus).  Where ever you are going, don't leave home without Jeff Wolf.
  5. The bike support and cheer team.  Since I can't name everyone I'll refrain from naming anyone, but all of the support the runners had on course and at the finish line for the big finale was incredible and made for an even better day.
  6. The runners.  Hey, what kind of a race would it be without participants?  Thanks to everyone who came to the finale or any series race this year.
  7. SportTracks.  SportTracks stepped up and sponsored the finale with a years subscription to SportTracks.mobi for the top series finishers.
OK, OK, on to the results.  Unfortunately we still had a few navigational errors.  I used my discretion to place finishers rather than just a straight DQ.  Don't like it?  Take it up with Squatch.  No seriously guys, this is for fun, not fame or money.

Alright on the HeSquatch side of things:

And the SheSquatch side:

Despite tracking HeSquatch and SheSquatch separately you should take a quick glance at where these ladies placed overall by time.  Solid!

Alright, on to what everyone really wants to know, the series totals.  Remember the rules.  The finale is worth double points and you get to take your top 5 scores.  Get out your cheater glasses, this might be hard to read:

As you can see, Alex finished his dominance in dominating fashion winning every race he showed up to and securing the overall title by a wide margin.  Dallas and I duked it out to the end and it could have gone either way at the finale.  From there on out it was a battle royale for the next few spots.  What a great way to finish it out gentlemen.

And the SheSquatch Overall:

On the SheSquatch side the nature of the double points and the low turn-out for the series resulted in the finale winner taking the overall win and second place at the finale tying for third overall.

So a big congratulations to our top three finishers on each side:  Alex Anderson, Ben Mullin, Dallas Wynne, Karen Manske, Amy Klien, and Lisa Thanig and Deb Proctor.  As the series winners you (I?) all receive a subscription to SportTracks.mobi.  As I already have a subscription that makes it easy to deal with the tie on the SheSquatch side and I will defer mine.  If you did not receive your card at the finale either get in touch at the shop or we will track you down (I'm looking at you Amy and Lisa).

Here are the series winners (minus Amy and Lisa) with Sasquatch:

Deb and Karen:


As I have done with all of the previous races I will share a personal race report, but not quite yet.  I will just close saying again that this series has been an absolute blast to be a part of and I am already excited about doing it again next year.

Oh, and speaking of SportTracks.mobi, as a peak of what it can do, here is a link to my results on SportTracks.mobi

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