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Above is the tweaked updated 70 mile course.

Due to extreme recent erosion on a high speed downhill section of gravel (the last actual planned gravel road of the 70 mile course), we have had to change the 70 mile course slightly at the last minute. 

Specifically, at mile 60, we took a different route into the amazing Big Rock Creek Farm property, which is primarily where you will descend back into the St. Croix Valley.  

Having just gotten back from scouting the full 70 mile course, the course is currently in great shape.  But do bear in mind that we will have gotten 2-4 inches of rain in the previous 72 hours at event start time, and there are fairly long sections of very soft sand in the Sand Barrens area.  For this reason, I suggest most riders ride a 29" Mountain bike, with a medium/standard mountain bike tire (for flotation on soft surfaces).  If you are very savvy on a Cyclo Cross or Gravel bike, a 700 x 40 tire, such as the Clement MSO would also work (if you can deal with riding through very soft sand using a narrow tire). 

Finally, you probably all want to check out the UPDATED course map, gpx files, etc.  Well, we have 3 different ways you can do this:
We look forward to seeing you in the morning!

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