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The Solstice Chase - 42k/21k Fatbike Race - December 20th, 2014

For updates on the 2016 event, please visit

Welcome to the Solstice Chase!  A 42k/21k Fat Bike race in beautiful St. Croix Falls - a 50 minute drive from downtown Minneapolis.  We had a tremendous event last year and we're looking forward to applying all that we learned and doing an even better job this year! 

But more details on all that later, for now, here is the essential information for the race, with more announcements to come:

Fat Bike Race 42k/21k
The first race of the Great Lakes Fat Bike Series.

Start Area at Dallas House Restaurant and Lounge


Saturday, December 20st, 2014
42K mass start at 10AM
21K mass start at 10:15AM

How to Register:

For online registration and fort he most up to date information CLICK HERE.

Allowed Bicycles:
Only true "Fat Bikes" are allowed in the Solstice Chase.  This means your bicycle must have tires that are at least 3.8" wide, and we recommend running under 10 psi of air pressure.  Narrower tires damage the groomed ski trails - while a portion of this course will be open for Fat Biking throughout the Winter, some of it is a XC Ski trail and only open to Fat Bikers on event day.  To learn more about Fat Bikes or for a free demo, contact the folks at Cyclova XC. No motorized bicycles of any kind are allowed!


Proceeds from the Solstice Chase will be used to further develop the great trails in the St. Croix Falls area.


Contact the folks at Cyclova XC
frank (at) cyclovaxc (dot) com

2013 Results


  1. Looking forward to this event! BRCF is an awesome chunk of land to play on. :)

  2. Excited!! I like turtles!!

  3. I have heard so many great things about the riding in St Croix Falls. I cannot wait!

  4. It's pretty squatchy out there.

  5. We look forward to seeing you all! The course is amazing, and in fabulous shape! Chief of Course, Scott Hansen has been working the course over and over, and it has firmed up very nicely!

  6. Are results available? Where?

  7. Results are here:

  8. 2014 results posted yet?