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Ordinance Threatens Organized Rides in Iowa County about terrible news.  I just came across this news story which states how a proposed ordinance in Iowa County WI will basically eliminate the possibility of having organized bicycle events in Iowa County.  Although this doesn't affect me directly, I'm disturbed about any kind of legislation designed to limit cyclists rights.

Read the link and send an email to express your displeasure at this idea:

Here's the email I sent:

Subject: No Ordinance Against Organized Bicycle Rides

Mr. Hardy,
It has come to my attention that you are proposing an ordinance that would restrict organized rides in Iowa County Wisconsin. I believe this is a terrible idea and will severely inhibit commerce and tourism within your county. Furthermore, this ordinance sets a bad precedent within the state of Wisconsin.

Cycling generates a huge amount of revenue for the state of Wisconsin in the following ways:
  • Taxes collected from sales at bicycle shops
  • Tourists who are drawn to Wisconsin as a cycling destination
  • Trail passes and fees collected for these passes
  • Cycling events that attract spectators and racers from all over the country
Any legislation designed to inhibit cycling in ANY way is bad for the community. Cyclists and motorists can coexist safely without any major inconvenience to either group. To propose a limitation on Cyclists is shortsighted and will adversely affect state revenue with a significant and measurable impact. 

I am especially upset by the threat to the GRABAAWR, a tremendous event which draws 1,000 cyclists annually who spend money and recreate in Wisconsin for an entire week.

Your proposal strikes me as extremely short sighted and I sincerely hope you rethink your position.

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