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The Birkie Trail Marathon Is Happening this Saturday!

Well, it's finally upon us!

A couple of us went ahead and signed up for the Birkie Trail marathon.  Things like this always seem like a good thing to do when the event is still six weeks away...but when they're only two nights away you start going into gut check mode.

Geeeze...42 k on the Birkie trail?  Have you SEEN the hills out there?

Well, some of you have, some of you saw them last weekend in fact at the Fat Tire Festival!  They're BRUTAL!

Still, I think we'll be OK, the Sasquatch 25K got us good and ready for this event, and we have a nice, early 8 AM start time to begin this race.  Heck...if it takes us all day, so be it.

I have it on good authority (Eric Olson) that the food at the end of the Birkie Trail marathon is the best spread of any marathon anywhere.  I'll be looking forward to that.

If any of you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, it sounds like Hayward is really jumping.  In addition to the Birkie Trail marathon, there's also the Chequamegon 100 (we've got some of our fanatical racers participating in that as well).  If you just want to come up and spectate, you'd be more than welcome as well.  Grab your cowbell!  Here's some important race information about the Birkie Trail Marathon.  And here's the course map.  Anyone hanging out at "OO" with beer to hand off would earn my eternal gratitude!  Also, we'll be camping Friday at Two Lakes Campground...see you on the trails!

Cheers folks and have a great weekend!

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