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Sasquatch Spotted at Big Rock Creek!

Sasquatch Pose Pre-Race
We had a blast at the first annual Sasquatch Dash 25k at Big Rock Creek on Saturday.  There were a ton of runners and a ton of support people on bicycles helping us trot over the MASSIVE hills of Big Rock Creek.  Heck, we even saw a live Sasquatch frolicking in the sun about 1 mile into the event.

You can jump on the CyclovaXC facebook page for more photos.  Here's a quick photo set that my wife took.
Some of the support crew heads out, go Keith and Kristen!
Alex dominated our first Sasquatch Dash Series...scratch that guy's name in a stone wall somewhere!


My sentiments exactly!
Leske airborn
Eddy gets a drink
Our head referee sees no issues
Neither does our other head referee
The first two women finishers

Campion lookin' strong
Kending and Jonjak representing Spooner class of '93...or was that '03 I forget...
Ben will be putting up a more official post later. In the meantime, feel free to share your Sasquatch photos either with me (bj@cyclovaxc.com) or on Facebook!  This was an awesome day folks...I can't stress it enough.  In fact, it was so awesome that I am so exhausted I barely have the strength to type!  I'm out, talk to you soon!

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